Happy Birthday to Me!

What is the best part about working for a place you love, a place that hosts your favorite live acts, a place where you have felt at home from day one? When you get older, they rock the hell out of a birthday party!

tyche birthday #1

                                           Photo courtesy of Van Caerndow

There is something about being surrounded by great music that makes jumping an age bracket a lot easier. Yes, I no longer fall into the 25-34 age group when I fill out surveys, but I got to ring in my 35th year with good friends, sweet tunes and a few surprises!


Birthday decor 3

LadyGlory outdid herself with the decorations. Her exact words were “I hope it is not too girly!”. I may drink and cuss and belch like a sailor, but I still love getting girly! I was really touched that she acknowledged my love of wieners by having hot dogs in the food spread!

Ty Throne


Had I been warned that Meegan would have a birthday throne on the stage and would expect me to sit in it for photo ops I might have made sure I was wearing a dress that was “sit worthy”. But I wasn’t and I didn’t and I spent too much time getting my necklace just flipping right, so I did what I normally do. I embraced the inappropriateness of the moment and showed the world my alpha layer on more than one occasion!


Snapshot _ After Dark_Rhi's Poem, Mai Tai (86, 80, 3573) - ModeOblee started off the evening by playing every stinking song that I asked him to! Poor dude probably did not expect a list when he asked if I had any requests! Obs gets an extra high-five for playing even though I forgot to confirm him! (And this is why I do not book!) Crap! I nearly forgot! I asked Oblee to play something that no one in the crowd would expect, something “completely silly and ridiculous”. He freaking nailed it with “Parents Just Don’t Understand”. Spitting every lyric like he had written it himself!

Birthday Loreen_TY 2

Loreen Legion’s lovely voice started the second hour of fine tunage. It was pretty obvious from the get-go that there was something up Loreen’s sleeve. On more than one occasion she mentioned that she had a surprise for everyone. And what a perfect surprise it was! Enter Mr. Voodoo Shilton and this birthday girl was in dual stream heaven!

Birthday Ty_Voo_.Loreen Ladylike

Birthday Ty_Voo

Voodoo carried on solo into the third hour. Feet were tapping, and I giggled more than once during his new tune “Airport Love”. I am fairly certain that it is impossible to not have a happy heart when listening to Voodoo Shilton. I know it is not possible for me!



Birthday Ty_Fred

As the night was drawing near the end, the fantastic FunkyFreddy Republic took the stage. Freddy had just celebrated turning a year older the day before and it was a complete honor to have him on stage for my birthday. Call me weird, but hearing Fred play Grave Digger into Don’t Fear the Reaper really was a feel good moment for me!


Snapshot _ After Dark_Rhi's Poem, Mai Tai (81, 82, 3573) - Mode



The evening ended with one final photo op. How could we possibly let Fred escape without sitting in the birthday throne?!?! He looks good in pink…..I might need to get him one of those chairs next year for his birthday!



I cannot thank the After Dark family enough for throwing together this shindig. Another big round of thanks goes out to the musicians who played! Y’all sure do know how to make a girl feel loved!


Birthday Shakin it


Tell Ty Volume 3!

everyone-seems-normal-until-you-get-to-know-themWhat time is it?!?! That’s right! It is time for another installment of Tell Ty, the funny little game we like to play to get to know the After Dark dwellers a bit more! If you are new to the blog you can learn about the game here and find volume 2 here!

Mr. Voodoo Shilton

                                                  Mr. Voodoo Shilton

This installment of Tell Ty begins with the incomparable Mr. Voodoo Shilton, mostly because Meegan and I were hounding him to get his replies, so they should darn well be used right away! Voodoo writes and plays music heavily influenced by world music and incorporates loads of different instruments. He also happens to be one of, if not the smartest person I have encountered in SL. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, he builds a mean nest!

1. Tell me something random.
If you are riding a camel for the first time, it’s really important that you lean back after getting on, then lean forward again once it’s standing.

2. Tell me something you think I should know about you.
My first guitar teacher was my mother… my first guitar a nylon stringed guitar, though for years i played electric and acoustic guitar and only came back to my first love in college. It’s true you always come back home after roaming!

3. Tell me something that not everyone know about you.
I studied south indian classical music in college and for years played as a duo with my best friend on tabla. Our duo was called “Lazy Half Lotus” and we stopped when he had kids and stuff and didn’t have time anymore. I played guitar but with a special open tuning and we played many traditional ragas etc.

You have been picturing Voodoo on a camel since you read the first response, haven’t you?



Oblee or Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth as almost no one calls him because Oblee is so much easier to say, is a master of loopage. Playing a metric butt load of instruments and working the magic of the looper like nobody’s business. Oblee recently released his album, as seen above, entitled Wow, Bob, Wow.

1. Tell me something random.
Mushrooms are not actually the “body” of the organism, they’re merely the “fruit” of the mycelium, which is often spread over a large area. 

2. Tell me something you think I should know about you.
I hug trees, very literally. 

3. Tell me something that not everyone know about you.
I spent most of my 20s as a ski instructor and had little time for music

If Oblee hugs a tree, and he is a wooden puppet in SL, is that wood on wood love? I think it is and I think it is awesome!

Mr. Dark Phaeton

                                                       Mr. Dark Phaeton

And last, but certainly not least we have Mr. Dark Phaeton. Dark is one of the amazing hosts at After Dark. Dark is a man of few words except when it comes to greeting those who enter the club, in which case he is quick with a hello and a welcome!

1. Tell me something random. i like pizza
2. Tell me something you think I should know about you. black is my fav color
3. Tell me something that not everyone know about you. i love working on cars

Who would have guessed that black was Dark’s favorite color? It is not like he wears it ever!

And there you have it! Another installment of Tell Ty is in the books! Don’t you worry, I still have plenty more artists to feature and plenty more to hound for responses!


‘Tis the season to be………AWESOME!

It’s Christmastime at After Dark!

AD Christmas Stage 2If you have not seen the festive splendor that is After Dark all done up for the holidays then you are missing out! The amazing Thea has really outdone herself with the gorgeous decorations! It is hard to walk in to the place and not feel like you want to fa-la-la your las!

No holiday season would be complete without the super fun insanity that is the holiday party! Egg will be nogged, punch will be spiked, pixels will be thoroughly partied! Since you know that After Dark does not half-ass anything, there will be two holiday theme nights!

Sunday December 21, 2014

‘Tis the season to be fancy
Fa la la la la la la la la
Get dolled up and come get dancey
Fa la la la la la la la la
There will be good music playing
Fa la la la la la la la la
With lots and lots of pixel swaying
Fa la la la la la la la la

AD formal redo

Poster courtesy of The Incorrigible Miss Cori.

That’s right! We are getting gussied up on Sunday at After Dark! Put on your prettiest dress or your fanciest pants and join us with your pinkies up!

Tuesday December 23,2014

Jingle bells
I’m scared as hell
Is that a zombie Santa there?
The evil elf is on the shelf,
And he’s got that creepy glare!

Jingle bells
Still scared as hell
What’s with the demon deer?
It might be time to pound some wine
And rock out to the sweet tunes here!

Poster courtesy of The Incorrigible Miss Cori

Poster courtesy of The Incorrigible Miss Cori

What does “Scary Christmas” mean? Any dang thing you want it to! Put the nugget in your brain and run with the first thing that comes to mind! You know that at After Dark nearly anything goes! (Note from management: “Anything goes so long as all pertinent bits and pieces are properly covered.”)

What scary Christmas means to Tyche.

What scary Christmas means to Tyche.

Come down this week and get as festive as your bad elf wants! We look forward to celebrating the season with you!

Tyche’s First Time

I remember the first time I visited After Dark like it was yesterday. I was very new to the SL music scene and headed over there to see Oblee …..wait, or was it Max…..OK, so maybe I do not remember it exactly like it was yesterday, but I still remember it. Anyway, I teleported into the space. There was one hell of a hopping crowd. Before my old as dirt laptop even had time to rez the stage I was greeted with a friendly hello from LG or Dark or Portia (damn you memory!), then again by owner Meegan Danitz. Being so new to the scene that made me feel super special.

After Dark Marquee_001

The Stage at After Dark


Once I got my bearings, I took a good look at the joint and I was immediately in love. Few places have such an intimate feel without making you feel claustrophobic once they are crowded. After Dark freaking nails it. Seriously, even if it ass-to-elbow crowded there it is still such a good vibe. A comfy and cozy place that I instantly felt at home in, even though I knew no one there. The banter between the staff and the “regulars” was amusing as crap. The staff is pretty dang amazing, but more on all that jazz another day…this is my story dammit!

Seating area near dance floor

Dance Floor

I rocked out to whoever the heck it was I was there to see. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure I had gone to see Oblee and Max was either playing before or after. Yes! And my memory decides to work! Woot! It was my first time seeing Max and it was pretty bad ass. It was one of my many firsts at After Dark. Musical firsts…..get your minds out of the gutter, or keep them there, it is your Secondlife!

Anyway, back to first impressions. I had been to a few other venues in SL before visiting After Dark and none of them made me feel like I was at a place where I would go see live music in 1st life. After Dark has everything that my local haunts have minus the beer stained floors. Oh! There is a red carpet in the entry way! Talk about feeling fancy! There are comfy little corners and seating for those who don’t want to dance, or maybe just want to get handsy while listening to great tunes. (Don’t judge, you know you have either done it or wanted to but wussed out!) The dance floor is the perfect size. No matter the crowd it just feels right. And the stage….I really do love the stage set up. You can dance inches from the stage and nearly on top of the performers, though I think that is frowned upon in general!

red carpet from entryway

View From the Entrance

From Stage

View From the Stage

Even if you are a regular at After Dark, take the time to really check out the space. I know that most of my time there is spent standing directly in front of the stage during live show, but there is so much more to the space!

Bar-Cuddle Space

Cozy Booths and Bar Area

Cozy space

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

And now we pretend this is the Power Point portion of my rambling. Bullet points for the win!
Dammit I wish I had a projector and a pointer. If you happen to have such things at your disposal please feel free to make use of them as you read the bullet point rundown of my first impression of After Dark.
• kick ass staff
• cozy and comfy in both the vibe and the decor
• rocking musical acts playing there at least twice a week
• plenty of dance space
• plenty of space for not dancing (aka getting handsy)
• always a great crowd and very little perving (at least open perving, what you are doing in   those naughty boxes is no one’s business but your own!)
• Meegan’s fierce ass (Yes, I realize I did not mention that earlier, but believe me, it will be
mentioned time and time again.)

So there it is. My first time at After Dark. There have been sooo many times there since then and it just gets better and better. I really do feel at home there and if you have not checked it out you need to. Stop reading this and get yourself there! Now!!