Israel Peace Agreement With Jordan

But even in a country where democracy is limited, public opinion can only be managed for so long, others warn. “The treaty is a double-edged sword,” Sharif says. “It helps Jordan achieve certain goals, but it can also hurt Jordan, because as soon as we use all diplomatic channels to put pressure on Israel… So what do we do?┬áIsrael`s border with Jordan is its only border that is not partially monitored by UNITED Nations peacekeeping forces. The Jordanian flag was hoisted over Baqoura and al-Ghamr, two treaties along the Kingdom`s border with Israel, recognized as land in Jordan but leased to the Jewish state as part of a pioneering peace agreement between the two countries in 1994. But even Israel, where the agreement is widely appreciated and where the government often alludes to peace with the hashemite kingdom as a model for future interest-based agreements with other Arab states, has not organized events for the anniversary. In June, King Hussein came to Washington to tell Clinton exactly what progress had been made and to commit to the resumption of aid. He asked Rabin to send Halevy to help backstage. The Jordanians sent the White House a detailed and detailed memorandum on the bilateral issues they wanted.

Rabin`s assassination a year later alienated Hussein`s partner in peace. He attended the funeral in Jerusalem, his first visit to the city since the 1967 war. Two years later, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a Mossad team to Amman to poison a Hamas official. The assassination attempt caused a crisis in the new peace and Halevy had to be recalled from his new post as ambassador to the European Union in Brussels to flatten the disaster and free the Mossad team. He would then be appointed head of Mossad. Hussein`s support for Netanyahu soon went away. [20] Israel`s actions during the 1996 Qana massacre in southern Lebanon, the Likud government`s decision to build settlements in East Jerusalem and the events on the Temple Mount, where clashes broke out between Palestinian and Israeli police forces following tombs of Israeli tunnels around the mountain , sparked an outcry in the Arab world. [20] On March 9, 1997, Hussein Netanyahu sent a three-page letter expressing his disappointment. [20] The king insulted Netanyahu with the opening sentence of the letter: “My distress is real and profound about the tragic acts you have launched at the head of the government of Israel, and is passing peace – the most worthy goal of my life – increasingly as a distant and elusive asse.” [21] Thus, although there are clear benefits for both sides, or at least for leaders on both sides, Israel and Jordan have taken steps in recent years to weaken the peace agreement. The latest such incident concerns the enclave of Arava and Naharayim (Peace Island), two areas adjacent to the border, leased for 25 years after the signing of the agreement, with the possibility of extension. In October 2018, King Abdullah announced that he would not renew the leases, a step that has caused much controversy in Israel and has worried some about the total termination of the agreement.

More recently, observers on both sides have argued that the treaty has been severely compromised by the right-wing shift in Israeli policy led by Netanyahu, the country`s longest-serving prime minister. His government has taken advantage of Iran`s mutual fear to tacitly weaken relations with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, which are themselves perceived as disconnected from the Palestinian issue.

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