Tell Ty Volume 2!

everyone-seems-normal-until-you-get-to-know-themIt is that time again! Time to get to know a bit about the musicians and staff at After Dark through the silly and amazing game of Tell Ty! If you missed the first round, or have just forgot what the heck it is that I am talking about click here!

Max Poster White shirt  _ arms crossed  w_textIf you have never heard of Max Kleene, then you either live under a rock or are insanely new to the SL music scene! Aside from being an amazing showman, Max has the distinction of being the only musician (so far..hint, hint to those who have yet to reply!) to include video evidence with his replies!

1. Tell me something random: I pitched a 7 inning no hitter in Little League.               2. Tell me something you think I should know about you: I juice fruits and vegetables with my Omega Juicer.                                                                                                        3. Tell me something that not everyone knows about you: I carried the Olympic Torch for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics


Seriously, how freaking cool is that??!?! Personally I kind of wish he had included a video of juicing too, but maybe that is just me.


                 LadyGlory GoldShark

LadyGlory GoldShark, or LG, as most of us call her, is next up! She is one of the gracious hostesses at After Dark. You know, the one being all cute and lovey with Rek? Yep, that is her and we love her for it!

1. Tell me something random. Yankee Candle add is calling me COOOME TO THE STORE
2. Tell me something you think I should know about you. i love to cook
3. Tell me something that not everyone know about you. I am over 40 Mwaahhh

Anyone care to guess how much over 40? Somehow I doubt she will give up that info!

I sincerely hope that you all are enjoying this as much as I am! Oh, and a note to those who have not replied yet, I know where you play! (insert evil laugh here)