I got some ‘splainin to do!

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa! For those who might now know, that is Latin for “My bad!” (FINALLY! Four years of high school Latin pays off!)

So…..a while ago, oh, say, like in October or so, I wrote a post about how After Dark would be taking a break for a bit. And break we did. Meegan and I attended the Dallas Jam. Meegan took part in Burn2. Then………I dropped the ball in a big big way. I left y’all hanging and I feel the need to explain myself.

Ya see…what happened was ….I was on my way to write the blog and first I stepped on a super tiny toy. Oh the pain! While I was coming to grips with the pain coursing through my foot I managed to lose my balance and whack my funny bone on the coffee table as I fell to the ground. There were a few brief seconds of the most terrible pain ever experienced in the history of ever before my head made contact with the fireplace hearth and I slipped into a deep sleep. Some time later I awoke. The pain in my foot and elbow were only s distant memory and I knew that I needed to write!

I sat down at the computer. I had so much inside of me that I knew I needed to share with the readers of the blog! I owed it to everyone! My gift needed to be shared! I flipped on the computer and……nothing. A blank screen was all that greeted me. I channeled all of my energy, I reached deep down and I knew I could make the blog happen! I struggled for months. I was not going to let that blank screen defeat me! Today I won the battle. After days up weeks upon months I finally knew what the problem was! I reached down, deep, deep down with everything I had I plugged in the computer! Turns out the damn cat had knocked the plug loose!

So that is what happened. That is why the blog has been MIA for so long. That or first life grabbed me by the pixels and I just didn’t have the time to write. You can believe whichever story you like. Hell, you can believe that I was abducted by aliens for all I care, but know this one thing: THE BLOGGIST BITCH IS BACK!!!!

Damn right! Or should I say write? The shenanigans and silliness shall continue! And I promise you all this: I will never desert you all again!

♥ Ty

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