Salsa and Streaking

Salsa (the dancing kind) and streaking (the naked kind) do not normally go together. Well, they might for you and I am not one to judge, so go on with your bad self! But for most the two do not have a lot in common. Once thing they most certainly have in common is that they both took place at After Dark Lounge in the past week! There is never, ever a dull moment at After Dark!

cinco-de-mayoFirst….the salsa! Thursday May 5th marked the second annual After Dark Lounge Cinco de Mayo party! Both the live performances and the outfits were muy caliente! The margaritas were flowing,  and the tacos and mustachioed women were plentiful! Maracas and booties were Cinoing as best they could! I could go on and on but I don’t have to because the photographer was paying attention that night! Enjoy!

Cinco_009 Cinco_006 Cinco_004 Cinco_001 cincocollage2

we-are-going-streakingNow for the streaking! Sometimes things happen at After Dark lounge that you really have to see to believe. Lucky for all of you who might have missed it, I was paying very close attention to the situation and managed to catch a lot of the conversation and the actual act of streaking! For this all to make sense I need to set the scene. One of the highly talented musicians that plays at After Dark Lounge was on the stage wowing the audience with his mad skills. Let’s call him Virtual Star, or VS for short. As he was playing two of the audience members were plotting, We will call them Superfan, or S for short and The Instigator, or TI. I happen to have a copy of the transcript of said plotting. (Just for the sake of whatever, I have the permission of all parties that were involved to use the conversation and the pictures that will follow.)

S: Are you drunk enough to be coaxed into taking off all your clothes and streaking on the stage behind VS?
TI: lol
S: $500L says you won’t do it…..
TI: ummm
S: $700L
S: You have to streak behind him.
TI: lol
TI: you are bad
S: can you hide behind the red curtain, take off all your clothes and then sneak to the other curtain?
S: lol
S: $800L
S: do it for the venue
S: the venue needs your support
TI: I am the venue. lol
S: exactly. You can do anything! You are all-powerful! Dooo iiittt!!!
TI: lol
TI: you do it!
TI: I will pay you $800 to do it
S: $900L I’m not drunk
TI: lol
S: I’ll get fired
TI:pours you a drink
TI: from who?
TI: I don’t think so
S: can you see me?
S: ignore the ball of hair in the curtain

So…as you can see what started off as a dare from Superfan to The Instigator ended up backfiring completely! Everyone has their price though. And so Superfan crept behind the curtain and disrobed. Sadly, I did not manage to catch any pictures of this. Once she was ready to take on that bet she reached to the audience for a bit of support. I also have a copy of the transcript from the local chat that took place

S: If someone dares you to do something, should you do it?
S: What if alcohol and money are involved?
Random Audience Member1: then you MUST, S hehehe
S: That’s what I was afraid of
S: VS is setting the mood
Tyche Szondi: Bwahahahahahaha!
Random Audience Member1: why is S dancing nakie?
Random Audience Member 2: Lost a bet? lol
TI: cuz I paid her  ㋡
Random Audience Member 3: must have been that dare
S: this is that dare you insisted I do
TI: It was me or her
Musician about to take the stage: thought she was still rezzing
And now for the pictures, As one might assume, there is nudity in these pictures. There is no more nudity allowed on the blog as there is at After Dark Lounge, These pictures have been modified somewhat to obscure the identity of those involved and to cover all of the bits and pieces! streaking4 streaking3 streaking2 Streaking1 And now for the pièce de résistance……a photo that has possibly the breast, I mean best photoshopping skills applied to it that this blog has ever seen. This photo was sent courtesy of Superfan’s handler.
tit-face swap

It just goes to show that you never know what might be going on at After Dark Lounge!


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