The After Dark Zone

Submitted for your perusal (Yes! I know the word is supposed to be approval, but I like the way perusal sounds better and I am the one writing this, so hush!)…..A musical puppet suddenly comes to life as a real man……another man, having wore the same clothing for years suddenly shows up in a suit. Are these acts of sorcery? Witchcraft? Have we entered another dimension? No, you have entered……. <cue creepy music>
Have I gone delusional? Perhaps, but not in this case! Things have been getting weird at After Dark. Weirder than our normal level of weird. I understand that can be hard to believe, but once I lay this all out there you will be scratching your head as much as I am.
I submit subject A: one Raspbury Rearwin. A mind mannered man who is known in SL as much for his holey jeans as he is known for his music. In my time knowing Rasp I have seen him in two outfits. 1. Holey jeans and a t-shirt. 2. A skydiving jumpsuit. The former being what he wears 99.999% of the time. Yet on July 10, 2016 he showed up at After Dark wearing…..wait for it…..A SUIT! Not a jumpsuit, a real, honest to goodness black suit and tie! I would have assumed it was a doppelgänger, but he played a show and, I’ll be damned, it was him! Even more odd is that he had not been held hostage by a group of fashionistas and forced to change his clothing. He had put that suit on of his own accord! At the time it was one of the strangest things I had ever seen at After Dark (and that is saying a LOT!). I was willing to think it was just a fluke, certainly After Dark would not be causing people to behave out of character? Could it?
I now submit subject B: Obeloinkment.Wrigglesworth, aka Oblee. The beloved puppet of the SL music scene. I do not mean that he is a puppet of the music scene in that he does what ever those pulling the strings demand. No. He is an actual puppet. A wooden avatar that hangs from strings that seem to go no where. I have been going to listen to Oblee play since I first got into the music scene in SL and never, ever had I ever seen him play After Dark as a real boy….until the other night. And not just a real boy, but a real boy in a dapper suit! What could have made the wooden being undergo such a drastic transformation? There are rumors that Oblee has been conducting studies in the field of sleep deprivation. Perhaps that was the cause of the drastic change. Perhaps he just bought a new suit and it looked like crap on his puppet so he went real boy for the night. There are a myriad of things that could have caused the puppet to become a man, but my money is on THE AFTER DARK ZONE!
One last little bit of evidence I would like to submit. This does not so much support the idea that After Dark is the cause of the weird things that are happening there, but it is far too big of a coincidence to not point out. Below is an actual screen shot from the opening of the television show The Twilight Zone. Oblee obviously has some sort of connection to the supernatural. Just say’twilight obleen!