You land in a crowded club. Your world is a sea of floating body parts and name tags. Once you realize you have not landed at some kind of weird medical sim you have to decide what to do. You have a few choices as to what you should do next. Should you:

A. Decide eff-all and charge your ever important pixels right through the crowd, pushing people that you can’t even see out of your way. You step on toes, spill drinks, walk directly over furniture, then offer a half assed apology when you reach your destination near the front of the club “Sorry for anyone I might have bumped into! Things are still rezzing!”

B. Panic and freeze at the landing point, causing people to pile up on top of you in a bizarre totem-like formation.

C. Move a couple of steps from the landing point. Allow things to rez, possibly while you grab a drink or something in RL then, once things have rezzed proceed to your final destination.

You could easily do any one of the 3 options If you choose A I have to assume you are either a noob, the most important person in the room or have an emergency need to get to that spot. If you choose B then I assume that you are either a noob, frozen with lag, do not understand how landing points work or will do anything to have a pile of people on top of you. Now, if you choose C, you make the same choice as me. That might be scary to some of you, as my choices are not always the best, but I assure you, in this case it is the wisest choice.

if you happen to be landing at After Dark Lounge, as I am completely certain you are at some point, then you know that the landing point there is super friendly to choice C. You can step to the side outside of the club or walk in an there is plenty of space to chill while things rez for you.

Just look at that luxurious landing point! 67 in the club and I get to chill and wait for things to rez!

Don’t mind me! I am just “relaxing” at the bar while everything rezzes!

There is a little thing called common courtesy. Not everyone is aware that this exists in SL. It is the thing that keeps you from being a jack wagon in social situations. It keeps you from greeting a person that you don’t care for with “Piss off!” when they say hello to you. It is what drives you to tip venues and musicians for providing amazing entertainment. It is the driving force behind NOT charging through a crowded area like you are the King or Queen of Sheeba.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. When you charge through a group of people, as in choice A then you offer a half assed apology, people see it as exactly that, half- assed. They roll their eyes and think to themselves “Maybe if you waited a damn minute and let things rez then you would not have to apologize” or “Like hell you are sorry! Now get off my damn foot and replace my drink you just spilled!” There is ONE exception to this, and that is when a performer is trying to get to the stage. They kind of get a free pass, I mean, they are there to entertain, if they lag out or step on some toes, so be it.

Long story just a tad longer, CHARGING THROUGH A CROWDED CLUB AND RUNNING OVER PEOPLE IS RUDE! I am sure that there are those of you that will continue to do so, but know that I will be rolling my eyes and expecting you to replace that drink you spilled

♥ ~Ty