Gatt Agreement In Arabic

. . Determining symmetry under the Trade in Services Agreement does not seem any easier than under gatt. Organized in Uruguay by the World Trade Organization from 1986 to 1993, 125 countries participated. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, it is a non-binding agreement for its members, an agreement on trade in goods (industrial goods) and the objectives of the GATT agreement: determining the image does not seem easier under the GATS than in the GATT. 1950-1951 Torquay / United Kingdom and participation in 34 countries. The GATT is an acronym for English: the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was held in October 1947 between a number of countries in order to ease international trade restrictions, including quantitative restrictions such as the determination of the quantity of imported goods, called quotas, which included the reduction of customs duties on a number of goods. T12 [2] [3]. . . 1947 in Geneva with the participation of 23 countries. .

The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) is a United Nations organization created in 1948 with the aim of promoting free trade between the United Nations through the introduction of a low level of customs duties. The last round of talks began in Uruguay in 1986 with the aim of ending restrictions on trade in industrial products, agricultural products, fabrics and services and was due to end in 1990, but ended in December 1990 in a stalemate after negotiations failed to reach an agreement on the reduction of agricultural subsidies, but the European Community negotiator agreed in November 1992 to a planned reduction in agricultural aid. But it was not supported by the French government and French and Community farmers protested against the removal of subsidies. .

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