Happy Birthday Bonita!

Tonight we celebrated BonBon’s (Bonita Denimore) birthday! For those of you who don’t know BonBon, she manages Red Heaven (Joel Eilde) and is one of the sweetest women on SL. Seriously, this woman doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. She’s a joy to know and everyone who meets her gushes about how adorable and sweet she is. She’s truly a gem in the SL live music community. It just so happened that Red Heaven was playing on her birthday, so Meegan and I decided to turn it into a little festive party. Needless to say, Miss Denimore was surprised!

Because I’m a terrible person, Max started off the night and I didn’t get a photo of him. I’m sure you all know what he looks like. After that was the incomparable Loreen Legion, with a voice like honey and a darling accent. Red Heaven then took over, playing all of BonBon’s favorite songs. Liz Aday finished off the night of celebration. It was a wonderful celebration of a wonderful person, and here are a few photos from the evening.

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