The After Dark Zone

Submitted for your perusal (Yes! I know the word is supposed to be approval, but I like the way perusal sounds better and I am the one writing this, so hush!)…..A musical puppet suddenly comes to life as a real man……another man, having wore the same clothing for years suddenly shows up in a suit. Are these acts of sorcery? Witchcraft? Have we entered another dimension? No, you have entered……. <cue creepy music>
Have I gone delusional? Perhaps, but not in this case! Things have been getting weird at After Dark. Weirder than our normal level of weird. I understand that can be hard to believe, but once I lay this all out there you will be scratching your head as much as I am.
I submit subject A: one Raspbury Rearwin. A mind mannered man who is known in SL as much for his holey jeans as he is known for his music. In my time knowing Rasp I have seen him in two outfits. 1. Holey jeans and a t-shirt. 2. A skydiving jumpsuit. The former being what he wears 99.999% of the time. Yet on July 10, 2016 he showed up at After Dark wearing…..wait for it…..A SUIT! Not a jumpsuit, a real, honest to goodness black suit and tie! I would have assumed it was a doppelgänger, but he played a show and, I’ll be damned, it was him! Even more odd is that he had not been held hostage by a group of fashionistas and forced to change his clothing. He had put that suit on of his own accord! At the time it was one of the strangest things I had ever seen at After Dark (and that is saying a LOT!). I was willing to think it was just a fluke, certainly After Dark would not be causing people to behave out of character? Could it?
I now submit subject B: Obeloinkment.Wrigglesworth, aka Oblee. The beloved puppet of the SL music scene. I do not mean that he is a puppet of the music scene in that he does what ever those pulling the strings demand. No. He is an actual puppet. A wooden avatar that hangs from strings that seem to go no where. I have been going to listen to Oblee play since I first got into the music scene in SL and never, ever had I ever seen him play After Dark as a real boy….until the other night. And not just a real boy, but a real boy in a dapper suit! What could have made the wooden being undergo such a drastic transformation? There are rumors that Oblee has been conducting studies in the field of sleep deprivation. Perhaps that was the cause of the drastic change. Perhaps he just bought a new suit and it looked like crap on his puppet so he went real boy for the night. There are a myriad of things that could have caused the puppet to become a man, but my money is on THE AFTER DARK ZONE!
One last little bit of evidence I would like to submit. This does not so much support the idea that After Dark is the cause of the weird things that are happening there, but it is far too big of a coincidence to not point out. Below is an actual screen shot from the opening of the television show The Twilight Zone. Oblee obviously has some sort of connection to the supernatural. Just say’twilight obleen!


Just Hitched!


What do you so when a venue owner runs off and gets hitched with no pomp and circumstance? You bring the pomp and circumstance to her and her new wife by throwing a big ‘ol fashioned, tacky as can be wedding party! If Meegan and Rebecca thought that they could get away with eloping and not be dealt a good dose of silliness, they were sadly mistaken!

The party had everything one could want at a tacky, somewhat redneck, back yard reception…and so much more! A pickup truck with cans hanging from the tailgate? CHECK! Gigantic pretend pictures from the wedding day? CHECK! More amazing music than one can shake a shotgun at? CHECK! Watermelon and lemonade left over from July 4th? CHECK! A keg full of cold brew, complete with rainbow colored plastic cups? CHECK! Way too bright rainbow wedding cake? CHECK! Dancing girls? CHECK! Totally inappropriate wedding apparel on both brides? CHECK! Lots of love from friends and possibly people who are just trying to score an invite to what will be the wedding of the decade even though the brides are already married? CHECK!  All of that and so, so much more!

So much can be said about the level of fun that was had at After Dark last Sunday, but I will just let the pictures tell the story! A big thank you to Raspbury Rearwin, Voodoo Shilton and Red Heaven for providing the musical entertainment for the evening!


Sweet sentiments of love……….and beer!!


Proudest wedding cake ever…..and beer!


The brides showing off their sweet dance moves!


More bridal boogie!


A special surprise for the brides…..dancing chicks!


More dancing…..less clothing for Tyche!


The brides relaxing at the end of the night.

One thing of note, in case you were not there and since it is hard to read in the pictures, Rebecca is wearing a tshit that says “Save a horse, ride the bride”. And that is pure klass!

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the love of these two amazing women. It was one hell of a night and a total blast! One more special thanks to Voodoo, Shanny and LG for helping Ty pull off the surprise dance for the brides!


The Tale of the Unsung Hero

The designated driver.

The rodeo clown.

The human medical test subject.

The “fluffer” on an adult film set.

The last-minute schedule filler-inner.

A list of random people? Perhaps….but also a list of unsung heroes. Those people who put others first. Those people who step up to the plate right when they are needed. Those that heed a call that many may not even realize is being made. Today we salute them. Well, at least one of them. As much as I would love to write a blog post about “fluffers” and rodeo clowns, this is After Dark Lounge’s blog and not a rodeo or adult film blog, so we will stick with the one that matters to us most, the last-minute filler-inner.

unsung hero

Sometimes in the whirlwind world that is the SL music scene, as they say, poop happens. Performers get sick, RL emergencies pop up, shows are cancelled. When a performer has to cancel a show there is a scramble that takes place behind the scenes. Either the others performing that day/night are moved around or a last-minute fill-in is found for the time slot.

After Dark Lounge would like to take a moment to recognize our most reliable and awesome fill-in, Raspbury Rearwin. Rasp has, countless times, been called upon by Boobs (known to most in SL as Tyche) to fill a gap in the schedule. Sometimes this call is at a day’s notice, sometimes it is under an hour’s notice, but Rasp is always willing to answer that call with guitar in hand and the tunes a’flowin!

rasp and guitar

                                            Artist’s rendering of Raspbury Rearwin.

Once such instance happened recently and Raspbury deserves to be recognized for his general amazingness. Rasp was asked to fill in for a performer who had a R/SL conflict. As Rasp is prone to do he asked when and was more than willing to whip up a set. He played his hour, the crowd loved it and on came the next performer. Unfortunately, the next performer was having technical issues and though Rasp and other musicians in the audience that night suggested trying several things, the performer was not able to resolve said issues. Rather than call it a night, Rasp stepped up once again and delivered nearly an entire additional hour of music to keep the crowd at After Dark grooving.

dick and rasp

                                                              The “real” Raspy

This is exactly the kind of thing that makes Raspbury Rearwin an unsung hero. He wasn’t asked to play that second hour, he offered. He didn’t have to suggest the performer with the technical issue try x, y and z to fix it, he offered those suggestions. It was one of those moments where even though something is going wrong, one gets a warm fuzzy feeling just seeing the support that exists in the music community.


So Rasp, here it is, your very own Ty’s Choice Award, albeit a little late. The first ever “Can’t Say No to Boobs” award! Thank you so much for your generosity and time and for filling out slots!

Christmas in July!



Christmas came early to After Dark Lounge in the first of what will be a silly, awesome, all around good time series of theme nights! Sassy Nitely kicked off the night and not only brought the Christmas spirit but also a set of sexy backup dancers.


Frets Nirvana continued the night starting his set with a stunningly gorgeous version of Carol of the Bells that kept the festive mood going.


Rapsbury Rearwin brought the scrooge to the party, but also brought some sweet tunes so we forgive him for his lack of Christmas spirit. xmasinjuly_012

Ren and Quai forgot about the theme night, but we got lucky and Ren wore green and has red hair! I kind of think that she pretended to forget!


The music was rounded out by Grif Bamaisin and his Santa thong, That’s right, I said Santa thong! Back up dancing was provided by none other than Meegan and Tyche! xmasjuly_017

Not only was there great music, but there were prizes given away each hour for the best Christmas get up! For your viewing pleasure….more of the awesome that happened that night! xmasinjuly_001 xmasinjuly_002 xmasinjuly_003 xmasinjuly_007 xmasinjuly_008 xmasinjuly_010 xmasjuly_024 xmasjuly_022 xmasjuly_013 xmasjuly_012 xmasjuly_010 xmasjuly_005

Our next theme night will be August 27th and we want you all there dressed as your favorite character from Saturday Night Live! We want Pat, Stuart Smiley, Cone Heads, Landshark! Pick your favorite character, put together a get up and come enjoy the good tunes with us! A prize of 1000L is given out each hour for the best dressed in the theme!


Tell Ty Volume 6!

everyone-seems-normal-until-you-get-to-know-themIt is once again the time to be told! You know you have missed it, go with it, embrace it, it is ok…….you know you want to! Obligatory recap! If you are new to the blog (Shame on you….I mean, WELCOME!) you can find the previous installments of Tell Ty here:  1, 2, 3, 4, 5! If you are too lazy to back read, the long and the short of it is that this is a quirky little way to get to know the regular artists that play at After Dark Lounge!


                                                    Stephanniyah Sinatra

Up first in this installment we have the lovely Stephanniyah Sinatra. Stephanniyah is the pint sized woman with a vibrato that can rattle your soul. You can normally catch her at After Dark Lounge every other Sunday at 8pm. Steph was actually one of the very first replies I received when I began Tell Ty, but I am a massive slacker and kept forgetting to snap a pic of her!

1. Tell me something random.                                                                                       I’ve been wearing a tattoo with the name Brian for the last 5 years in sl. There is absolutely no significance to this, I just like telling people I used to love a man….named Brian.

2. Tell me something you think I should know about you.                                              I’m really, REALLY, terrible at editing objects . I’m pretty sure there is a collection of my belongings shoved down in to SL’s middle earth.

3. Tell me something that not everyone know about you.                                              For my first year in sl I had shorty t-rex arms, I’m not proud but I’m not ashamed.

I can’t help but feel there is a man out there named Brian who has a wistful look on his face right now and a large pile of poorly edited objects.

dick and rasp

                                                              Raspbury Rearwin

Up next we have Raspbury Rearwin, or as I like to call him, Rasp Ass. Rasp has been around the SL music scene forever and a day, and was a regular in the crowd at After Dark. Legend according to Rasp is that Meegan would not ask him to play at After Dark. Meegan threw the b.s. flag on that! While Rasp does not have a regular slot at After Dark Lounge he is gracious enough to fill in for us, so long as my boobs do the asking!

1. Tell me something random.                                     supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
2. Tell me something you think I should know about you.                                                  I have never had a 3 way
3. Tell me something that not everyone know about you.                                              I’m 25% Chinese

Being from the Cincinnati area, I was curious whether Rasp meant the food or the sexual kind of 3 way…….but alas, no follow-up is allowed so you can just let your imagination run wild with that one!

Grif After Dark 2

                                                      Grif Bamaisin

Last but never ever least, we have Grif Bamaisin, also known as The Electric Brit. He rocks After Dark with his loud guitar licks every other Thursday. Backed by his band members, the Tamborettes and wearing the funkiest pants that can be found in SL, Grif’s shows keep pixels moving!

1. Tell me something random.                                                                                            I don’t make set lists, but pick songs as i go.
2. Tell me something you think I should know about you.                                                  I am still nervous playing, on new songs my left leg will shake as I sing, making me pitchy.
3. Tell me something that not everyone know about you.                                        I toured with Rick James (Lighting Crew)

Did touring with Rick James turn Grif into a SuperFreak? That might explain the pants!

There it is! Volume 6 is in the books!