Butler Tech Master Agreement

The Joint Professional School District cares for hundreds of Lakota students each year, both in Lakota schools and on the campus of the D. Russel Lee Career-Technology Center. In Lakota schools, the teachers` academy and technology courses will be taught by Butler Tech teachers and, starting next year, Butler Tech will redevelop and engage many of Lakota`s professional and family life classes. Butler Tech has also taken over the responsibility of Options Academy-Wokini, the innovative alternative high school program launched in Lakota in 2001, and is implementing career-based intervention programs in junior schools. Learn more about Butler Tech. (opens in a new window) The University of Cincinnati Center for Economic Education offers programs for students to learn more about free enterprise, scholarship and economic concepts. We have apprenticeship contracts with Xavier University, the University of Miami, the University of Dayton and Mount St. Joseph. We also have a field experience agreement with Northern Kentucky University. To make the College Credit Plus option available to students, Lakota has merged with several local universities and universities, including Cincinnati State Technical and Community College; Sinclair Community College; University of Miami, main and regional campuses; and the University of Cincinnati, both major and regional campuses. School districts are required to enter into inter-institutional agreements with Head Start, the Department of Health and the Department of Mental Delayation and Developmental Disabilities, in accordance with our settlement standards for Ohio schools that serve children with disabilities. For us in Butler County, the inter-institutional agreement with Butler County ESC`s Head Start and Help Me Grow and Butler County MRDD.

These agreements are essential for our school district because we are committed to helping children with disabilities from birth to age 21. We rely on these agencies to partially identify and evaluate children under the age of three; switching children to public school curricula at the age of three; and in the case of MRDD, the effective provision of preschool services (they offer lakota with two preschool teachers and two teaching assistants).

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