How’d You Get Here?

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Everything starts somewhere. Yes, every once in a while there is a completely random happening, but for the most part everything has a starting point. I have set out to find out what brought people to the music scene in SL. Everyone has a story and everyone’s story is different. I find this kind of stuff interesting and I have found that people like to share, so something new is beginning right here!

“How’d You Get Here?” will be a new feature where we will get a look at how people came to discover the music scene in SL. Specifically, I am asking people about their first live show that they attended in SL. So, if you are shaking your pixels at After Dark one night and you get a random IM from me, reply dang it! I want your story! I will show you mine if you show me yours! Actually, I will show you mine anyway, since mine will be the first one featured! And since I am the one at the keys, I get to ramble! It’s ok, I promise you will like it!

How Tyche Got Here!

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My VERY first encounter with live music in SL came on the porch of a friend’s house. A good friend, Rupert, had introduced me to Hayduke Schnook on the sailing sim where we hung out. I knew Hayduke played and I knew Rupert played. One night as we were sitting on Hayduke’s porch they decided to get on voice and give it a go. They had never played together and I had never even thought about the possibility of anyone playing music live in SL. They jammed out a couple of tunes in local and my mind was blown.

My first encounter with an organized live show in SL was shortly after the porch. I knew that I needed to hear more live music and I searched some out. I went and listened to Digby Smalls play at a place where there were a lot of mushrooms. I cannot remember the name of the place, but I remember there were a lot of mushrooms! A few months after that I took a break from SL.

When I returned (I know I said first show and I am technically way past that, but I am the one typing so na-na-na-na-na!) to SL EVERYTHING had changed, including the live music scene. Once I made a few friends, one of them suggested that I go catch Gravey Jones. So I did I went to listen to him play at Wygrove and I was hooked, Since I was digging his sound I asked him what musicians he would recommend I check out and he gave me a list. The rest was history!

There you have it! Now you know how I got here and I hope that you are looking forward to finding out how others did as well!

♥ Ty