Break and Burn!


After Dark Lounge will be taking a brief break from live shows between the dates of 10/15 and 10/23 so that many of the familiar faces that you know and love can perform at Burn2 at the Roguery Camp! We will return to our regularly scheduled live shows on 10/25. I know the thought of no live shows at After Dark Lounge make many sad and come even get weepy over it. Suck it up, princess! There will be no lack of amazing things to see and do during this time! For those who are new to Burn2, let me give you a little tour.

To your left you will see amazing whatnots. Just ahead on your right there is a spectacular thingamajiggy. Oh! If you turn around you will be in total awe of the performance that is going on. Sound kind of silly? It is not and it is exactly what I felt like the first time I attended Burn2. There is so much to see, do, hear and just generally experience. It truly is a treat for the senses.

The theme that is taking over the playa this year is Da Vinci’s Workshop. That would be Leonardo Da Vinci for those of you that never got the book learn’n. If you are even slightly familiar with the myriad of inventions of Da Vinci then you know that there are so many amazing ways that this theme can come to life. If you are not familiar with his inventions then I suggest you Google the man and see just how far ahead of his time he was!


In case you are wondering what the heck the point of Burn is, might I direct you to THIS

So, yea, you should probably take advantage of this opportunity and head over to Burn2 inworld. It is truly unlike anything that you will see any other time in SL. Live music, breathtaking builds and awesome interactives. And for those of you that need a little extra push, there is free stuff as gifting is one of the 10 principles!

See you at Burn2!

♥ Ty

They’re Baaaaack!

You might have noticed that the stage at After Dark was very quiet this week. At least we hope that you noticed! After Dark was extra dark this week because Meegan and Tyche were tearing it up at BURN2, Guerilla Burlesque style!

camp roguery_001

                                                                 Roguery Camp

It was wonderful to see many of our After Dark regulars out and about on the playa, enjoying everything that BURN2 has to offer, and especially at the shows that we were performing in! If you did not get a chance to make it to BURN2 this year, you owe it to your self to make it next year. It is unlike anything else in Secondlife and it definitely needs to be experienced first hand as pictures and retellings do not do it justice! Speaking of pictures, perhaps you would enjoy seeing some of what Meegan and Ty were up to.

burly meat 3

                                         Burnlesque Photo courtesy of Ed Aulder

burly meat

                                     Burnlesque Photo courtesy of Ed Aulder

meegs clown

                   Meegan clowning around Photo courtesy of Ed Aulder

Ty Western

                                     Ty channeling her inner belly dancing inmate.

The photographer for After Dark’s blog failed pretty miserably at getting pictures of the live performers, but in her defense she did have a LOT on her plate this past week. Cut her some slack! After Dark regulars Voodoo Shilton, Funkyfreddy Republic, Saramarie Philly and Twinghost Ronas all gifted their music to BURN2…….yet the only picture that slacker photog managed to get was this one! TGBURN_005In addition to the live music and the stage shows there were tons of other events that took place at Roguery Camp. Interactive dance sessions, themed parties that included Tutu Tuesday and Corsets and Cigars and loads of other good times! Just a few more pics of the good times for those who missed it. Not to rub it in or anything, but yea, it was awesome!

Corcets and cigars_008

                                                         Corsets and Cigars


                                     DJ Cherryblonde spinning tunes for Tutu Tuesday

The Burn_030

                                                              Burn baby, burn!

So that is where the week went and why the stage at After Dark was silent, aside from a third of a Saramarie Philly set when they decided to restart the sim! But like the title says “They’re baaaaack!”. And what do you think of when you hear that? It had better be Poltergeist! Halloween is right around the corner and we will be celebrating it at After Dark this Tuesday starting at 7pm! Throw on your best Halloween garb and have a chance at winning prizes that will be awarded each hour! Four hours of live music featuring Twinghost, Steely Decosta, Funkyfreddy, and Oblee! Come to welcome us back from BURN2 and scare the pants off us*!

*There are no guarantees that the staff of After Dark will be wearing pants.