The Origin of Fierce!


Fierce1Snapshot _ After Dark_Rhi's Poem, Mai Tai (78, 82, 3573) - ModeAm I mildly obsessed with Meegan’s ass? So what if I am!?!?! Take a good look at it and you will be hooked too. Even Meegan cannot stop looking at her own posterior. She has been know to derender those who block her view of her glorious backside. There is a story behind my obsession. Like to hear it? Here it goes!80's ass


Late one evening, far later than this perpetual night owl is normally around, I received a message that PT Beardmore was going to play an impromptu show… off I went to jam out to some good tunes. As I was standing there, checking out the place the place, Meegan teleports in, landing directly in front of me. I knew her, but did not know her well at this point. She was fresh from working on her Guerilla Burlesque act and still in costume. I could still hear the music, but my view of the stage was blocked by her barely clad bottom! This might have bothered me had it been a lack luster gluteus, but it was not. It was FIERCE!

Being as I am a mouthy creature and have a hard time keeping things to myself, I simply had to say something.

“Hey Meegan! That ass is fierce!”

And so it was said!

meegan's assmeegan's ass white dress 3

Beardy took notice of the local chat and declared that just once he wanted to be on stage and have someone say “Yo PT! Dat ass is fierce!” (Yes, he took a few liberties with the original statement, but he is an artist, they do such things. And yes, it had since been shouted at him during a show.) The rest of the show was peppered with statements about Meegan’s fierce ass and fierce ass in general. Thus began the reign of Meegan’s Fierce Ass and of my mild(ish) obsession with it.

Oddly enough, that night was also the beginning of my friendship with Meegan…..coincidence? I doubt it!