A lesson in patience…….aka Tyche waits for the Avi Choice Award nominations to be announced!

The Bloggess Bitch is BACK!!

waiting-sucksRemember a few weeks ago when I took it upon myself to talk your gentle little hands and walk you through the process of nominating for the Avi Choice Awards? Whelp, I was hoping to be sitting here this evening writing a thank you to all of those who voted and being super stoked that we received nominations. But…………(extra long dramatic pause)………..THE NOMS ARE NOT UP YET!  So instead I will be pissing and moaning about that. Sure, they said they will be listed on the 3rd of November, no later than midnight and it is only 9pm but COME ON!! They obviously have no idea how impatient I am. What? It is not all about me and what I need to keep me happy? Well fine then!

*runs to see if the noms are up yet….nothing*

patienceIn all seriousness though, whether we receive nominations of not, I want to thank everyone who took the time to nominate. It was not a difficult process, but it was a little time-consuming and to those who took that time, you rock and we love you just a teensy bit more than those who did not. We do love all of you, but you know damn well that everyone has their favorites!

*runs to see if the noms are up yet……still nothing*


There they are! WOOHOO!!

squee After Dark is nominated for Favorite Live Music Venue!!! Holy crap on a cracker! Oh! Oh! Oh! But there is more…this fine piece of journalistic wonder that you are reading and the website that is rests its fine words on is nominated for Favorite Blog or Website, Overall! Sweet sassy molassey! Yours truly was also nominated for Favorite Blogger, overall. I am humbled as fu……..fudge by this! Woah! And this just in! I am literally typing this as the info is coming in to me from my close sources, both Shanny and LadyGlory have received nominations for Favorite Club or Venue Host or Hostess!  Paint me green and call me Gumby! You will not believe the number of amazing musicians that have graced After Dark’s stage that are nominated!

I could play it all cool and preach about how awards are popularity contests and blah, blah, blah, but this is really freaking exciting! To have so many aspects of After Dark Lounge nominated is giving me the warm fuzzies. Yes, it is a popularity contest, but it is one voted on by the people of Second Life and a person or place does not get popular by half-assing things. Being recognized for the hard work that goes into it all is pretty dang amazing! Shut the front door!

Once again, another big THANK YOU to those who took the time to nominate!


Now it is time to vote! I know, I know, you thought your part was done and you could just sit back and relax and watch the whole thing play out, but once again it is time to make your voice heard! Again I will make it easy for you. Click HERE to vote for The Arts and HERE to vote for SLife. The rest is easy peasy!


It’s Avi Choice Nomination Time!!!


The Avi Choice Awards will be putting on one final show before they retire their legacy. I have voted for the awards many a time but never had I nominated until this round. It gave me a bit of a feeling of supremacy. My opinion was mattering, if to no one else than to the person who tallies the nominations! Do you want the same feeling of grandeur? Do you want your voice to matter in a voting process that you can do from the comfort of your own home? Go you want to say “Yes, I totally nominated them for that award.” when someone you nominates wins?? I know you do!! Let me walk you through the process and you can be on your way to feeling like someone special!*

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box……..WAIT, wait wait! Wrong steps! Let’s try this again!

Step 1: Go to the Avi Choice Awards website.

Step 2: Pick a category of awards that you want to nominate for. There is SLife, The Arts, and Fashion

Step 3: Enter your avi’s name. You have to do this so they know who the important people are!

Step 4: Nominate your little heart out! You do not have to nominate for every award that is listed.

Boom! Easy as pie……Oh….not so easy? Well, let me just walk you right through how step 4 plays out. It might seem super easy to some of you, but to be completely honest, it took me a minute, and that is what inspired me to write this!

So, say you want to nominate, oh……I don’t know…..a blogger. You would find the “Favorite Second Life Blogger” entry, which happens to be listed under SLife, and type in the name of the blogger you wish to nominate. But what! There’s more! Then you need to go to my.secondlife.com and search that blogger, find them in the list and click them, then click Profile. You then copy and paste the web address of their information page in after the bloggers name and viola! Well, you finish doing the same for other categories you wish to nominate under, then click SUBMIT and then, VIOLA! You have just made your nomination known! You are kind of a big deal now. Just saying!

“But Tyche, what if I want to nominate a venue? Venues don’t have SL information pages like avis do!” Calm your pants! I’m getting there! So, to nominate a venue in a category of, say Favorite Live Music Venue, go to The Arts and find the “Favorite Live Music Venue” entry. You will need to enter 3 things on this line. 1. The name of the venue 2. The name of the venue owner. (If you do not know this you can usually find it by searching the venue and viewing the venues information or the venue’s group info. I find the group info to be more useful. The founder of the group is almost always the owner.) 3. The link to the owner’s information page from my.secondlife.com. BOOM! You are now a nominating pro! Run and tell your friends how amazing you are and let them know that they can be just as cool!





Do this before noon on October 12th and you, yes you, will have your voice heard!

♥ Ty


It is an honor just to be nominated…..

……but it would be total kick ass to win!


Unfortunately, this award is not one of the Avi Choice award categories!

The crew at After Dark is honored and humbled to announce that the club has received not one, but TWO nominations for the Avi Choice Awards! Not only that, but our amazing owner, her royal fierceness, Miss Meegan Danitz has been nominated as well!

After Dark is nominated for Favorite Stage or Theater Set Design, because, let’s face it, the place is gorgeous, warm, inviting and the perfect setting for spending an evening listening to your favorite live music! The venue is also up for Favorite Venue, Sr (in operation more than a year). Are they calling After Dark old? Heck yes it has been around (Not “around the block”, c’mon people! This is serious biness!) and in a place where live venues come and go it really is a great honor to be among those that have stood the test of time!

The lovely and talented Miss Meegan Danitz is nominated for Favorite Dance Choreographer. She very modestly claims that she does not belong in that category, but if you have ever seen her perform on the stage, you know that she most definitely does!

We are also pleased to announce that several of our regular performers have been nominated as well!

Max Kleene: Favorite Acoustic Singer, Favorite Rock Singer, Favorite Pop Singer, Favorite Male Performer

Sassy Nitely: Favorite Acoustic Singer, Favorite Female Performer

Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody): Favorite Acoustic Singer, Favorite Rock Singer, Favorite Pop Singer, Favorite Original Songs Artist, Favorite Instrumentalist

Joel Eilde: Favorite Rock Singer

Voodoo Shilton: Favorite Jazz Artist/Musician, Favorite Instrumentalist, Favorite Instruments or Performance Equipment Builder

SaraMarie Philly: Favorite Singer in Standards, Classical or Ballads

Twinghost Ronas: Favorite Original Songs Artist

Congratulations to you all and we wish you the best of luck!

votenowA million thanks to those who took the time to nominate! Now, one last thing………. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

There are a lot of great nominees in a lot of great categories and it only take a few clicks to cast you vote!

You can cast your votes HERE!