City Of Hamilton Union Agreement

“special service,” a city service or activity that is not provided or performed throughout the city or is provided or performed at different levels or in different ways in different parts of the city; (“special service”) (2) The power of the city is subject to the Liquor License Act. 2000, approximately 5, see 3 (4). 11.4 (1) This section applies to areas under the conservation authority and managed and controlled by the city under an agreement between the city and the conservation authority. 2000, about 5, see 3 (4). “Land taxation power,” a power under sections 12 or 15 of this Act or another provision of a statute, by-law or by-law authorizing the city to increase service costs by taxing less than all taxable buildings in the city. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, see 16 (1). 16.1 For the purposes of Article 187, paragraph 4 of the municipal law, the city`s estimated revenues for the year 2000 are the sum of the estimated revenues of the former municipalities, as shown by the estimates for 2000. 2000, about 5, see 3 (5). (3) The City may develop, build and maintain roads in the countryside, regulate road traffic in accordance with the Traffic Act and impose the speed of vehicles travelling on these roads in accordance with Section 128 of the Highway Code. 2000, about 5, see 3 (4); 2006, about 32, Sched.

D, 2. Series 1: collective agreements. — 1946-1996. — 94 cm of text recordings (boxes 1-5). — Title based on the content of the series. — All agreements concern Local 5 and the City of Hamilton, unless otherwise stated. (3) On the effective date of subsection 1, the appointment of a conciliation officer under section 49 of the Fire Protection and Prevention Act 1997, Section 18 of the Labour Relations Act, 1995 or Section 121 of the Police Services Act, in an attempt to enforce a collective agreement between a former municipality and a bargaining partner for workers described in paragraph 1 is over. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, see 28 (3). (12) Any action to the contrary of the city taken in accordance with this section, whether adopted before or after a regulation under the subsection (9), has no effect, as long as it does not comply with the regulations. 1999, about 14, Sched.C, see 13 (12). 3.

Subject to subsection regulation (5), designate one or more areas of the city as territory where residents and landowners receive or receive an additional communal benefit from the particular service that is not or is not received in the other merged areas of the city.

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