Story Time!

I am sure that there are some of you, who like me, are new or newish to the music scene of Secondlife. I am always curious how things get to where they are now. So I asked about the history of Rhi’s Poem/After Dark. Rather than spew a time line of events at you and holding a quiz at the end, I would like to tell you fairy tale style! (Creative writing classes, don’t fail me now!)
Pull up a comfy seat, or snuggle under the covers while I spin the Tale of After Dark!

fairy tale

Once upon a time (c’mon, you know you saw that coming!) there was a fair maiden by the name of Rhi. Rhi carried the dream of having a place where fine minstrels could display their talents for the masses. To fulfill this dream, Rhi embarked on a quest with her lady in waiting, Meegan, to find the finest minstrels that the land had to offer.

Dramatic reenactment of the fair maidens embarking on their quest.

                               Dramatic reenactment of the fair maidens embarking on their quest.

 Their quest was one of toil, struggle and a crap ton of good music. Leaving nary a musical stone unturned, Rhi and Meegan returned from their quest enlightened and prepared to face the task of making Rhi’s dreams come to fruition. And thus the Mai Tai sim was born!

Sadly, as in all fairy tales, tragedy struck! The fair Rhi was kidnapped by an evil dragon and locked away in a tower, never to be seen again. Meegan, though distraught, knew that she had to carry on Rhi’s dream and thus took over the running of the land of Mai Tai. After a short time Meegan knew that she needed a place in the land of Mai Tai that was more a reflection of her vision. After Dark was created and perfected by the finest builders and it was, and still is a thing of beauty!

fairy tale 4

The minstrels graced the stage and regaled the patrons with their tales and tunes. The people of the land were delighted with both the music and the atmosphere. Meegan took on many to assist her with the heavy task of wrangling musicians, keeping schedules and making sure that the people were kept happy. Though Rhi was dearly missed, Meegan had taken the reigns and was very much enjoying her new role as a sim and venue owner.



After some time had passed, as is apt to happen in fairly tales, the fair Meegan was wooed by a fine suitor. Normally a lovely lady such as herself would be drawn to dashing, handsome man, but in this case the suitor was another sim. Meegan had been in love with Idle Roque from her first visit there, and over time that love grew to include the people of the sim. (Not THAT way, get your minds out of the gutter!) When the chance to join the kingdom of Idle Rogue arose, Meegan was both smitten and flattered, but she also knew that it would mean leaving behind her beloved Mai Tai. It was not a decision that she took lightly, but in the end she knew that it would be best if she left Mai Tai and moved After Dark to Idle Rogue.

happily ever after

That, my friends, is where our fairy tale ends. The story is far from over, it is still being written each and every day, but for now I will just say that After Dark and Idle Rogue lived happily ever after.