There are times that I sit down to write this blog, I take my quill in hand and ink the tip (just the tip) and as I set the pen to paper I think “What the crap am I going to write about today?”. Then a barrage of things come to mind, and on occasion one or two of them is appropriate content for our readers. Most are utter trash or filth. As I sat down to write this post I was drawing nothing but trash and filth. I know that our readers can appreciate both on a certain level, but we are not even going to delve into that area of my mind! I respect you all too much to subject you to that!

I thought, pondered, mulled, ruminated, speculated and mused as to what I would write about. Then I took a nap. All of that thinking is EXHAUSTING! When I awoke from my nap it occurred to me that there is a person at After Dark that has not replied to any of my requests for content. Neither Tell Ty or How’d You Get Here. How dare she! So, I went to Meegan and asked her where the heck were her replies. She told me to talk to her assistant. For those who may not be aware, Meegan has a stunning, delightful and charismatic assistant. Her name is Tyche.

So, since Meegan is “too busy” to answer the requests of the most funnest blogger around, and since that blogger happens to be Meegan’s assistant and loves to make stuff up I present you with the completely false but somewhat silly replies that I, Tyche, have come up with on Meegan’s behalf!


Meegan slacker


1. Tell me something random:                                                                 While it’s up to individual states to determine the color of school buses, most have been painted National School Bus Chrome Yellow since a 1939 national conference recommended it as the shade of choice

2. Tell me something you think I should know about you.                              I learned everything I know about music from a monk who had taken a vow of silence. He had a very, very expressive face.

3. Tell me something that not everyone knows about you.                            I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom!  (Bonus points if you get the reference!)

       How’d You Get Here Vol 4.5

How Meegan Danitz got here!

It was a dark and stormy night in SL, so I turned off the rain particles and set the environment to mid-day. Having just finished my shift at the Rusty Buckle I was looking forward to some quality me time, if you know what I mean! Most of my regular haunts were being overrun with newbies for some reason. Maybe they had heard about the “easy” women that were hanging there. Either way, I wanted something different to do. So off to the search I went. Shopping….no. Horseback riding……no. Trolling sims for fine pieces of as……just no! Suddenly out of the blue, a tiny avatar appeared in front of me and gestured “Follow me if you dare!” I am never one to turn down a dare, so I took the TP. I found myself in a magical land of gyrating pelvises, flailing arms, smiling faces. But this was different than the places where I normally saw those kinds of things. These people were clothed and there was amazing music playing. I asked the tiny avi where I was and where that lovely music was coming from. It replied “You are home, this is live music in SL and you belong here!”

I never looked back. Well, I did a few times but there was this weird dude who could not get the couples balls in the right place and kept dancing all over me whenever he would dip his lady friend.

There you have it! Meegan’s replies as told from the mind of Ty. I would like to note that no Meegans were harmed in the writing of this blog and everything above is completely made up!



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