The Tale of the Unsung Hero

The designated driver.

The rodeo clown.

The human medical test subject.

The “fluffer” on an adult film set.

The last-minute schedule filler-inner.

A list of random people? Perhaps….but also a list of unsung heroes. Those people who put others first. Those people who step up to the plate right when they are needed. Those that heed a call that many may not even realize is being made. Today we salute them. Well, at least one of them. As much as I would love to write a blog post about “fluffers” and rodeo clowns, this is After Dark Lounge’s blog and not a rodeo or adult film blog, so we will stick with the one that matters to us most, the last-minute filler-inner.

unsung hero

Sometimes in the whirlwind world that is the SL music scene, as they say, poop happens. Performers get sick, RL emergencies pop up, shows are cancelled. When a performer has to cancel a show there is a scramble that takes place behind the scenes. Either the others performing that day/night are moved around or a last-minute fill-in is found for the time slot.

After Dark Lounge would like to take a moment to recognize our most reliable and awesome fill-in, Raspbury Rearwin. Rasp has, countless times, been called upon by Boobs (known to most in SL as Tyche) to fill a gap in the schedule. Sometimes this call is at a day’s notice, sometimes it is under an hour’s notice, but Rasp is always willing to answer that call with guitar in hand and the tunes a’flowin!

rasp and guitar

                                            Artist’s rendering of Raspbury Rearwin.

Once such instance happened recently and Raspbury deserves to be recognized for his general amazingness. Rasp was asked to fill in for a performer who had a R/SL conflict. As Rasp is prone to do he asked when and was more than willing to whip up a set. He played his hour, the crowd loved it and on came the next performer. Unfortunately, the next performer was having technical issues and though Rasp and other musicians in the audience that night suggested trying several things, the performer was not able to resolve said issues. Rather than call it a night, Rasp stepped up once again and delivered nearly an entire additional hour of music to keep the crowd at After Dark grooving.

dick and rasp

                                                              The “real” Raspy

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes Raspbury Rearwin an unsung hero. He wasn’t asked to play that second hour, he offered. He didn’t have to suggest the performer with the technical issue try x, y and z to fix it, he offered those suggestions. It was one of those moments where even though something is going wrong, one gets a warm fuzzy feeling just seeing the support that exists in the music community.


So Rasp, here it is, your very own Ty’s Choice Award, albeit a little late. The first ever “Can’t Say No to Boobs” award! Thank you so much for your generosity and time and for filling out slots!