I got some ‘splainin to do!

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa! For those who might now know, that is Latin for “My bad!” (FINALLY! Four years of high school Latin pays off!)

So…..a while ago, oh, say, like in October or so, I wrote a post about how After Dark would be taking a break for a bit. And break we did. Meegan and I attended the Dallas Jam. Meegan took part in Burn2. Then………I dropped the ball in a big big way. I left y’all hanging and I feel the need to explain myself.

Ya see…what happened was ….I was on my way to write the blog and first I stepped on a super tiny toy. Oh the pain! While I was coming to grips with the pain coursing through my foot I managed to lose my balance and whack my funny bone on the coffee table as I fell to the ground. There were a few brief seconds of the most terrible pain ever experienced in the history of ever before my head made contact with the fireplace hearth and I slipped into a deep sleep. Some time later I awoke. The pain in my foot and elbow were only s distant memory and I knew that I needed to write!

I sat down at the computer. I had so much inside of me that I knew I needed to share with the readers of the blog! I owed it to everyone! My gift needed to be shared! I flipped on the computer and……nothing. A blank screen was all that greeted me. I channeled all of my energy, I reached deep down and I knew I could make the blog happen! I struggled for months. I was not going to let that blank screen defeat me! Today I won the battle. After days up weeks upon months I finally knew what the problem was! I reached down, deep, deep down with everything I had I plugged in the computer! Turns out the damn cat had knocked the plug loose!

So that is what happened. That is why the blog has been MIA for so long. That or first life grabbed me by the pixels and I just didn’t have the time to write. You can believe whichever story you like. Hell, you can believe that I was abducted by aliens for all I care, but know this one thing: THE BLOGGIST BITCH IS BACK!!!!

Damn right! Or should I say write? The shenanigans and silliness shall continue! And I promise you all this: I will never desert you all again!

♥ Ty

After Dark is going dark!

Things will be pretty quiet at After Dark in the near future. No, the fuzz did not finally catch up to Meegan for those indescretions of the early 90s. No, nothing to worry anyone. It is also not some spooky Halloween ploy. Actually, it is quite the opposite. After Dark will be going dark for some pretty fun reasons!

First off, in a rarely seen display of two trips in one year, some of the staff of After Dark (Meegan and Tyche) will be taking off for the Dallas Jam on October 19th! As any reader of this blog or attendee of a Secondlife jam can attest, while jamming one has no time for anything but! There are far too many fangirl moments to be had, drinks to be drank and general madness to take part in! So, yes, After Dark will not be having live shows on the 19th or the 23rd, but on the upside there will be an inevitably hilarious blog post that will result from the weekend!

One might assume that after the dust has settled from the Dallas Jam that After Dark will be back to their regularly scheduled programming, but nope, not happening! A jam requires a certain amount of recovery time. Being the workaholic that Meegan is, there will be no such time! Straight from the Dallas Jam to The Roguery Camp at Burn 2! Ty, on the other hand, will be taking a nap long enough that someone ought to check to make sure she is still breathing every once in a while.

So, yea, it is that time of year again. The time to burn baby, burn! After Dark will be hitting the playa and bringing butt kicking live music to The Roguery Camp at Burn 2! I am sure that most of you have experienced the wonderful madness that is Burn 2, but if you have not you best get your butt there…when the time comes! There is so much to see, do, experience. It is more than a little mind blowing. After Dark will be hosting live music at The Roguery Camp on October 24th and 26th.

Now you are thinking that After Dark will be back at Idle Rogue and settling back into the normal surroundings on the 29th……..WRONG! In the words of out fearless leader, Meegan Danitz, After Dark will not be hosting shows on the 29th because she can “dance naked around the fire after Burn”. I personally cannot think of a better reason for anything in the world than naked dancing!

Here is a little recap for those of you keeping track. After Dark will be dark as can be from the 19th of October to the 29th of October. There will be shows at The Roguery Camp on the 24th and 26th. Meegan will be dancing naked by a fire on the 29th. Will we be back at After Dark on the 31st? You will just have to wait and see!


Good Night, Garrett.

The downside to caring about people and letting them into your life and your heart is that some day you know that you will have to let them go. This past week the Secondlife music community had to do just that. We had to face that fact that one of our own, an avid supporter of live music in SL and a friend to so many was no longer with us.

Even if you did not know Garrett (Lutz) Lockjaw personally, chances are that you had seen him at shows. He was a fixture in the live music scene. usually quiet, lurking in the back, keeping to himself. For as quiet as he seemed in the outside he was equally as goofy and wonderful on the inside. I was lucky to have had the honor of calling him my friend. I ask that you bear with me, as this is not something easy for me to write, and frankly, I could go on for pages and pages with the silly escapades and moments he and I shared, so this might get a little messy, but I promise to not let the train of thought derail too often.

Garrett lived his SL the way everyone should, on his own terms. If he wanted to be goofy, he was goofy. If he wanted to be stalkery, he was stalkery. (Note, this is not in the “I will show up at your house at random and I have been watching you kind of stalkery. It was more of an open stalking, and always with the stalkees consent!) He taught me to “give zero f**ks” and to embrace the awesome of SL. Often I would end up places with him in head to toe latex with him suited up as a Ninja Turtle just dancing our little pixels ragged to amazing music.

The fact that Garrett “give zero f**ks” didn’t mean that he did not care. No. He cared tremendously for those that he loved. Need someone to listen to you complain about crazies? He was there. Need a man to try on women’s hair? Just show him where to get the demo! Looking for awesome new musical talent in SL? He probably already found it but would be excited to share the new discovery. Need to know just how a man can birth a baby? Garrett would gladly lead you on a tour of the male pregnancy sim. There were few limits to the link he would go to for his friends.

Garrett was not only a big fan of live music in SL, he also worked with several musicians and was the groundskeeper for a sim that hosts live music. To be honest, I don’t know who all he worked with through his time in SL. I only met him about 2 years ago. I do know that he worked with Phemie Alcott and Caasi Ansar. Later in his SL he managed J Lively and Hunson Abadeer. When I was first starting to manage Funkyfreddy Republic he was there to help me out and give me pointers based on his experiences. Garrett also looked after the Lockjaw family’s sim Elysium City of Templemore. There he was the master of booking live acts and the best damn groundskeeper a place could ask for. When people would thank him there he would reply “I just cut the grass.”

Garrett never asked for anything. He just wanted to be surrounded by people that he cared for and that cared for him. He will never be far from our thoughts and his spirit will live on in SL. Luis Lockjaw has erected a gorgeous statue at Elysium City of Templemore in honor of Garrett and his carefree, loving spirit. There will be a service in memorial of Garrett at the same sim on Monday September 4, 2017 at 12:00pm SLT. All are welcome to come celebrate the life and good times that Garrett brought to SL.

Garrett and I had many memorable conversations. One such conversation centered around songs to dance to when I was a dancer with Guerilla Burlesque. As he and I had very similar tastes in music I was bouncing ideas off of him and mentioned that I had always wanted to figure a way to dance to a song by Ministry but I was struggling with a concept that would not be offensive.  Garrett then said something that stuck in my head and planted a seed of inspiration. “How do you dance to ‘Drinking the blood of Jesus, drinking it right from his veins’? Because I need to see that” Several months later I made sure he got to see just how someone could dance to that. I will be performing that act at Guerilla Burlesque this Friday September 1, 2017 at 10:00pm SLT.

I would like to end this, not with a goodbye, but with some words I want to say to Garrett.

Garrett, You know how much you mean to those whose lives you touched. I can speak for no one but myself but I need to tell you thank you. Thank you for you. Thank you for making my SL wonderful. Thank you for “turtling up” when I needed a moment of silly. Thank you for always being honest with me about how things were going, even when I knew you were worried about hurting me. Thank you for letting me have the joy of loving such a precious soul. You still owe me a unicorn ride and according to my kids you are already haunting me and I love it. Nothing will ever take you from my heart. I told you I would hang on even when you could not and I stand by that. I love you, Garrett.     ♥ ~Ty

Two! Four! Six! Eight!

How do you appreciate?

Appreciation is defined as “the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.” Appreciation can be shown in a number of different ways. A pet might show appreciation for their owner with a lick on the face. An employer might show appreciation for an employee by awarding them “Employee of the Month”.  A patron sitting in pervert’s row at a strip club will show their appreciation by putting money in a stripper’s g-string. That same stripper might show appreciation for a patron’s tip by makin dat ass clap. A rabid music fan might show their appreciation for their favorite musician by tossing their skivvies on stage. I think you get the picture.

No! I am not telling you that you all need to start throwing your unmentionables on stage at After Dark Lounge! I am not necessarily saying that would be a terrible thing, but I am in no way telling you it is what you should do! What I am saying is that there are a lot of ways to show your appreciation to venues and musicians. The most obvious is by tipping, But sometimes funds are low. Maybe you have been attending a lot of shows and it has taken a toll on your bankroll. Or maybe you gachaed yourself into brokesville. No matter the reason, there are ways to show a venue and musicians that you love what they are doing.

Show up. No one likes playing to an empty house. If a musician you love is playing, go see them. Being able to tip is awesome, but you being there means more to them than the $L. Happy musicians are easier to deal with than grumpy ones and easy to deal with musicians always make the venue owners happy.

Tell them you appreciate them. If you love a venue, tell the owner. Let them know what a great place you think they are running. Tell them that you love what they are doing. The same goes for musicians. Did they play something in particular that really spoke to you? Tell them. Maybe you are just a long time fan of all of their work. Tell them! Everyone likes to hear that they are doing something that people enjoy. Yes, tips are awesome and they keep the music coming, but a heartfelt “Man, this rocks!” IM can go a long way towards making someone feel amazing.

Join groups. Yes, we all know that group space in SL can be very precious. Sure, you might get a free pair of shoes from a clothing group, but from a venue or musician’s group you can keep up with all of the comings and goings. It is hands down the best way to keep up with all that is going on with the music and places you love. If you so wish, you can click the blue to join After Dark’s group or Idle Rogue’s group.

Make use of social media. Did you know that After Dark Lounge has a Facebook page? So does Meegan Danitz and Idle Rogue and probably most of the musicians that you know and love. Like their pages! Share their posts! Review them! Spread the word about the things that you enjoy in Secondlife, You never know, there might be some distant friend on your list who has never heard of some of the awesomeness that exists in SL.

So you see, there are a lot of ways to show your appreciation for the people, places and things that you love in SL. Be that patron sitting in pervert’s row and show those that you enjoy just how much you enjoy them!


It Takes All Kinds

There is one thing I love more about After Dark than anything else. Yes, I adore the music and the amazing company when I am there, but above all of that I love the open mindedness, the taking of all kinds. Of course there are rules that have to be followed. After Dark is on a moderate sim, so it is asked that bits and pieces are covered. Aside from that, and the rare occasion when someone does or wears something hugely inappropriate, After Dark welcomes everyone who steps through its doors with open arms and an open mind.

In the virtual realm one can be anything they want and often times what they want to be is that which they are not able to be in their first lives. That is the absolute beauty of existing in a virtual world and it should be embraced.

After Dark is a part of the Idle Rogue sim, which I am sure you know by now. Idle Rogue is a community of creative minds and in order to nurture the creative minds that Idle Rogue welcomes we as staff, patrons and performers must be open to things that might not be in our normal “comfort zone”. I am not stating that is someone makes you uncomfortable or says or does something offensive that you need to just suck it up. What I am saying is that someone rezzing as a giraffe avatar is no reason to complain to the staff or to take your complaints to local.

If you are in a situation at After Dark where someone has an avi or an object that you do not like but that is not offensive there are things you can do to make yourself feel better! Derender is your friend! Cannot see the stage because your view is blocked by something/someone? Derender! Animal avatars weird you out? Derender! A noob who has not yet learned how to navigate SL well keep running into you? Derender! Meegan’s wild hair keeps slapping you in the face? Derender! Quite honestly, there is no room to complain when you can control what you see on your screen.

I feel fairly certain that all of you know how to derender, but just in case I will break it down for you. Right click>More>Derender……you then have a choice to make the derendering temporary or you can black list the person, place or thing. The choice is yours and you control your SL! At the same time, the places that you visit in SL have the choice to make the experience they are providing exactly what they want it to be.

As a final thought I want to leave you with some words from the Idle Rogue Facebook page, that I believe sums it all up well. “Idle Rogue is a progressive and tolerant community which has fought hard to create a space which is respectful of diversity and welcomes inclusive change. If you bring your intolerance or your private disputes to this page or the inworld group you will be banned from it. We are not required to appease bigots and troublemakers.”

Tent Spankings?

Yes, I know that the title is odd. When you write your blog you can title it whatever you want! Now, before I get into the nuts and the bolts of this entry, I have a beef. Every single birthday that I have celebrated at After Dark has come with the promises of spankings, lots and lots of spankings. Picture people lining up to dish out spankings! Well, once again, the only spankings I got were from Meegan. I am just letting you all know that next year I expect more! You have one year to warm up your spanking skills!

Now that I have THAT out of the way….onto why we are really here!

After Dark through an amazing birthday for both me and Funkyfreddy Republic this past Tuesday. Freddy and I do not share a birthday but his is on the 24th and mine the 25th. Since After Dark is located on Idle Rogue, which is an Aussie sim, we kind of sort of do share a birthday when we are there. If you are thinking my math might be a little sketchy, or my reasoning slightly off then 1. You are wrong and 2. I have brought a graph that proves such.*

Everyone knows that graphs only ever show the truth. You know why? SCIENCE!!

Meegan wanted a theme for the party that would suit both of the guests of honor. It just so happens that I love camping and Freddy is an avid outdoorsman. So what better setting for the festivities than a campsite in the mountains?!? LadyGlory worked her magic and transformed After Dark into a gorgeous outdoor space complete with tents and mountains! There evening was a blast and the music was fantastic! I will stop my fingers from tapping the keyboard and let you see for yourself!

Twinghost kicking off the party!

Max Kleene rocking us!

PT Beardmore refusing to plat the birthday girl’s original request but redeeming himself by playing her 2nd one!

The great outdoors can indoors!

The birthday boy, Mr. Funkyfreddy Republic

Blues Heron wrapping up the fantastic night!

If you were not there, you missed one hell of a party, After Dark is keeping the décor up through this Sunday 1/29 due to the awesome response it received. So come by and check it out. Lounge in the tents. Gaze at the majestic scenery. Love the great outdoors while it is still indoors!

On a personal note, thank you to everyone for the great time that was had Tuesday night. The happy birthdays and well wishes were fantastic. You all sure know how to make a gal feel good!

♥ ~Ty

*Please note there is nothing scientific about this graph. It was just fun to make.

Moving on……..down?

The Jeffersons moved on up. The Von Trapp family climbed every mountain. People are said to climb the corporate ladder or sleep their way to the top. Success is almost always associated with an upward movement. It is not normal to hear about someone falling towards greatness.  Well guess what?!?! We don’t give a damn! After Dark is moving on down, like a boss, and it is going to be freaking fantastic!

Yep! After Dark Lounge is moving to the ground level at Idle Rogue. We are now located right by The Ariellum Theater, home to the incomparable Guerilla Burlesque dance troupe. It is a flipping gorgeous sim if you have never had the chance to explore it! We hope that being on the ground will encourage our patrons to check the whole place out. Seriously, just get out and wander a bit!

I took the liberty of taking a few photos just to show you all how damned pretty the new digs are!

Purdy, huh? Yes, the building will remain the same, just the location is changing. And what a new location is it! Waterfalls! Freaking waterfalls! I feel like I should add that I might be a tad bit excited about the new location! Idle Rogue is seriously one of the prettiest sims and to be on the ground level of that beautifulness is awesome!!!

So, now that all of the gushing is over with, down to biniss. THIS is the new slurl for After Dark. If you use an old LM there will be a teleporter there that can take you to the new location, but why not just grab the new LM?!?! Take the LM, love it, embrace it, use it!

Oh! I also wanted to add that After Dark is featuring Rogue Radio when there are not live shows happening. This has nothing to do with the move, but it is some really eclectic and kick butt music, Example: Today while at After Dark I heard Wild Thing by Tone Loc followed by Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. If your musical tastes are as varied as mine, hearing those songs back to back takes you a little closer to your happy place!

Break and Burn!


After Dark Lounge will be taking a brief break from live shows between the dates of 10/15 and 10/23 so that many of the familiar faces that you know and love can perform at Burn2 at the Roguery Camp! We will return to our regularly scheduled live shows on 10/25. I know the thought of no live shows at After Dark Lounge make many sad and come even get weepy over it. Suck it up, princess! There will be no lack of amazing things to see and do during this time! For those who are new to Burn2, let me give you a little tour.

To your left you will see amazing whatnots. Just ahead on your right there is a spectacular thingamajiggy. Oh! If you turn around you will be in total awe of the performance that is going on. Sound kind of silly? It is not and it is exactly what I felt like the first time I attended Burn2. There is so much to see, do, hear and just generally experience. It truly is a treat for the senses.

The theme that is taking over the playa this year is Da Vinci’s Workshop. That would be Leonardo Da Vinci for those of you that never got the book learn’n. If you are even slightly familiar with the myriad of inventions of Da Vinci then you know that there are so many amazing ways that this theme can come to life. If you are not familiar with his inventions then I suggest you Google the man and see just how far ahead of his time he was!


In case you are wondering what the heck the point of Burn is, might I direct you to THIS

So, yea, you should probably take advantage of this opportunity and head over to Burn2 inworld. It is truly unlike anything that you will see any other time in SL. Live music, breathtaking builds and awesome interactives. And for those of you that need a little extra push, there is free stuff as gifting is one of the 10 principles!

See you at Burn2!

♥ Ty

Our Growing Family

growing familyI bet you did not know we were even expecting! Well, I know you did not know, otherwise I am certain we would have received a lovely gift. Sure, you might have commented to our friend that Tyche was looking a little rounder these days, or that Meegan’s ass was looking extra fierce, but you had no idea!  Yes, the After Dark Lounge family is growing and we are happy to announce that…….

girlThe After Dark Lounge family gives a warm welcome to Shanny Waverider as she takes a position with us as hostess! Some of you regulars are probably thinking “Wait, hasn’t she worked there FOREVER?”. The simple answer is no. The more complex answer is that she has always been there to lend a helping hand whenever it is needed, so you may have seen her hosting at After Dark several times in the past. Now we have made it official! We liked it so we put a ring on it, so to speak!

Shanny’s official initiation begins immediately. We have stocked up on riding crops and baby oil for the occasion….oh, wait….I don’t think that part was supposed to be mentioned. Oh well, the cat is out of the bag now! Please join us in welcoming Shanny as an official member of the fam! (While we have stocked up on riding crops and baby oil, we encourage people to bring their own and initiate away!)*

In honor of the newest member of the After Dark family, we have taken a new staff group photo. It seemed like the right thing to do! You would not believe how hard it is to find sweet coordinating track suits, but we nailed it!


From left to right: Portia, Shanny, LadyGlory, Meegan, Tyche and Dark

Aren’t we a fine looking brood?!?!?!

Also in honor of Shanny drinking the Kool-Aid I wanted to share one of my favorite photos of her. It is a touching photograph of 3 girlfriends just relaxing at After Dark Lounge one night after the shows were over and the crowd had left. A simple moment between friends, honest, carefree…..uh-oh, here come the tears…..I should just post the photo. s

RELAX!So lovely, huh? Can you guess which is Shanny?

The next time you are at After Dark Lounge, be sure that you give Shanny a warm hello and let her know that you are as happy as we are that she is part of the family!

*Note: If you would like to initiate Shanny, please ask her if you may first. It is only proper!

How’d you get here? Vol 4!

you are hereWho are you? How did you get here? Where are you going? Why are you going there? Why did you end up here? How does that make you feel? What were you thinking? Where are my pants? FOCUS! I just want the facts!

Of all the questions above, the one I am most concerned about is “How did you get here?”. I am sure that who you are would have a lot of bearing on that, and knowing where one’s pants are is usually a good thing, but I really want the background on what brought you, actually them, unless one of them is reading this, then it would actually be you……sorry, I got a touch sidetracked! Where was I?? Again with the damn questions!

Take two! It is time to find out what brought people we know and love to the Secondlife music scene. How they discovered that such a wild and wonderful thing existed in the corner of virtual reality that we call home. This volume will feature a mix of all types that we see at After Dark. The musician, the live music fan, the venue hostess and the musician’s manager! You can catch up on previous volumes here, here and here! But I am more than certain that you wait for each new blog post with baited breath and have already read them several times….right?

HOW Sassy Nitely GOT HERE!


“My first SL live music experience was around January or February of 2008. I had no idea live music was a part of SL until my friend Billy (knowing I was a musician) asked me if I’d like to go listen to a live performance. Billy was a huge Lyndon Heart and Grace McDunnough fan, so he planned to take me to their concert at the Freudian Slip. Just as I rezzed in, I turned on the land media to hear Lyndon and my SL was changed forever. A couple months later, I started performing in SL myself. Fast-forward to the present, I am great friends with Lyndon and even cover one of his singles from his Strangeheart album. I have told that story many times and each time I tell it, a bit of nostalgia sneaks in. Those were good times.”

HOW daallee GOT HERE!


 “My first time at a live show in SL was at The Merry Pranksters.    I had met a now good friend shopping and during our conversation she told me about this crazy musician Mason Thorne. I wasn’t aware that there was live music in SL and  made sure to find his next show . Mason is a hoot and a fun hour of entertainment. I not only found live music that night I met an awesome group of people who have become like family to me.  I have been a big supporter of live music in SL since then.  Live music and the awesome people I have met through it keep me logging in. :)”

HOW Lace Somerset (whiteprincess1) GOT HERE!

Retina Class Desktop Wallpaper

     I didn’t have a pic so I got creative!

“I so wish I could remember my very first time hearing Live Music…. as it now means so much to me. I love that we can share this in SL. It is fabulous. My earliest venue that I can remember is at Kickin. I woke one night and logged on. I ended up hearing Kealoha sing and was drawn in to the reality of it all. This was a real guy sharing real things right now! And so began my love of Live Music in SL :)”



 “I was using the Firestorm Event Search looking for some shops or something fun to do  Listed in the events was some venue having a live music tribute to the Rolling Stones..Like a newbie, my friend and I started laughing  amongst ourselves making dumb little “Virtual” jokes about “Live” music in Secondlife.  Anyway another month or two passed when a person I had met through a friend im’d me asking if I would like to join her and a friend to listen to some music  The venue had “actual” live music streaming into sl and it was super fun…… pssst the person who invited me was Meegan!  so now i am laughing while i write this.. I guess my First time was with Meegan… hahaha”

In addition to her reply to the burning question I had asked, Portia included a line in the notecard telling me that I should be looking for a gift that she had to get me because it was so me. Bribing the bloggess is normally frowned upon, but Portia knows me and dammit did she ever nail the gift! This is my thank you to Portia since she sent me the gift in NOVEMBER when she replied and I only just now saw that line in the notecard! I have taken the liberty of editing the photo of the gift to make it more “blog friendly” but you will get the idea! Thank you so much Portia!

♥ Ty

Fuckyea edit