OMG! Did you hear what What’s-His-Face said about Who’s-Her-What?!?! You didn’t? Are you living under a rock?!? It is only the biggest news on the grid, I cannot believe that you have not heard!

*Leans in closer and whispers*

mf gossipWell….I heard from Who’s-Her-What’s former bestie – ┬áremember, they stopped hanging out when Tweedle-Dee heard that Tweedle-Dumb was hooking up with that one guy with the name I can never remember and Tweedle-Dee told Who’s-Her-What’s bestie and she blamed it all on Who’s-Her-What because of that one time that Who’s-Her-What, the bestie and the guy with the name I can never remember all hooked up in a drunken grope-fest and the guy with the name I can never remember said that Who’s-Her-What and her bestie were WAY better in the sack than Tweedle-Dumb, but no one was supposed to know that he was even hooking up with Tweedle-Dumb?

Gossip_Logo-2-1024x528Anyway, Who’s-Her-What’s former bestie told me that What’s-His-Face is going around telling people that Who’s-Her-What’s pixel ass is too flat, AND she has system body *gasps*, AND she has a secret obsession with flexi hair! Can you even believe that he would say such hurtful things about her? I mean, I thought they would be together forever, like true love and shit. *Shrugs* I guess it just goes to show that you never know. Personally, I think Who’s-Her-What is an alt of Tweedle-Dumb, but I have no proof. I swear, you never can believe anything you hear on the grid anymore!

GAH! I also heard that that dude that owns that place, you know that one I am talking about, right? He has a tattoo and he owns whatchacallit. YES! Him! I heard that he once met a woman from SL just so he could tell her in person that no, those jeans do not make her butt look fat. Can you even believe that?!? Her name? Psh…heck if I know, but I am pretty sure that she once dated the other guy who is from a place and has a tattoo. Mmmhmm……

wtfarrowAre you confused yet amused? Yep, nothing beats gossip when it comes to making your jaw drop with awe and wonder! (Ok, maybe that is just me.) People talk, people make shit up, it happens, and it seems to happen a lot in the special little world we spend our time in. Remember, Don’t Be a Dick, but if you happen to be the subject of some dickitude, you deal with it as you like. After Dark is lucky, our musicians, regulars and staff live by DBAD and the love is felt all around!

Oh!!!!! One last thing…….did you hear Tyche is a raisinist? A full fledged mayonnaise eating raisinist! Some people……….smh

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