Cinco de After Darko!

I managed to snap a few pics of After Dark Lounge’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. The margaritas were flowing, the music was jamming and the señors and señoritas were shaking it as best they can! Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate!

max siesta_001

                                     Max Kleene taking a pre-show siesta!

max siesta_002

                             Grooving to Señor Kleene!

max siesta_003

                   Señor…….ita? That’s right, I rocked a ‘stache!

max siesta_004

                           Even the pixies were in the festive spirit!

max siesta_005

                       Señorita Shanny enjoying her margarita!

max siesta_006

                                   Señorita Roxy Paradox

max siesta_008

                        Sombreros! Margaritas! Maracas! Oh my!

max siesta_009

                       Señor Joel of Cielo Rojo (Red Heaven)

max siesta_010

                                Señor FunkyFreddy Rebublico

max siesta_011 max siesta_013

Diggin’ the New Digs!

It has been a little more than a week since After Dark made the move to Idle Rogue. Normally when one moves there is an adjustment period. It can take come time to get to know the new neighbors, get a feel for the area. There has been no adjustment period needed for this move. After Dark and Idle Rogue go together like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, Thelma and Louise!

If you have not visited the new After Dark at Idle Rogue you need to! The music venue itself was made to look much like it had at Mai Tai. There have been some very cool additions though. Opposite the venue is a game room featuring Greedy, poker and Cards Against Humanity. Between the two buildings is a lovely courtyard where the one and only Cherryblondescribe hosts her After Dark DJ sessions on Monday nights at 10pm.

I could blather on and on about what a good time we have been having since the move, or I could just show you!

after idle_001 after idle_002 after idle_005 after idle_007

Tell Ty Volume 5!

everyone-seems-normal-until-you-get-to-know-themIt is everyone’s favorite time again! Tell Ty is BACK! It has been a long time, but in my defense, there has been a lot going on at After Dark! Now I know that I normally feature a few people for each volume of our silly little game, but today is different. Today I am featuring only one musician. If you need to play catch up you can view the other installments of Tell Ty here, here, here annnnnnd here!

“But Ty, why does this one musician get their very own Tell Ty?”

I am so glad you asked! There is a very good reason. This musician gets her very own installment of Tell Ty because of the amazing way in which she replied. Now, we all know that there are no wrong answers when it comes to this, but the manner in which the musician was presented with the three simple requests and how she replied to them was nothing short of epic!


                   The Lovely Liz Aday

Let me set the stage for you!

It was 9 o’clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffled in……wait, that is not it, sorry! It was a late night at After Dark and I passed the note card with the Tell Ty info on it to Liz Aday right before she took the stage. She had never seen the questions and had no idea what the whole deal was. Liz started her set then proceeded to have her partner in crime, Glaser (or is it Glazer?), explain the game to her and then ask her the questions as the set continued. Liz gave her answers over the stream and it was so completely perfect! Here are those answers!

1. Tell me something random:  When I was a child I was terrified of shadows of letters and numbers.
2.Tell me something you think I should know about you: I am just a really..ahhhh..a pushover. I am very tenderhearted, A picture of 3 little kittens nursing on little bottles brought me to absolute tears.
3.Tell me something that not everyone knows about you: I am terribly short. I am a short, short person. Like 5 foot 1. 

Was she afraid of shadows of letters and numbers because she was so short when she was a child? I like to think so.





Idle Dark? After Rogue? Either way, it’s hot!

movingVagueness be damned! It is time to let the world know that After Dark is moving! No longer will your favorite music venue be located at Rhi’s Poem on the Mai Tai sim.

After Dark April 7 2015 2The After Dark Lounge will be making the move to Idle Rogue, a beautiful sim that nurtures artistic expression, creativity and general bad-assery, and is home to Guerilla Burlesque and Arrehn Oberlander’s Metaharper Interactive Stages. For those who are not in the know, according to the Idle Rogue website The Metaharper Interactive Stages are a “‘push-button’ interactive experience. Professional dancers have taken some of their best-loved works and made them accessible to everyone.”

irAs many of you are aware, Guerilla Burlesque and Meegan Danitz go together like vodka and tonic. There are two things that Meegan loves most about life on the grid, the live music scene and Guerilla Burlesque. In her own words,  “When I came to SL all I ever wanted to do was dance with people.” Thankfully, she discovered the music scene and fell in love with it as well!  GB at AD-2

“The more that I got to know Cherry over the last couple of years, the more I admired how she did things and realized we shared the same philosophies on running our venues. It is just a perfect fit.” -Meegan Danitz

This coming Sunday night will be After Dark’s last night on the Mai Tai sim and we are planning a little something special for the occasion! Wear your moving clothes and come “help us move”, we will provide the pizza and beer!

Thank you to Imrhien Fargis for the awesome group dance photos!