First life can be a total b………

….ig pain in the butt!

lifesabitchSo…..sometimes first life grabs onto one’s second life and yanks really hard. This is not only painful but it is also often time-consuming. Sadly, first life has done exactly this to our beloved Meegan! Before anyone freaks, let me make it very clear that her health is FINE! She was instructed after her last health scare to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN and, contrary to popular belief, she can follow instructions when she wants to! Meegan has been and will continue to be taking a break from SL until her first life job calms the hell down. She has promised that she will try her best to not completely work off that fierce ass that we all know and love.

As a result, After Dark will be taking a break as well. Instead of looking it this with sad puppy dog eyes, we have decided to look at it as a spring break! Beer bongs and wet t-shirt contests and all that jazz! (Ok, maybe not, but what you do on your own time if completely up to you!)

spring breakThe regular rotation of live shows will resume on April 10th. If Meegan is feeling froggy there may even be a special event or two between now and then! Keep your eyes peeled and we will keep you posted! We look forward to returning to our “normal”, which is anything but normal but we like it that way!


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