Ratings matter: a delightful tale of one star.

Popularity contests suck. They do, unless you are the most popular one. I know, it, you know it, the person who gets awarded “Best Personality” every single freaking time knows it! The thing that sucks most is that they are everywhere. Try as one might, the lure to be popular and the want to judge based on such cannot be avoided. Don’t argue me on this! It happens, deal with it!

Obviously popularity is subjective. The person, place or thing that one person thinks is the best might be the worst in the eyes of someone else. There are also things that can sway a person towards or away from thinking something is popular. Where am I going with this? Let me just tell you! So…..not so long ago, After Dark had it’s illustrious 5 star Facebook rating tarnished. Bad reviews happen. There will always be someone who doesn’t like the way things are done. But this person gave no reason for their poor review. What they did do was send After Dark’s Facebook page a message.

The text that has been cut off and will not be shown was a loooong biography of a French artist. As it seemed to have been copied and pasted from an unknown source, it will not be show. Following the biography was a painting. A painting that put me in the mind of something my great grandmother would have had hanging over the davenport on the solarium. Poor Meegan had had enough at this point and she gave your favorite bloggist and smartass, me, the reigns.

I then shared a piece by the artist in question. I believe this was drawn during his “people don’t have bodies” phase around the age of 4. It is actually a portrait of me that he gifted to me so that I might display his artwork at my desk.

Sadly this was not enough to keep the person from getting the hint that we were not amused.

Either the person sending the messages got the hint or they became as frustrated as we were with the entire situation, Either way, they did not remove their one star rating of After Dark. So if you ever look at the Facebook rating and think to yourself “Self, I love that place! How on earth could someone give them a one start rating?!?!”, know that we are thinking the same thing.

♥ ~Ty

I got some ‘splainin to do!

Mea culpa. Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa! For those who might now know, that is Latin for “My bad!” (FINALLY! Four years of high school Latin pays off!)

So…..a while ago, oh, say, like in October or so, I wrote a post about how After Dark would be taking a break for a bit. And break we did. Meegan and I attended the Dallas Jam. Meegan took part in Burn2. Then………I dropped the ball in a big big way. I left y’all hanging and I feel the need to explain myself.

Ya see…what happened was ….I was on my way to write the blog and first I stepped on a super tiny toy. Oh the pain! While I was coming to grips with the pain coursing through my foot I managed to lose my balance and whack my funny bone on the coffee table as I fell to the ground. There were a few brief seconds of the most terrible pain ever experienced in the history of ever before my head made contact with the fireplace hearth and I slipped into a deep sleep. Some time later I awoke. The pain in my foot and elbow were only s distant memory and I knew that I needed to write!

I sat down at the computer. I had so much inside of me that I knew I needed to share with the readers of the blog! I owed it to everyone! My gift needed to be shared! I flipped on the computer and……nothing. A blank screen was all that greeted me. I channeled all of my energy, I reached deep down and I knew I could make the blog happen! I struggled for months. I was not going to let that blank screen defeat me! Today I won the battle. After days up weeks upon months I finally knew what the problem was! I reached down, deep, deep down with everything I had I plugged in the computer! Turns out the damn cat had knocked the plug loose!

So that is what happened. That is why the blog has been MIA for so long. That or first life grabbed me by the pixels and I just didn’t have the time to write. You can believe whichever story you like. Hell, you can believe that I was abducted by aliens for all I care, but know this one thing: THE BLOGGIST BITCH IS BACK!!!!

Damn right! Or should I say write? The shenanigans and silliness shall continue! And I promise you all this: I will never desert you all again!

♥ Ty

After Dark is going dark!

Things will be pretty quiet at After Dark in the near future. No, the fuzz did not finally catch up to Meegan for those indescretions of the early 90s. No, nothing to worry anyone. It is also not some spooky Halloween ploy. Actually, it is quite the opposite. After Dark will be going dark for some pretty fun reasons!

First off, in a rarely seen display of two trips in one year, some of the staff of After Dark (Meegan and Tyche) will be taking off for the Dallas Jam on October 19th! As any reader of this blog or attendee of a Secondlife jam can attest, while jamming one has no time for anything but! There are far too many fangirl moments to be had, drinks to be drank and general madness to take part in! So, yes, After Dark will not be having live shows on the 19th or the 23rd, but on the upside there will be an inevitably hilarious blog post that will result from the weekend!

One might assume that after the dust has settled from the Dallas Jam that After Dark will be back to their regularly scheduled programming, but nope, not happening! A jam requires a certain amount of recovery time. Being the workaholic that Meegan is, there will be no such time! Straight from the Dallas Jam to The Roguery Camp at Burn 2! Ty, on the other hand, will be taking a nap long enough that someone ought to check to make sure she is still breathing every once in a while.

So, yea, it is that time of year again. The time to burn baby, burn! After Dark will be hitting the playa and bringing butt kicking live music to The Roguery Camp at Burn 2! I am sure that most of you have experienced the wonderful madness that is Burn 2, but if you have not you best get your butt there…when the time comes! There is so much to see, do, experience. It is more than a little mind blowing. After Dark will be hosting live music at The Roguery Camp on October 24th and 26th.

Now you are thinking that After Dark will be back at Idle Rogue and settling back into the normal surroundings on the 29th……..WRONG! In the words of out fearless leader, Meegan Danitz, After Dark will not be hosting shows on the 29th because she can “dance naked around the fire after Burn”. I personally cannot think of a better reason for anything in the world than naked dancing!

Here is a little recap for those of you keeping track. After Dark will be dark as can be from the 19th of October to the 29th of October. There will be shows at The Roguery Camp on the 24th and 26th. Meegan will be dancing naked by a fire on the 29th. Will we be back at After Dark on the 31st? You will just have to wait and see!


Summon a beach you lint licker!

You know how After Dark is a place that makes many feel at home? In a virtual world of corsets and alphas, After Dark is my comfy pants. My “Oh my god this bra needs to go and I am totally comfortable taking it off here” happy place. After Dark prides itself on being a place where people can be free to be themselves.

Turns out that when people feel comfortable at a place and with a group of people, the dynamic gets pretty amazing. When people feel comfortable somewhere they tend to let go a little. When people let go, they relax and enjoy themselves. When people are relaxed and enjoying themselves they sometimes push their social filter to the side. When that social filter is pushed to the side people often use adult language. When people use adult language, I feel even more at home….and the cycle continues!

Are you a little confused? Let me put it this way. When people are having a good f**king time at a place where they know they can f**king be themselves they sometimes use words like “f**k”, “sh*t*, “d*mn” or “c*nt”.

There is a real reason for me writing this. Yes, I LOVE to use those words and social filter on or not, I use them. But this is not just an excuse to blog naughty words! NO! I mean F**K NO! This is a way of explaining why some (and some more than others) use adult language at After Dark Lounge. We are all adults there, We are allowed. It will happen. If adult language offends your senses, chances are you are not hanging at After Dark anyway, but if you are and you see a word that gets in your craw, just overlook it and know that there will probably be more where that came from. This is not meant to be said in a b*tchy or snarky way, just stating it like it is!


Speaking of……we will be celebrating my 10th rez day on Tuesday September 12th with a “C U Next Tuesday” extravaganza! Come help me celebrate being old as f**k in SL!

Good Night, Garrett.

The downside to caring about people and letting them into your life and your heart is that some day you know that you will have to let them go. This past week the Secondlife music community had to do just that. We had to face that fact that one of our own, an avid supporter of live music in SL and a friend to so many was no longer with us.

Even if you did not know Garrett (Lutz) Lockjaw personally, chances are that you had seen him at shows. He was a fixture in the live music scene. usually quiet, lurking in the back, keeping to himself. For as quiet as he seemed in the outside he was equally as goofy and wonderful on the inside. I was lucky to have had the honor of calling him my friend. I ask that you bear with me, as this is not something easy for me to write, and frankly, I could go on for pages and pages with the silly escapades and moments he and I shared, so this might get a little messy, but I promise to not let the train of thought derail too often.

Garrett lived his SL the way everyone should, on his own terms. If he wanted to be goofy, he was goofy. If he wanted to be stalkery, he was stalkery. (Note, this is not in the “I will show up at your house at random and I have been watching you kind of stalkery. It was more of an open stalking, and always with the stalkees consent!) He taught me to “give zero f**ks” and to embrace the awesome of SL. Often I would end up places with him in head to toe latex with him suited up as a Ninja Turtle just dancing our little pixels ragged to amazing music.

The fact that Garrett “give zero f**ks” didn’t mean that he did not care. No. He cared tremendously for those that he loved. Need someone to listen to you complain about crazies? He was there. Need a man to try on women’s hair? Just show him where to get the demo! Looking for awesome new musical talent in SL? He probably already found it but would be excited to share the new discovery. Need to know just how a man can birth a baby? Garrett would gladly lead you on a tour of the male pregnancy sim. There were few limits to the link he would go to for his friends.

Garrett was not only a big fan of live music in SL, he also worked with several musicians and was the groundskeeper for a sim that hosts live music. To be honest, I don’t know who all he worked with through his time in SL. I only met him about 2 years ago. I do know that he worked with Phemie Alcott and Caasi Ansar. Later in his SL he managed J Lively and Hunson Abadeer. When I was first starting to manage Funkyfreddy Republic he was there to help me out and give me pointers based on his experiences. Garrett also looked after the Lockjaw family’s sim Elysium City of Templemore. There he was the master of booking live acts and the best damn groundskeeper a place could ask for. When people would thank him there he would reply “I just cut the grass.”

Garrett never asked for anything. He just wanted to be surrounded by people that he cared for and that cared for him. He will never be far from our thoughts and his spirit will live on in SL. Luis Lockjaw has erected a gorgeous statue at Elysium City of Templemore in honor of Garrett and his carefree, loving spirit. There will be a service in memorial of Garrett at the same sim on Monday September 4, 2017 at 12:00pm SLT. All are welcome to come celebrate the life and good times that Garrett brought to SL.

Garrett and I had many memorable conversations. One such conversation centered around songs to dance to when I was a dancer with Guerilla Burlesque. As he and I had very similar tastes in music I was bouncing ideas off of him and mentioned that I had always wanted to figure a way to dance to a song by Ministry but I was struggling with a concept that would not be offensive.  Garrett then said something that stuck in my head and planted a seed of inspiration. “How do you dance to ‘Drinking the blood of Jesus, drinking it right from his veins’? Because I need to see that” Several months later I made sure he got to see just how someone could dance to that. I will be performing that act at Guerilla Burlesque this Friday September 1, 2017 at 10:00pm SLT.

I would like to end this, not with a goodbye, but with some words I want to say to Garrett.

Garrett, You know how much you mean to those whose lives you touched. I can speak for no one but myself but I need to tell you thank you. Thank you for you. Thank you for making my SL wonderful. Thank you for “turtling up” when I needed a moment of silly. Thank you for always being honest with me about how things were going, even when I knew you were worried about hurting me. Thank you for letting me have the joy of loving such a precious soul. You still owe me a unicorn ride and according to my kids you are already haunting me and I love it. Nothing will ever take you from my heart. I told you I would hang on even when you could not and I stand by that. I love you, Garrett.     ♥ ~Ty

What I did on my summer vacation!

Remember that Sunday that After Dark didn’t have shows? About a week or so ago? I know Meegan claimed it was due to Guerilla Bu!rlesque performing at Indee Teepee. What she failed to mention is that she was also taking the After Dark crew on a summer vacation! The “team building” trip that she took the crew on to Mardi Gras was such a success that she decided we should do it again and what better place than the beach?!

I will not bore you with the details of the trip there. Some motion sickness, lots of “Are we there yet”s, a zillion bathroom stops, and a group singalong of the entire Sound of Music soundtrack, led by Meegan. You know, the typical road trip stuff.  The one thing I will mention is that Meegan told us that we would be traveling in a vintage convertible. We were all stoked……until we saw the ride she was talking about. In hindsight, it was roomier and the wind in the hair is the wind in your hair no matter the vehicle, I suppose! So, road trip, blah, blah, blah. Then……..BEACH! Lucky for us the beachfront house that Meegan had booked for the trip did not leave us hanging like the vehicle of choice had! Meegan had some team building activities planned for us, but after the long ride we all just wanted to hit the sand and relax. After the shenanigans that had taken place at Mardi Gras, Meegan felt the need to sit us ladies down and give us a little talking to about how we should behave since we were representitives of After Dark. Dark would have been given the same talking to but he had to go speedo shopping as he had left his banana hammock at home. Not to mention he was the only one of the group who kept his nips covered at the last outing! Turns out that Meegan is so engaging that several other women gathered to hear her words on decorum and behavior. Meegan’s words of wisdom went a long way. We all behaved like perfect examples of humans…..until the liquor came out. I feel the need to mention that we would probably have stayed in our model behavior mode were it not for our fearless leader leading us directly down a path to wild beachy madness! Yes, as per usual, it was ALL Meegan’s fault! (Isn’t it always?!?)

I am going to let the pictures tell most of the story, but I will give you a “cliff-notes” version of the trip. There was a twerking contest.  Dark managed to find the smallest piece of fabric with the most print ever to cover his bits. The only team building that took place was the building of a human pyramid and turning Dark into a sand mermaid. We did learn a lot about each other though. We learned that Portia can bong a beer like no one’s business. We learned that LadyGlory is the Frank Lloyd Wright of sand castles. We learned that Dark has….shall we say, interesting taste in swim attire. We learned that after enough tequila, Shanny can sleep anywhere. We learned that Meegan cannot be trusted near the water after 3 vodka tonics. And we learned that, no matter how old I (your blogess bitch) get, I can still not be considered a “responsible adult.”

But again, I will let the pictures tell the story!

Meegan claiming the tide was dragging her under. She calmed down after we pointed out that she was in a fountain. Thankfully we noticed her before the police did!

LadyGlory prepping for her sandcastle building. Sadly, 2 minutes after the picture of the final product was taken I tripped over my own feet and face planted into it.

Meegan giving the competition the stink eye at the beach twerking contest. Do I even need to tell you who won??

What a bunch of beaches! The beachy babes of After Dark!

Dark always wanted to know what it felt like to have a nice rack, so as a team building exercise we gave him one!

The whole crew posing for a montage worthy group photo!

Portia had downed her beer before I was even halfway through mine!

Team building exercise number two! It only took about 20 tries to get this right!

Dark showing off his “eclectic” taste in swimwear!

Shanny summing up how we all felt by the end of the trip….too bad for her this was the first night there. And yes, she does sleep with her eyes open. It’s creepy.

I have been told that there are MANY other pictures of us from that trip floating around out there, but what happens at the beach stays at the beach….at least that goes for all of the things we cannot remember!





You land in a crowded club. Your world is a sea of floating body parts and name tags. Once you realize you have not landed at some kind of weird medical sim you have to decide what to do. You have a few choices as to what you should do next. Should you:

A. Decide eff-all and charge your ever important pixels right through the crowd, pushing people that you can’t even see out of your way. You step on toes, spill drinks, walk directly over furniture, then offer a half assed apology when you reach your destination near the front of the club “Sorry for anyone I might have bumped into! Things are still rezzing!”

B. Panic and freeze at the landing point, causing people to pile up on top of you in a bizarre totem-like formation.

C. Move a couple of steps from the landing point. Allow things to rez, possibly while you grab a drink or something in RL then, once things have rezzed proceed to your final destination.

You could easily do any one of the 3 options If you choose A I have to assume you are either a noob, the most important person in the room or have an emergency need to get to that spot. If you choose B then I assume that you are either a noob, frozen with lag, do not understand how landing points work or will do anything to have a pile of people on top of you. Now, if you choose C, you make the same choice as me. That might be scary to some of you, as my choices are not always the best, but I assure you, in this case it is the wisest choice.

if you happen to be landing at After Dark Lounge, as I am completely certain you are at some point, then you know that the landing point there is super friendly to choice C. You can step to the side outside of the club or walk in an there is plenty of space to chill while things rez for you.

Just look at that luxurious landing point! 67 in the club and I get to chill and wait for things to rez!

Don’t mind me! I am just “relaxing” at the bar while everything rezzes!

There is a little thing called common courtesy. Not everyone is aware that this exists in SL. It is the thing that keeps you from being a jack wagon in social situations. It keeps you from greeting a person that you don’t care for with “Piss off!” when they say hello to you. It is what drives you to tip venues and musicians for providing amazing entertainment. It is the driving force behind NOT charging through a crowded area like you are the King or Queen of Sheeba.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. When you charge through a group of people, as in choice A then you offer a half assed apology, people see it as exactly that, half- assed. They roll their eyes and think to themselves “Maybe if you waited a damn minute and let things rez then you would not have to apologize” or “Like hell you are sorry! Now get off my damn foot and replace my drink you just spilled!” There is ONE exception to this, and that is when a performer is trying to get to the stage. They kind of get a free pass, I mean, they are there to entertain, if they lag out or step on some toes, so be it.

Long story just a tad longer, CHARGING THROUGH A CROWDED CLUB AND RUNNING OVER PEOPLE IS RUDE! I am sure that there are those of you that will continue to do so, but know that I will be rolling my eyes and expecting you to replace that drink you spilled

♥ ~Ty



Tell Ty Volume 11!

Yep, it finally happened! I finally ran out of things to write about the jam. I suppose this post could be vaguely linked to jamdom as the two musicians I am featuring in this volume of Tell Ty are both going to be rocking out at the Dallas Jam!

I will skip the shaming of those who are not regular readers of the blog and assume that you will go back and read EVERY SINGLE previous post. I will give you THIS. It just so happens to be a link to the last Tell Ty that I know you are itching to read. Then again, maybe you are just itching and you should really get that checked out but you can catch up on the older posts while you wait in the doctor’s office!

Tell Ty Vol 11

For most of the readers of this blog summer has arrived with a vengeance. It is hotter than balls in a lot of places. If you are wondering how hot that is….well…..you just have to find out for yourself. You know what else is hot? The couple that I am about to hit you with. They are musicians, dual streamers, partners, gamer baes and probably a few other things I don’t even want to think about.

J Lively

  1. Tell me something random.                                                                                      If the planet earth was 0,6 miles closer to the sun it would Burn, if it was 0,6 miles further away from the sun it would freeze making it uninhabitable.
  2. Tell me something you think I should know about you.                                             I have a scar on my back from a skiing accident
  3. Tell me something that not everyone would know about you.                                   I used to be afraid of butterflies and dead leaves as a toddler

After sending me to reply to the first statement J felt the need to add “i bet you didnt think it was going to be something educational betch”. And dammit if she wasn’t correct! I did not think it would be something so sciencey!


  1. Tell me something random.                                                                                  First thing that I thought was drummer from Def Leppard only has one arm.
  2. Tell me something that you think I should know about you.                                      I hate socks.
  3. Tell me something not everyone knows about you.                                                  I am like a snowflake one of a kind just like everyone else.

And now I am picturing a one armed snowflake with bare feet. I am positive that is what he wanted to happen too.

Now you know just a nugget more about SL’s musical love birds! Incidentally, they are also one of the few couples in SL that do not make me throw up a little in my mouth.

Jam it Damn It: Some Simple Rules for the First Time Jammer

It has been nearly a month since the Mid-Atlantic Jam, and some of your might be sick and damn tired of reading posts about it, but as I have said many a time before, when you write your own blog you can write about whatever the hell you want. I am choosing to do one more post on the jam! Even though the Mid-Atlantic has passed, I know that there are a lot of After Dark VIPs planning on attending the Dallas jam coming up in October. For some of you it might be your first jam and I am here to help!

The following post could go by a lot of different titles. SL Music Jams for Dummies. So You Want to Attend an SL Music Jam: A Beginner’s Guide. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About SL Music Jams but Were Afraid to Ask. SL Music Jam 101: A Primer. The list could do on and on, but I have decided to go with Jam it Damn It: Some Simple Rules for the First Time Jammer.

Note: There will be a crap ton of things that I leave out here, I am not writing a novel for crap’s sake! If you feel that I have neglected to mention something that you feel is super important feel free to add it in the comments! I would also like to note, that these rules apply to the jam itself. It is assumed that you are able to figure out how to register and get there on your own!

Jam it Damn It: Some Simple Rules for the First Time Jammer.

Congratulations! You have committed to attending a SL music jam! You are in for the time of your life, assuming that you enjoy amazing music and fun people! Here are a few “rules” that can help you make the most of your experience!

  1. Be prepared to meet lots of new people. Some you may know from Secondlife. Some you may have never heard of before. All of them have one thing in common though, a love of music and that alone makes them pretty awesome! “But Tyche, my ex-lover/crush/frenemy or any other number of kinds of people will be there and that makes me nervous!” Suck it up buttercup! Here is a totally cool thing that happens at jams, people just generally get along! So what if you have a past with someone, either embrace it or let it fall by the wayside, but do not let it be the focus of your weekend!
  2. You don’t have to drink to have a good time…….BUT, should you decide to imbibe, make sure that you stock up as soon as you arrive. Constant runs to the store for more booze is a bummer.
  3. Brace yourself to meet people that you see as rock stars, Most of them are really damn modest and seem to not understand why people get all “Squeeeee” when they meet them. Just make sure you meet them! You can do this one of two ways. You can talk the calm on the outside but screaming on the inside approach. OR You can do what I do and basically attack. Let me give you an example: At the Mid-Atlantic Jam I saw Twinghost standing in the hallway right after he arrived. Poor man still had his gear on his back. I, not casually at all, slapped Harley Wytchwood on the back and pointed. She turned, gasped “Is that…”. I nodded and bolted for the door. Nearly trampling Voodoo Shilton, I got all up in Twinghost’s face and squealed “I am so excited to meet you!!!!”
  4. Let your fangirl/boy flag fly! If you are a huge fan of someone, let them know! Sit on the floor RIGHT in front of the performance area when they are performing. Applaud extra loud. Sing along to their tunes that you adore. If that is not your style then just make sure that you take the time to tell them how much you appreciate their work in a more demure manner.
  5. Don’t over do it. This rule applies to so many aspects of jamming but I would like to concentrate on two. Partying: party on, yo, but know when to say when, You should still have the ability to drag yourself back to your room at the end of the night. And for the love of all that is good, don’t let the booze turn you into a blubbering mess! The only tears that should be seen at a jam are tears of sheer joy! Overzealous fanning: Be a fan. Show you love. Don’t be clingy. Don’t bogart a musician’s time. Chances are there are a lot of people who want a chance to have their few minutes to hang with that same musician.
  6. HAVE FUN! Jams are what you make them! If you are game to have a good time, then a good time will be had! Relax, let your hair down, groove to the sweet, sweet tunes!

It is as simple as that! OMG! There is one thing I forgot and it is merely a personal belief of mine, but I think many would agree. Gentlemen, a speedo is NEVER a good idea for a jam…..EVER!

Tyche’s Torrid Jam Affair (or How to make a jam virgin feel awkward.)


Before I tell you this torrid tale of seduction  and sass, I feel the need to mention a few things. As is sometimes my style, I might be making some things up, or embellishing actual facts. People in the writing community call it “creative license”. I call it “bullsh*tting”. Since I will be BSing I have taken the liberty of altering the name of the object of my desires so as to protect the poor, innocent little thing. Oh, and one more thing, there was a lot of alcohol involved in the weekend, so things will almost definitely be all sorts of out of order from how they actually took place.

I cannot recall the exact moment that I met Youngson Likessomebeer, but I am certain that I was smitten from the start. I do remember the moment when I vowed to him that I would expend a large amount of energy on him. This energy would not be expended in the typical way one would expect within a torrid affair. Oh no! This energy would be expended in multiple attempts to make him feel completely awkward.

One of the first attempts came as we were snuggled in the back seat of a car. Our bellies were full of Buffalo wing goodness, the sun was setting, there were three of us crammed into the backseat, it was the perfect setting for a romantic moment. In Tyche fashion I seized said moment, threw my arm around Hungson Grabssomerear, pulled him in tight and whispered into his ear all sexy-like “Feeling awkward yet?” He flashed a grin, laughed and replied “I really don’t think there is anything you can do to make me feel awkward.” “GAME ON!” I yelled with the ferocity of a woman who knew what she wanted! Game on, indeed!

Later that evening, as we were enjoying some sweet, sweet tunes I approached Boy Wonder and stood dangerously close. The tension was palpable. “Feeling awkward yet?” I asked with a serious stare. He leaned in even closer, eyes locked on mine, faces but inches apart, the look on his face serious as a heart attack, then proceeded to cover my face with a blast of air from his nose. This type of display might have thrown a lesser cougar off of her game but I am not one to be deterred that easily.

There was a super special moment, one whose time I cannot place, but one that needs to not be forgotten. Several people were hanging out in the object of my affection’s room. He was sitting on the corner of one of his beds (of course he had two, he is just that cool!). I thought my moment of achieving absolute awkward had arrived. I jumped onto the bed, grabbed him and hollered “BIG SPOON!”. I just knew that would get him. I was wrong, so very wrong. Not only was he not phased by my advances, but he took it as a chance to pose in a pretty damn model like manner!

As the night grew later, the time for the beer tasting party, hosted by Drunkson Grababeer, grew close. Room 526 needed to be prepped and when he asked me to help him with his shower I was all over that! I will not go into details, but let me just say that there were garbage cans full of ice and lots of beer. Let your imagination take that where it may! Several attempts were made through that night to make the awkward happen, but to no avail. Not even the wet willie when I hugged him good night worked. I was starting to feel discouraged. Maybe he was right. Maybe I could not make him feel awkward!

Sunday morning arrived with the haze of a hangover. As I packed up for the trip home I was struck by a genius idea. It had to work! The only thing that concerned me was the thought of “Would I be able to pull it off?”. I knew that I had to try. It was my last chance and I am not one to give up. Goodbyes were being said, hugs given, wishes of safe journeys and such. There he was sitting across the jam room. Hunson Abadeer-intheheadlights. I told Meegan my plan and made sure that she had the camera ready then I went in for the kill. I sauntered up to the young thing and in a sultry, sensual, half of a voice I demanded “Get the f**k up and give me a hug! We are leaving!”. He stood, we embraced, it was beautiful. I pulled back and told him that he had won, I had failed at making him feel awkward. He stared me down as he had done earlier in the weekend. I swiftly grabbed his face and planted a big ‘ol smooch on him. (In spite of the look of the photo, it was a completely closed mouth kiss, I have some class. people! Meegan managed to capture my smile right before I laid it on him!)


I had done it! He was stunned, confused and feeling more than a little awkward! Game, set, match! As is customary in battles of the awkward, I was awarded the gold star beads and I wore them with the utmost pride during the journey home!