What it takes

loveofmusicWay back when I was a casual observer of the Secondlife music scene I used to walk into a venue packed with people and think to myself “Damn! Whoever runs this place must be rolling in the Linden!” Oh how niave I was! When you walk into a place and you see a metric butt load of people there enjoying a show it is an easy conclusion to draw.

Now that I work for a venue owner I know just how wrong that was. Live music venues in SL close all the time. There are several reasons for that, but the number one reason is financial. It s a part of the scene that no one really wants to think about, but it is vital to keeping live music in SL. Everytime that a host or venue owner thanks you for a tip or tells you that your support goes to helping keep live music alive in SL, they mean every word of it.

Take a second and think about the cost that can go into one evening of live music. I honestly do not know exact numbers and I am probably underestimating but still. Say a venue pays a musician $3,000L to play an hour and they have 4 musicians playing at their venue that night. Right off the bat you are talking $12,000L. Then you have to take into consideration the host/hostesses. Let’s say they make $250L and hour, and there are two of them for the 4 hours. We are now up to $14,000L. This does not even take into consideration rent or tier, time spent booking, decorating (in the case of special events) and doing promo for the shows. Remember, that is just one night. On a good night for a venue, tipwise, the owner might recoup 50% of the evening’s operating costs. Most nights that number is more like 25-30%.

This is not to make people feel sorry for venue owners to to guilt people into tipping. People who decide to open a live music venue in SL know that they are not going to make money. They do it for the love of the music and the pride in having a place that people love to come. I only wanted to write about it because I feel it is something that people should know and I did not have a clue till I started working for a venue.

One last thing…..DO NOT EVER let a lack of $L keep you from attending a live show in SL. Yes, if you have the means to tip it is amazing and helpful and helps make sure there are places that we can go to listen to awesome live music, but sometimes things are tight or there is a huge hair sale, or maybe you lost all your $L in a game of poker. No matter the reason, being there to show that you support live music means a lot too!

Don’t worry, this is not the start of a series of blogs on the financial state of SL. No, no, no. I promise I will be back to sarcasm and silliness next time!


The After Dark Zone

Submitted for your perusal (Yes! I know the word is supposed to be approval, but I like the way perusal sounds better and I am the one writing this, so hush!)…..A musical puppet suddenly comes to life as a real man……another man, having wore the same clothing for years suddenly shows up in a suit. Are these acts of sorcery? Witchcraft? Have we entered another dimension? No, you have entered……. <cue creepy music>
Have I gone delusional? Perhaps, but not in this case! Things have been getting weird at After Dark. Weirder than our normal level of weird. I understand that can be hard to believe, but once I lay this all out there you will be scratching your head as much as I am.
I submit subject A: one Raspbury Rearwin. A mind mannered man who is known in SL as much for his holey jeans as he is known for his music. In my time knowing Rasp I have seen him in two outfits. 1. Holey jeans and a t-shirt. 2. A skydiving jumpsuit. The former being what he wears 99.999% of the time. Yet on July 10, 2016 he showed up at After Dark wearing…..wait for it…..A SUIT! Not a jumpsuit, a real, honest to goodness black suit and tie! I would have assumed it was a doppelgänger, but he played a show and, I’ll be damned, it was him! Even more odd is that he had not been held hostage by a group of fashionistas and forced to change his clothing. He had put that suit on of his own accord! At the time it was one of the strangest things I had ever seen at After Dark (and that is saying a LOT!). I was willing to think it was just a fluke, certainly After Dark would not be causing people to behave out of character? Could it?
I now submit subject B: Obeloinkment.Wrigglesworth, aka Oblee. The beloved puppet of the SL music scene. I do not mean that he is a puppet of the music scene in that he does what ever those pulling the strings demand. No. He is an actual puppet. A wooden avatar that hangs from strings that seem to go no where. I have been going to listen to Oblee play since I first got into the music scene in SL and never, ever had I ever seen him play After Dark as a real boy….until the other night. And not just a real boy, but a real boy in a dapper suit! What could have made the wooden being undergo such a drastic transformation? There are rumors that Oblee has been conducting studies in the field of sleep deprivation. Perhaps that was the cause of the drastic change. Perhaps he just bought a new suit and it looked like crap on his puppet so he went real boy for the night. There are a myriad of things that could have caused the puppet to become a man, but my money is on THE AFTER DARK ZONE!
One last little bit of evidence I would like to submit. This does not so much support the idea that After Dark is the cause of the weird things that are happening there, but it is far too big of a coincidence to not point out. Below is an actual screen shot from the opening of the television show The Twilight Zone. Oblee obviously has some sort of connection to the supernatural. Just say’twilight obleen!


How’d you get here? Vol 4!

you are hereWho are you? How did you get here? Where are you going? Why are you going there? Why did you end up here? How does that make you feel? What were you thinking? Where are my pants? FOCUS! I just want the facts!

Of all the questions above, the one I am most concerned about is “How did you get here?”. I am sure that who you are would have a lot of bearing on that, and knowing where one’s pants are is usually a good thing, but I really want the background on what brought you, actually them, unless one of them is reading this, then it would actually be you……sorry, I got a touch sidetracked! Where was I?? Again with the damn questions!

Take two! It is time to find out what brought people we know and love to the Secondlife music scene. How they discovered that such a wild and wonderful thing existed in the corner of virtual reality that we call home. This volume will feature a mix of all types that we see at After Dark. The musician, the live music fan, the venue hostess and the musician’s manager! You can catch up on previous volumes here, here and here! But I am more than certain that you wait for each new blog post with baited breath and have already read them several times….right?

HOW Sassy Nitely GOT HERE!


“My first SL live music experience was around January or February of 2008. I had no idea live music was a part of SL until my friend Billy (knowing I was a musician) asked me if I’d like to go listen to a live performance. Billy was a huge Lyndon Heart and Grace McDunnough fan, so he planned to take me to their concert at the Freudian Slip. Just as I rezzed in, I turned on the land media to hear Lyndon and my SL was changed forever. A couple months later, I started performing in SL myself. Fast-forward to the present, I am great friends with Lyndon and even cover one of his singles from his Strangeheart album. I have told that story many times and each time I tell it, a bit of nostalgia sneaks in. Those were good times.”

HOW daallee GOT HERE!


 “My first time at a live show in SL was at The Merry Pranksters.    I had met a now good friend shopping and during our conversation she told me about this crazy musician Mason Thorne. I wasn’t aware that there was live music in SL and  made sure to find his next show . Mason is a hoot and a fun hour of entertainment. I not only found live music that night I met an awesome group of people who have become like family to me.  I have been a big supporter of live music in SL since then.  Live music and the awesome people I have met through it keep me logging in. :)”

HOW Lace Somerset (whiteprincess1) GOT HERE!

Retina Class Desktop Wallpaper

     I didn’t have a pic so I got creative!

“I so wish I could remember my very first time hearing Live Music…. as it now means so much to me. I love that we can share this in SL. It is fabulous. My earliest venue that I can remember is at Kickin. I woke one night and logged on. I ended up hearing Kealoha sing and was drawn in to the reality of it all. This was a real guy sharing real things right now! And so began my love of Live Music in SL :)”



 “I was using the Firestorm Event Search looking for some shops or something fun to do  Listed in the events was some venue having a live music tribute to the Rolling Stones..Like a newbie, my friend and I started laughing  amongst ourselves making dumb little “Virtual” jokes about “Live” music in Secondlife.  Anyway another month or two passed when a person I had met through a friend im’d me asking if I would like to join her and a friend to listen to some music  The venue had “actual” live music streaming into sl and it was super fun…… pssst the person who invited me was Meegan!  so now i am laughing while i write this.. I guess my First time was with Meegan… hahaha”

In addition to her reply to the burning question I had asked, Portia included a line in the notecard telling me that I should be looking for a gift that she had to get me because it was so me. Bribing the bloggess is normally frowned upon, but Portia knows me and dammit did she ever nail the gift! This is my thank you to Portia since she sent me the gift in NOVEMBER when she replied and I only just now saw that line in the notecard! I have taken the liberty of editing the photo of the gift to make it more “blog friendly” but you will get the idea! Thank you so much Portia!

♥ Ty

Fuckyea edit

Tell Ty Vol. 8!

everyone-seems-normal-until-you-get-to-know-themIt has been a long, long time since we ventured down the road of the silly and wonderful “getting to know you” game that is Tell Ty, but here we are again! As I was working on the blog last week is occurred to me that there was one Tell Ty response that I had sitting in my inventory that I had never posted! Shame on me!!

If you are new to the blog, or if the passing of months leaves your brain needing a refresher course, you can find the previous volumes of Tell Ty here:


Vol. 8 only features one person’s reply to Tell Ty. There was an awesome conversation about pictures that goes along with the reply. When I send out the requests for replies to Tell Ty I request a picture of the person I am featuring. For most this is a very simple request, but for one specific person it was a little more of a struggle to decide which picture to use. Behold, the awesome conversation!

SaraMarie Philly: Does the pic need to be square?
Tyche Szondi: nope
SaraMarie Philly: How about circle?
Tyche Szondi: works just fine!
SaraMarie Philly: Can it be shaped like a rabbit?
Tyche Szondi: I prefer a goat, but a rabbit will do
SaraMarie Philly: What if the picture IS of a rabbit?
Tyche Szondi: Hahahaha!
Tyche Szondi: Can you give me a rabbit with your face photoshoped onto it?
SaraMarie Philly: Do you want my whole body, or just my head?
Tyche Szondi: Whatever, I am not picky                                                              SaraMarie Philly: How about I send you about 50-75 pictures of myself and you can choose the cutest one.
Tyche Szondi: That works too. Or a rabbit, either way.
SaraMarie Philly: SL kinda squished me into being a “little person”
Tyche Szondi: I can desquish
SaraMarie Philly: If I send lots of pics, will you make me a shrine?
SaraMarie Philly: I mean…..”wall”
Tyche Szondi: If by shrine you mean print them all off and hang them in my closet…then yes!
SaraMarie Philly: yes yes yes, perfect                                                                         Then this picture was sent:

saramarie in pain

SaraMarie Philly: This one I kinda look in pain. That’s good, right? Very….musical.
Tyche Szondi: I can feel it                                                                                            Then this picture was sent:

saramarie face tattoo

Yes children, “back in the day” After Dark Lounge was known as After Dark at Rhi’s Poem.

SaraMarie Philly: Here’s one of my new tatoo.
Tyche Szondi: THAT is dedication to the venue
SaraMarie Philly: With this tatoo, RHI’s can never fire me.
SaraMarie Philly: Or change my timeslot.
Tyche Szondi: Hahaha!
Tyche Szondi: I might have to use that one                                                        But then…then this picture was sent and all other pictures were forgotten!

SaraMarie Bunny

Tyche Szondi: And we have a winner!!!!!
Tyche Szondi: OMG, I just horse laughed
SaraMarie Philly: I don’t know…..Do I look too fat?
SaraMarie Philly: ahahhaa
SaraMarie Philly: and hairy?
Tyche Szondi: You are rocking it. not everyone can pull it off, but you own it!
SaraMarie Philly: hahaha OK awesome
SaraMarie Philly: At least SL squished me to be thinner instead of the other way.
SaraMarie Philly: Nobody wants to be a chubby bunny
Tyche Szondi: I might have to make a photo montage!
SaraMarie Philly: in your closet you mean?
Tyche Szondi: Everywhere
SaraMarie Philly: hahahahaa

Any person willing to photoshop their face onto a bunny and turn themselves into a meme definitely deserves to not have their Tell Ty reply forgotten! So….without further ado, here it is!

Saramarie Philly’s Tell Ty!

1. Tell me something random.
I really like buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans, though I rarely buy them. I should go buy some.
2. Tell me something you think I should know about you.
I love to laugh. 
3. Tell me something that not everyone knows about you.
While I have played keyboard, violin and guitar in my shows and sung a variety of different styles including opera, my primary instrument for the first 4 years of music college was the clarinet.

WOOHOO! There you have it! Another volume of Tell Ty is in the books!

Salsa and Streaking

Salsa (the dancing kind) and streaking (the naked kind) do not normally go together. Well, they might for you and I am not one to judge, so go on with your bad self! But for most the two do not have a lot in common. Once thing they most certainly have in common is that they both took place at After Dark Lounge in the past week! There is never, ever a dull moment at After Dark!

cinco-de-mayoFirst….the salsa! Thursday May 5th marked the second annual After Dark Lounge Cinco de Mayo party! Both the live performances and the outfits were muy caliente! The margaritas were flowing,  and the tacos and mustachioed women were plentiful! Maracas and booties were Cinoing as best they could! I could go on and on but I don’t have to because the photographer was paying attention that night! Enjoy!

Cinco_009 Cinco_006 Cinco_004 Cinco_001 cincocollage2

we-are-going-streakingNow for the streaking! Sometimes things happen at After Dark lounge that you really have to see to believe. Lucky for all of you who might have missed it, I was paying very close attention to the situation and managed to catch a lot of the conversation and the actual act of streaking! For this all to make sense I need to set the scene. One of the highly talented musicians that plays at After Dark Lounge was on the stage wowing the audience with his mad skills. Let’s call him Virtual Star, or VS for short. As he was playing two of the audience members were plotting, We will call them Superfan, or S for short and The Instigator, or TI. I happen to have a copy of the transcript of said plotting. (Just for the sake of whatever, I have the permission of all parties that were involved to use the conversation and the pictures that will follow.)

S: Are you drunk enough to be coaxed into taking off all your clothes and streaking on the stage behind VS?
TI: lol
S: $500L says you won’t do it…..
TI: ummm
S: $700L
S: You have to streak behind him.
TI: lol
TI: you are bad
S: can you hide behind the red curtain, take off all your clothes and then sneak to the other curtain?
S: lol
S: $800L
S: do it for the venue
S: the venue needs your support
TI: I am the venue. lol
S: exactly. You can do anything! You are all-powerful! Dooo iiittt!!!
TI: lol
TI: you do it!
TI: I will pay you $800 to do it
S: $900L I’m not drunk
TI: lol
S: I’ll get fired
TI:pours you a drink
TI: from who?
TI: I don’t think so
S: can you see me?
S: ignore the ball of hair in the curtain

So…as you can see what started off as a dare from Superfan to The Instigator ended up backfiring completely! Everyone has their price though. And so Superfan crept behind the curtain and disrobed. Sadly, I did not manage to catch any pictures of this. Once she was ready to take on that bet she reached to the audience for a bit of support. I also have a copy of the transcript from the local chat that took place

S: If someone dares you to do something, should you do it?
S: What if alcohol and money are involved?
Random Audience Member1: then you MUST, S hehehe
S: That’s what I was afraid of
S: VS is setting the mood
Tyche Szondi: Bwahahahahahaha!
Random Audience Member1: why is S dancing nakie?
Random Audience Member 2: Lost a bet? lol
TI: cuz I paid her  ㋡
Random Audience Member 3: must have been that dare
S: this is that dare you insisted I do
TI: It was me or her
Musician about to take the stage: thought she was still rezzing
And now for the pictures, As one might assume, there is nudity in these pictures. There is no more nudity allowed on the blog as there is at After Dark Lounge, These pictures have been modified somewhat to obscure the identity of those involved and to cover all of the bits and pieces! streaking4 streaking3 streaking2 Streaking1 And now for the pièce de résistance……a photo that has possibly the breast, I mean best photoshopping skills applied to it that this blog has ever seen. This photo was sent courtesy of Superfan’s handler.
tit-face swap

It just goes to show that you never know what might be going on at After Dark Lounge!


Mix Masters

When you hear the term “mix masters” a lot of things can come to mind.

Dj mixes the track


There is the musical mix master.






The kitchen mix master.









The alcohol mix master. (Also know as the medicinal mix master.)



But there is another mix master that may not come to mind when you hear the term. That mix master, or should I say mistress, is our own Meegan Danitz. Running a live music venue is SL takes a fine mix of close to a million different things. Seriously, I counted….not really, but still! Meegan is part therapist, part juggler, part diplomat, part hard ass and part softie all rolled into a package that is 100% lady plus a large set of cojones.


As the mix mistress, no, the mixtress of After Dark Lounge Meegan sometimes does exactly what the title says and mixes things up. There is some mixin’ happening over at After Dark Lounge! You may notice in the coming weeks that the lineups you have come to know and love are looking a little different. How? I am not going to tell you that! You will just have to come and see for yourself, but I will tell you that it is going to be awesome! There will be some new musicians gracing the stage, but don’t worry, your favorites will still be making appearances as well!


One last little nugget. Don’t forget After Dark Lounge’s Cinco de Mayo party is tomorrow 5/5! The Cincoing of the Mayo starts at 7pm and carries on to 11pm! Prizes for best dressed in theme! More details here!

May we?

The month of May is encroaching upon us. May brings many things with it, and with those things come many a “humorous” meme. Such as:





May First







May Fourth





Both of the dates above will have your Facebook feeds crammed so full of memes you will wonder if anyone is doing anything on that date other than looking for “funny” memes. Just so you know, chances are they are not.

There are also several legitimate holidays that take place in May. The day for honoring your mother, also known as “Mother’s Day” is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. While Mother’s Day is a legitimate holiday, it also inspires some amusing memes and I just feel like I have to share this one:

mothers dayMemorial Day is also celebrated in May, on the last May of the month. Memorial Day is the day that we honor the men and women who have died while serving in the United States military. You thought it was just the day public pools opened and great sales were held? Sorry Charlie, but you just learned something.

I know you are asking yourself “Self, what the hell does all of this have to do with After Dark Lounge and why does Tyche seem to be giving us a run down of holidays?”. You might have noticed that there is a holiday missing from the listing above. A very special day that has inspired me to write a little ditty…..not so much write as butcher a classic holiday song for your enjoyment!

Just hear those maracas shakin,
and booties quaking too
Come on, it’s lovely weather
For a margarita together with you
Outside the sun is shinin’
And friends are calling “Ándale arriba”,
Come on, it’s lovely weather
For mucho tequila together with you.
Drink ’em up, drink ’em up, drink ’em up
Let’s go, Drink faster not slow
We’re drinking at a sweet live music show
Drink ’em up, drink ’em up, drink ’em up
It’s grand, two drinks in my hand
We’re singing along with a song
In a tequila hazed drunken land
Cinco de Mayo is fast approaching! Get your sombreros and maracas ready because we are planning a party! Thursday May 5th we will be pouring the tequila and celebrating a Mexican holiday as only silly Americans can! (For those of you that were enjoying the history lesson I will lay a bit more on you. Cinco de Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day. Newp. You have done been told wrong, It is a celebration of the Mexican army’s victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.)
Join us on May 5th starting at 7pm when Sassy Nitely takes the stage and kicks off the party! Plan on staying with us for the next 4 hours as we welcome Stephanniyah Sinatra, FrankLee Anatra and Grif Bamaisin! Wear your best “Mexican” wear! There will be a 500$L prize each hour for the best dressed in the theme! We will provide the tequila, piñata, and the amazing tunes, you just bring your wonderful selves!

How’d you get here? Vol. 3

you are hereIt is backstory time again! I don’t care where people are going, and I know where they are, I want to know how they ended up here! It is easy to assume what brought the musicians to the SL music scene, but what about the fans? What dragged them away from the giltz and glamour of free sex beaches and the abundance of oddities that SL has to offer? How did they end up at After Dark shaking their pixels to the plethora of amazing artists that grace the stage? Making up stories can be a lot off fun, but it is easier to just ask them, and I did!



“I was looking for an activity to do with a friend in 2nd life that didn’t include shopping and a DJ and Host. When the search took us to After dark Lounge, Funky Freddy and Oblee were playing together. They sounded cool and it was refreshing to hear live music with mellow but fun attitude. Im a big fan of the loop pedal they use.”


Rebecca Profile 1

“The first live event i went to in SL was when a friend of mine from a role sim invited me to tag along that night as the sim was dead. When i arrived the sim was so laggy and everything grey as there was a ton of people there. but the stream was working so i could hear the music. I was very impressed as i have never heard a live singer in sl before this time. Their set was ending but we had gone there to see Jordan Raynne. I fell in love with live music after that Jordan’s accent was a huge bonus for me. After that i began tagging along anytime i knew Jordan would be playing. I don’t recall the year i think it was in 2010 or 2011, nor do i remember the venue name just that was inside of dark building or something. after Jordan was done there was another singer following her they were good but i had already got hooked by the accent Jordan has.”

HOW ℰძ (edaaulder) GOT HERE!


“I’m not sure I think my first concert was  Reggie Sunset  at Reggies Road house. I was introudced to sl music by my good friend Gabbi ( Gabrielle Hamelin ) She brought me to a number of shows and showed me the ropes. I then broke off and found my own sec-in. so many singers.. so many venues a wide variey it all depends what mood im in. The second best thing about hearing great singers. is the awesome friendships made.”

Ed did not end there, he gave the nicest unsolicited plug for After Dark and since this is After Dark’s blog, I am posting it!

 “My fav venue now is After Dark. The line ups are great. And the people are super. A good venue  you  feel at home.. here i feel at home. Meegan……and the others make After Dark  Home for me..”

There seems to be no better note to end the post on than that!










The Tale of the Unsung Hero

The designated driver.

The rodeo clown.

The human medical test subject.

The “fluffer” on an adult film set.

The last-minute schedule filler-inner.

A list of random people? Perhaps….but also a list of unsung heroes. Those people who put others first. Those people who step up to the plate right when they are needed. Those that heed a call that many may not even realize is being made. Today we salute them. Well, at least one of them. As much as I would love to write a blog post about “fluffers” and rodeo clowns, this is After Dark Lounge’s blog and not a rodeo or adult film blog, so we will stick with the one that matters to us most, the last-minute filler-inner.

unsung hero

Sometimes in the whirlwind world that is the SL music scene, as they say, poop happens. Performers get sick, RL emergencies pop up, shows are cancelled. When a performer has to cancel a show there is a scramble that takes place behind the scenes. Either the others performing that day/night are moved around or a last-minute fill-in is found for the time slot.

After Dark Lounge would like to take a moment to recognize our most reliable and awesome fill-in, Raspbury Rearwin. Rasp has, countless times, been called upon by Boobs (known to most in SL as Tyche) to fill a gap in the schedule. Sometimes this call is at a day’s notice, sometimes it is under an hour’s notice, but Rasp is always willing to answer that call with guitar in hand and the tunes a’flowin!

rasp and guitar

                                            Artist’s rendering of Raspbury Rearwin.

Once such instance happened recently and Raspbury deserves to be recognized for his general amazingness. Rasp was asked to fill in for a performer who had a R/SL conflict. As Rasp is prone to do he asked when and was more than willing to whip up a set. He played his hour, the crowd loved it and on came the next performer. Unfortunately, the next performer was having technical issues and though Rasp and other musicians in the audience that night suggested trying several things, the performer was not able to resolve said issues. Rather than call it a night, Rasp stepped up once again and delivered nearly an entire additional hour of music to keep the crowd at After Dark grooving.

dick and rasp

                                                              The “real” Raspy

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes Raspbury Rearwin an unsung hero. He wasn’t asked to play that second hour, he offered. He didn’t have to suggest the performer with the technical issue try x, y and z to fix it, he offered those suggestions. It was one of those moments where even though something is going wrong, one gets a warm fuzzy feeling just seeing the support that exists in the music community.


So Rasp, here it is, your very own Ty’s Choice Award, albeit a little late. The first ever “Can’t Say No to Boobs” award! Thank you so much for your generosity and time and for filling out slots!

First life can be a total b………

….ig pain in the butt!

lifesabitchSo…..sometimes first life grabs onto one’s second life and yanks really hard. This is not only painful but it is also often time-consuming. Sadly, first life has done exactly this to our beloved Meegan! Before anyone freaks, let me make it very clear that her health is FINE! She was instructed after her last health scare to NEVER DO THAT AGAIN and, contrary to popular belief, she can follow instructions when she wants to! Meegan has been and will continue to be taking a break from SL until her first life job calms the hell down. She has promised that she will try her best to not completely work off that fierce ass that we all know and love.

As a result, After Dark will be taking a break as well. Instead of looking it this with sad puppy dog eyes, we have decided to look at it as a spring break! Beer bongs and wet t-shirt contests and all that jazz! (Ok, maybe not, but what you do on your own time if completely up to you!)

spring breakThe regular rotation of live shows will resume on April 10th. If Meegan is feeling froggy there may even be a special event or two between now and then! Keep your eyes peeled and we will keep you posted! We look forward to returning to our “normal”, which is anything but normal but we like it that way!