A letter from the heart…..literally.


Dear friends, patrons, musicians, staff, random passersby, and anyone else who might be taking the time to read this,

Allow me to introduce myself.. I am Meegan, well, a part of her at least, a very important part of her if I do say so myself! No! I am not her ass. Ugh. That ass gets all the limelight. People take pictures of it, write poetry about it, even make shirts in honor of it. It is always all about the ass, no one ever stops to think about me, the heart.

Yes, this is Meegan’s heart. Oh, you did not think a heart was capable of reaching out and writing a touching letter? Well, aren’t you just close minded! I can and I will and you will read it and possibly tear up as you do….that is IF you have a heart.

heart-attack-copyAs many of you know, I went through a rough patch lately. Meegan asks a lot of me as she puts me into most everything that she does I try my best, but recently my best was not enough. So I had a little glitch. It happens to the best of us, but when it happens to a heart it brings everything to a screeching halt.


I want to thank everyone for picking up my slack while I was recovering, You people, all of you, you showered Meegan with the love that I was unable to fill her with while I was down and out. You were understanding when I silenced the stage at After Dark Lounge for two weeks. You were worried about Meegan’s well being when I dropped the ball. You reached out and sent love and caring when Meegan returned. You were there to welcome live music back to the stage at After Dark once I decided to get my shit together enough for Meegan to start running shows again. You all are awesome and I think you from the bottom of my, well, from the bottom of me.Love-Letter-Heart

Meegan and I have come to an agreement. She will not work me like a slave driver and in return I will do the one job that I have to do and do it like a boss!

One last thing before I go. Yes, that ass is fierce, but never forget that were it not for me that ass would not be shaking!

Much love,
Meegan’s ♥