This is your last call……Please do not panic! It is not the last call for alcohol, we are not about to turn the lights on in the club! This is the last call to vote for the FINAL Avi Choice awards! Final……last…..not gonna ever happen again! That is, unless It goes the way of many a farewell tour and then a year or so later comes the reunion. But! As far as anyone can tell, this will be the last time that you get to let the people of SL who pay attention to such things just what persons, places and things you love!

For the record, I am one of those people. I always have been and always will be an award show junkie. You all have no idea! Oscar night is one of my favorite nights of the year. The Avi Choice awards are The Oscar night of SL. Technically they are more like the People’s Choice Awards since they are not decided by a group of nameless and faceless academy members. They are chosen by people like you and me! That assumes you take the time to vote. No pressure…… is your business if you do not want your voice heard….whatever……..

I WILL BE HEARD!!! I voted. you are damn right I did. If there is one thing that is seriously obvious to those who know me, it is that I am VERY opinionated. Have mercy, I can get downright fired up over things that I am passionate about and music and my love of the SL music scene happens to be one of those things. If you do not vote then you cannot celebrate when someone you dig wins and on the flip side you cannot piss and moan when someone you are rather “meh” about does win. If nothing else, vote so that you can be elated or bitter!


The totally non-official “I voted” sticker!

You will hear nothing about this from me again. This is the last time I will bother you with details of this. Mostly because voting ends on the 28th at 5pm, but also because I know that force feeding people stuff makes it not taste so good. Remember, there are several of the After Dark family nominated and also many members of the Idle Rogue family. Vote as you wish, pick a winner and then you can rejoice or piss and moan all you want when the results are announced! Once again, here are the handy-dandy links to the voting!

TheArts                                                                                                                        SLife

As a side note, and something that I am sure you have all been wondering about, I am unsure if there will be a final Ty’s Choice Awards. I know, I know… is kind of heartbreaking, but the lineup at After Dark has evolved so much in the last several months that the list of arbitrary awards I would have to come up with would be INSANE! I might cook up something, you never know…..

♥ Ty

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