Moving on……..down?

The Jeffersons moved on up. The Von Trapp family climbed every mountain. People are said to climb the corporate ladder or sleep their way to the top. Success is almost always associated with an upward movement. It is not normal to hear about someone falling towards greatness.  Well guess what?!?! We don’t give a damn! After Dark is moving on down, like a boss, and it is going to be freaking fantastic!

Yep! After Dark Lounge is moving to the ground level at Idle Rogue. We are now located right by The Ariellum Theater, home to the incomparable Guerilla Burlesque dance troupe. It is a flipping gorgeous sim if you have never had the chance to explore it! We hope that being on the ground will encourage our patrons to check the whole place out. Seriously, just get out and wander a bit!

I took the liberty of taking a few photos just to show you all how damned pretty the new digs are!

Purdy, huh? Yes, the building will remain the same, just the location is changing. And what a new location is it! Waterfalls! Freaking waterfalls! I feel like I should add that I might be a tad bit excited about the new location! Idle Rogue is seriously one of the prettiest sims and to be on the ground level of that beautifulness is awesome!!!

So, now that all of the gushing is over with, down to biniss. THIS is the new slurl for After Dark. If you use an old LM there will be a teleporter there that can take you to the new location, but why not just grab the new LM?!?! Take the LM, love it, embrace it, use it!

Oh! I also wanted to add that After Dark is featuring Rogue Radio when there are not live shows happening. This has nothing to do with the move, but it is some really eclectic and kick butt music, Example: Today while at After Dark I heard Wild Thing by Tone Loc followed by Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. If your musical tastes are as varied as mine, hearing those songs back to back takes you a little closer to your happy place!

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