Local Conservation Agreements

Yes, yes. In the Alto Mayo region of northwestern Peru, for example, coffee producers have pledged not to cut down trees to expand their farms and, in return, have requested technical assistance to improve their coffee production and better market access. Socio-economic monitoring and monitoring of forest cover have identified who has kept the commitments and not. For the few coffee producers who continued to clean up the forest, the agreements were denounced – a sign to all concerned that the agreements are serious and binding. Today, deforestation in the region has been reduced and coffee producers who sign agreements are getting better prices for their product. Conservation agreements are legally binding on the Commonwealth and all other parties to the agreement; and any party interested in a part of the territory after the conclusion of the agreement. “We know that negotiations take time,” says Zachary Wells, technical director of the CI Conservation Stewards Program, which oversees the conservation agreement. “Communities sometimes don`t think that partner organizations, in recognition of their conservation efforts, will offer benefits. Trust between partner organizations and communities must be established over time. “Signatories and singletons have dominant strategies for their conservation levels. Their optimal conservation levels depend on the parameters of benefits and costs, the conservation ceiling and the parameters α local conservation benefits.

Conservation efforts in other countries have no influence on optimal land conservation efforts i. Therefore, higher conservation efforts in one country, in accordance with this specification model, do not supplant conservation efforts in other countries. The Partnership for Good Growth also supports Liberia under its responsibility as a signatory to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CDB) under these agreements, while providing a framework for relations between the parties involved in and between the implementation of conservation and development activities.

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