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you are hereI got to get my ramble on in the first volume of Who’d You Get Here?¬†and I had a lot of fun with it. Now it is time to turn it over to other and see what their stories are. Putting together this feature is a blast! Work should not be this much fun, but don’t tell Meegan that! If you are new to the blog or need a refresher, this will be a recurring feature on the blog where we find out about how people, both musicians and patrons, came to discover the music scene in SL.I love hearing these stories and I hope that you will enjoy them as well. I would like to give a big thank you to all of those who have already accepted my request to participate, without you all this would be nothing!

I know that I asked for a few sentences or a short paragraph about one’s first time attending a live show in SL. And I know that I did not follow the guideline of keeping it short when I wrote mine. Neither did Vinnie! I am glad he did not, it is well worth the read and gives a good look into the power that the live music scene has in SL. Seriously, reading this gives me warm fuzzies, which it not to be confused with tingles, just sayin’. (The following is posted exactly as it was sent to me, no editing on my part.)


Vinnie SL12B

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OK here’s the story of “My First Time”:
I’m a RL musician, that’s my trade. I’m a working drummer who also sings. Besides playing in a band for a living, I also teach drums and percussion at a local music store and I’m contracted to go out to several schools as a marching band percussion advisor, instructor, and consultant. Playing guitar has been my main “hobby” since my teen years. I’ve used the guitar as a songwriting tool and for recording, but I’m not a seasoned or experienced guitarist in RL. Instead, I found an outlet on the Internet. I was able to go to a musicians’ chat room on Paltalk where I was allowed to play my guitar and sing in a “pass the mic” format. It was there I met Lexie Smith who became a loyal and trusted friend. Around 2006 she introduced me to Second Life – said I could do hour-long shows and showcase my original songs as well as my favorite covers. I joined and tried to make sense of it….but I couldn’t move, my computer froze up. All I could see was a naked guy standing with his arms outstretched. It took until 2008 before I had adequate computer equipment to run SL. My account still existed and I began coming to SL to poke around. By chance, I ran into Lexie there. Here’s where “My First Time” begins.
Lexie immediately took me to a show (I can’t remember the venue, but it no longer exists) featuring an artist called Zorch Boomhauer (now known as Jack Kinagree). My first impression was “why did she bring me to hear this guy? He’s got this nasal voice and sounds rough around the edges”. I was not captivated by what I was hearing – it was uncomfortable and unfamiliar – all original material. Suddenly, he performed a song called “The Stubborn Old Man” and I experienced an emotional transformation that can only be compared to that moment of “falling in love”. It was a thunderbolt – that song shot through me like electricity. Suddenly, once I recovered from the emotional shock to my system, my mental channels were opened to listen to his songs more intimately. Next came a song called “Da Troof”…..a clever pseudo-comical poke at musicians in general. I was amused and entertained. Next came an absolute masterpiece called “The Harper Dongal”. Whatever was happening, it hadn’t happened to me for a long, long time. I remembered hearing Beatles for the first time. I remembered hearing Yes for the first time. The material was THAT strong. Finally, Zorch closed with “Dance On the Edge of a Sword” and I was hooked for life. What I had initially interpreted as a nasal delivery and “rough around the edges” turned into a Dylanesque view of the world that still makes me dizzy when I think about it.
That day – “My First Time” – I discovered one of the most meaningful songwriters I’ve ever known. Had it not been for Lexie & Second Life I’d have never known Zorch’s music. Later, “Zorch” (Jack Kinagree) became an important friend and trusted mentor. More than all that, he has been an inspiration. He helped me get my start in SL as a performer in my own right. Like an elder brother he has given me insight for which I shall be forever grateful. Please do yourselves a favor and peek in on Jack Kinagree in SL – solo or with he & Lexie’s group project Kinagree-Smith. If you listen closely enough – with open heart & mind – you may be subject to my fate – an incurable Zorch-a-holic for life!
Best Always,
Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody)
p.s. – Thanks to Ty for inspiring me to remember this remarkable experience.
If that does not make you remember how awesome the power of music is, then you must not have a soul and I am not sure we can be friends! Thank you, Vinnie, for sharing your wonderful trip down memory lane with us!



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