Confidential Document Destruction Agreement

Blocked containers must be used by the customer exclusively to keep documents confidential and should not be removed or used for other purposes. If the closed containers are lost or destroyed by the customer, the customer must pay for any damage or loss of these containers. The closed containers set up by Neighborhood Parcel as part of this dash remain the property of Neighborhood Parcel and the customer cannot acquire any interest in the ownership of these containers. We are responsible for all damage caused by the handling of containers by Neighborhood Parcel. The cost of replacing a damaged or lost container is $100 per unit. The client complies, as far as possible, with the dates agreed by mutual agreement for the removal and destruction of the materials. Neighborhood Parcel needs 24 hours` notice to prevent Neighborhood Parcel`s document destruction obligations from sustaining a financial effort. Without 24 hours` notice of written rescheduling, in an email, fax or phone call, Neighborhood Parcel will charge the customer a regular service fee to cover the costs incurred in the event of late or misappropriated adjustments to the regular scheduled service when we arrive at the customer facility. For a single cleaning service, a fee of 75 $US would be charged. An additional $100 will be charged for sites located more than 100 miles from our facility.

The customer may not deliver materials that are considered toxic or hazardous or that are regulated by federal or regional laws or hazardous substances regulations to the “Neighbourhood Plot.” In the event of accidental or negligent storage of hazardous or regulated waste, including biological risks, the customer undertakes to take responsibility for the conservation of these hazardous substances at their own expense in an appropriate, safe and legal manner and to compensate the neighbourhood parcels for material or bodily damage resulting from such a transfer of material. The customer undertakes to inform the proximity package in writing and in advance of any case in which the customer has reason to know that documents or materials may be specific targets of theft or theft, including when these documents are tradable instruments such as cheques, bearer bonds or coupons. , in which the total value of these instruments will be greater than USD 5,000. Neighborhood Parcel works with the customer to minimize the risks associated with known instruments. The client must, within a reasonable time and under no circumstances at the latest three (3) months after the occurrence of the event on which the claim is based, assert a written right to Neighborhood Parcel with respect to a service.

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