Tempus Fugit!

time flies

They say that time flies when you are having fun and there is not better example of that than the fact that I have been working for Meegan and  writing for afterdarksl.com for over a year now! I remember the beginning like it was yesterday….(cue wavy flashback style lines)

wavy linesfeet_001

There I was, sitting with Meegan and some friends, relaxing, shooting the poop, when Meegan had the nerve to tell me that I had ugly feet! Being the oldest newb in SL at the time, I had no idea what mesh feet were! Once it was all explained to me I said that I would never have those feet, because I did not have a job to pay for them. Then it happened! Meegan went from bad mouthing my feet to offering me a job in a matter of minutes! There was a blog that she wanted to start for the venue and she needed someone to write for it. Hey! I love writing and I even spell most words correct! It was a match made in heaven, but there was one major problem……

……..there was no website! (Dun dun dun!)

Enter Cori and her mad website building skills! She built After Dark a wonderful website and a platform on which the blog would be written. Have I mentioned that I had never written a blog? Yea, I was kind of winging it. Luckily, winging it seems to work well for me, and I love doing it!

website header

Out with the old……

The website has come a long way since its inception. The logo has been revamped, courtesy of Gaia74 The website URL has changed and the whole page has taken on a whole new look. There are more changes in store, but you will just have to see those when we get to them! The blog is forever evolving and I am really enjoying finding ways to incorporate our regular artists and patrons!


…..in with the new!

mesh feet_001


This past year plus has been nothing short of amazing, I have learned do much, met so many cool people and just generally enjoyed the crap out of myself. SL should be fun and if it stops being fun you are doing it wrong, This past year I nailed the fun part! Oh, and as for those mesh feet? I went a wee bit further…..mesh body! I’ve come a long way, baby! Check out those sweet hooves!