Random Jamdom

“What happens at the jam stays at the jam!” If you have ever been to a SL music jam you will hear that a lot. As far as I am concerned, that is utter BS! Unless there is a jam held in Vegas I am of the opinion that what happens at the jam (in public, at least. Lordy no one wants to know what is happening behind closed doors!) gets blogged!

The Mid-Atlantic Jam this year was far too amazing for just one blog post. No, just one will not do. There will be several. They will be silly, nostalgic, touching, maybe even disturbing. Some will be loaded with pictures, some will just a mess of words. But I digress…

Even though I am not a believer in “What happens at the jam stays at the jam” I do understand that when adults are ingesting large amounts of alcohol, they might not feel the need to or have the ability to filter the things that come out of their flapping jaws. I have taken it upon myself to compile a list of things heard at the jam that tickled me. Some of them were said to me, some of them by me and some just overheard. Because of the lack of filtering, I will not be stating who said what. If you read something that you said and you want to claim it as your own feel free to leave a comment, but in all honesty, you probably won’t want to. I will also not be giving the quotes any context. There are two reasons for this: 1. If I gave every quote a back story this post would go on forever. 2. Most of them are twice as funny without any context!

Sometimes you just gotta lick a taint!

You bitch! (Honestly, I am sure this was said several times throughout the weekend, but one time in particular stands out to me.)

Person 1: Did you guys spoon?                                                                                     Person 2: Oh, we banged.                                                                                                Person 1: But that ruins the illusion for me!                                                                Person 2: But we banged. It can’t be undone!

It’s like Jesus but with a really big d**k!

I am trying to eat and you people are talking about horse c**k!

Freeze the vag, save the world!

Stop pooping! Let’s go eat!

Person 1: You take one leg, I will get the other!                                                        Person 2: I get the middle! I pay him, I get the middle!

Just STOP! (10 second pause) collaborate and listen!

Everybody wash you hands with soap. He pissed himself!

Hey Twin! Throw me a towel!

Have him grab some cups or we will all have herpes.

I sleep in head to toe latex. It makes a lot of noise when there is movement, so don’t struggle.


I was hoping for a lap dance, that is why I stayed in the chair.

I am positive that there are some fantastic moments in worddom that I have missed, but that is what happens when you try and remember all of the things spewed forth my yourself and others through a weekend fueled by alcohol and amazing music.

♥ Ty