Agreement Sanitaire

Hello Séverine, Yes very nice; – 😉 you can read the Agrobat website which contains the set of rules relating to health safety (hygiene) and those of staff. Here is their website, click on the link. Then you can read Regulation 852/2004 annex area (depending on your situation). If you want to do so, you must either: – the health authorization – apply for a waiver for the health authorization The waiver will be granted, because the amount you will sell is less than 30% of the total volume sold over a week (or a month). If it is greater than 30%, you must apply for permission. I therefore know that the import rules for animal foodstuffs are intended to ensure that all products entering the EU meet the same requirements as Member States` products, not only in terms of hygiene and all aspects of consumer safety, but also with regard to the health status of animals. The conditions under which you can apply for exemption from the health authorization are summarized in the table below, and it is preferable to obtain an animal health permit to allow aquaculture animals to be marketed rather than a lengthy discourse 🙂 processing and aquaculture establishments. Health accreditation is issued by the prefecture to an establishment for a specific activity. If the company has several activities, several applications for approval must be requested. Thanks, I hadn`t seen your answer, so I`ll come back late to read it, so it`s a health authorization statement that I have to make.

Yes, the food is heated in the microwave, but the temperatures are controlled and the equipment is professional, there is an independent laboratory that performs hygiene checks and the parents sign a protocol for the contents of the refrigeration boxes (the same as for allergic children who have to bring a cooler to the canteen). But there are a few little black dots, the nursery assistants do not wear an outfit, the room is not hermetically closed to all foreigners on duty (the mistress can enter and the dining room serves as a rest room for the little ones after lunch).) there are classic sinks (without foot mixer) and the housekeeper would use a mop for the floor, frankly at this last point you can enlighten me … What should she use? In any case, I thank you for your reply. (professional register) and then “health protection.” Hello Badr, Yes, you must also respect the good hygiene practices of the restaurateur/processor and establish your health registration plan.

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