Just Hitched!


What do you so when a venue owner runs off and gets hitched with no pomp and circumstance? You bring the pomp and circumstance to her and her new wife by throwing a big ‘ol fashioned, tacky as can be wedding party! If Meegan and Rebecca thought that they could get away with eloping and not be dealt a good dose of silliness, they were sadly mistaken!

The party had everything one could want at a tacky, somewhat redneck, back yard reception…and so much more! A pickup truck with cans hanging from the tailgate? CHECK! Gigantic pretend pictures from the wedding day? CHECK! More amazing music than one can shake a shotgun at? CHECK! Watermelon and lemonade left over from July 4th? CHECK! A keg full of cold brew, complete with rainbow colored plastic cups? CHECK! Way too bright rainbow wedding cake? CHECK! Dancing girls? CHECK! Totally inappropriate wedding apparel on both brides? CHECK! Lots of love from friends and possibly people who are just trying to score an invite to what will be the wedding of the decade even though the brides are already married? CHECK!  All of that and so, so much more!

So much can be said about the level of fun that was had at After Dark last Sunday, but I will just let the pictures tell the story! A big thank you to Raspbury Rearwin, Voodoo Shilton and Red Heaven for providing the musical entertainment for the evening!


Sweet sentiments of love……….and beer!!


Proudest wedding cake ever…..and beer!


The brides showing off their sweet dance moves!


More bridal boogie!


A special surprise for the brides…..dancing chicks!


More dancing…..less clothing for Tyche!


The brides relaxing at the end of the night.

One thing of note, in case you were not there and since it is hard to read in the pictures, Rebecca is wearing a tshit that says “Save a horse, ride the bride”. And that is pure klass!

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the love of these two amazing women. It was one hell of a night and a total blast! One more special thanks to Voodoo, Shanny and LG for helping Ty pull off the surprise dance for the brides!


Going to the chapel and…………..

MGMGAH!!!! If you are anything like me you just had a little “squee!” when you read that! Yep, our little girl is all grown up and she went and got herself hitched this week. Did you miss you invite? Nope. Being the strong-willed and busy woman that she is, Meegan Danitz eloped and married Rebecca Dembo on July 6th! Meegan Dembo has promised that there will indeed be a wedding inworld and if I have anything to do with it (and after she sees this post, I probably will not!) it will be the event of the year!

I can only assume that, in addition to their hectic schedules, Meegan and Rebecca chose to elope to have a moment of love shared between just the two of them and not with all of the nosy paparazzi. And to that I say “Awwwww…..” and “Bullsh*t!” I want pictures! Who wore what? Who gave the brides away? Was the kiss chapel appropriate? So many things that I NEED to know!! Since there were not photographers and zero details have been shared with the public, I have taken it upon myself to create how things might have played out through some possibly doctored photographs.

wedding 2Yes, I know that Meegan wearing white is a bit of a stretch, but it could have happened. Not that wearing the color of purity makes one so, but many brides attempt to pull it off!

wedding 3Possibly there was a wedding selfie taken to send to their friends and family. There better not have been since I did not receive one, but it is still a nice idea! And maybe their quickie wedding followed the wedding of Whathisname and Gina!

wedding black and whiteMaybe they got in touch with nature and had a lovely wedding in the woods and Meegan realized that wearing white was not fooling anyone!

Aside from the dresses, hair, makeup, flowers, and pretty much everything else that I wanted details on but received none, I gave a lot of thought to what their cake topper must have looked like. There are so many options, so many directions they could take that. I would like to share a few that came to mind!

cake topper3Of course there is the lovely Mrs. & Mrs. design incorporating the diamond solitaire, an image that is synonymous with weddings.

cake topper2Or perhaps they went with something a little more “Awwwww” like this lovely silhouette of, well, love!

cake topper 4Or maybe they went for the humorous side of things, though to be honest, as much as Meegan might like the idea of being put over Rebecca’s shoulder and hauled off, I doubt she has to be hauled to the altar!

caketopper1I like to believe that they went full on kitsch and a touch nerd and used the images of two completely bad ass women super heroes!

No matter what everything looked like and how the whole event played out one thing is certain; two people who love each other very much made an awesome commitment to one another and that is a beautiful thing! Join me in wishing them all of the best and keep your fingers crossed that they let me help plan the inworld wedding!

In celebration of the event we will be having a Tacky Wedding Theme at After Dark Lounge on Sunday July 10th  night during our normal show hours! Slap on your tuxedo t-shirts and terrible bride’s maids dresses and join us!

I cannot help but wonder if we might be seeing something like this from them down the road!


♥ ~Ty

How’d you get here? Vol. 3

you are hereIt is backstory time again! I don’t care where people are going, and I know where they are, I want to know how they ended up here! It is easy to assume what brought the musicians to the SL music scene, but what about the fans? What dragged them away from the giltz and glamour of free sex beaches and the abundance of oddities that SL has to offer? How did they end up at After Dark shaking their pixels to the plethora of amazing artists that grace the stage? Making up stories can be a lot off fun, but it is easier to just ask them, and I did!



“I was looking for an activity to do with a friend in 2nd life that didn’t include shopping and a DJ and Host. When the search took us to After dark Lounge, Funky Freddy and Oblee were playing together. They sounded cool and it was refreshing to hear live music with mellow but fun attitude. Im a big fan of the loop pedal they use.”


Rebecca Profile 1

“The first live event i went to in SL was when a friend of mine from a role sim invited me to tag along that night as the sim was dead. When i arrived the sim was so laggy and everything grey as there was a ton of people there. but the stream was working so i could hear the music. I was very impressed as i have never heard a live singer in sl before this time. Their set was ending but we had gone there to see Jordan Raynne. I fell in love with live music after that Jordan’s accent was a huge bonus for me. After that i began tagging along anytime i knew Jordan would be playing. I don’t recall the year i think it was in 2010 or 2011, nor do i remember the venue name just that was inside of dark building or something. after Jordan was done there was another singer following her they were good but i had already got hooked by the accent Jordan has.”

HOW ℰძ (edaaulder) GOT HERE!


“I’m not sure I think my first concert was  Reggie Sunset  at Reggies Road house. I was introudced to sl music by my good friend Gabbi ( Gabrielle Hamelin ) She brought me to a number of shows and showed me the ropes. I then broke off and found my own sec-in. so many singers.. so many venues a wide variey it all depends what mood im in. The second best thing about hearing great singers. is the awesome friendships made.”

Ed did not end there, he gave the nicest unsolicited plug for After Dark and since this is After Dark’s blog, I am posting it!

 “My fav venue now is After Dark. The line ups are great. And the people are super. A good venue  you  feel at home.. here i feel at home. Meegan……and the others make After Dark  Home for me..”

There seems to be no better note to end the post on than that!