Ratings matter: a delightful tale of one star.

Popularity contests suck. They do, unless you are the most popular one. I know, it, you know it, the person who gets awarded “Best Personality” every single freaking time knows it! The thing that sucks most is that they are everywhere. Try as one might, the lure to be popular and the want to judge based on such cannot be avoided. Don’t argue me on this! It happens, deal with it!

Obviously popularity is subjective. The person, place or thing that one person thinks is the best might be the worst in the eyes of someone else. There are also things that can sway a person towards or away from thinking something is popular. Where am I going with this? Let me just tell you! So…..not so long ago, After Dark had it’s illustrious 5 star Facebook rating tarnished. Bad reviews happen. There will always be someone who doesn’t like the way things are done. But this person gave no reason for their poor review. What they did do was send After Dark’s Facebook page a message.

The text that has been cut off and will not be shown was a loooong biography of a French artist. As it seemed to have been copied and pasted from an unknown source, it will not be show. Following the biography was a painting. A painting that put me in the mind of something my great grandmother would have had hanging over the davenport on the solarium. Poor Meegan had had enough at this point and she gave your favorite bloggist and smartass, me, the reigns.

I then shared a piece by the artist in question. I believe this was drawn during his “people don’t have bodies” phase around the age of 4. It is actually a portrait of me that he gifted to me so that I might display his artwork at my desk.

Sadly this was not enough to keep the person from getting the hint that we were not amused.

Either the person sending the messages got the hint or they became as frustrated as we were with the entire situation, Either way, they did not remove their one star rating of After Dark. So if you ever look at the Facebook rating and think to yourself “Self, I love that place! How on earth could someone give them a one start rating?!?!”, know that we are thinking the same thing.

♥ ~Ty