Adventures of Tipsy!


                                Sweet Tipsy!

First, let me be very clear, we are talking about Tipsy the cow, we are not talking about our resident tipsy one, Tyche! Ok, now that we have that out-of-the-way, a little background for you.Tyche brought 2 inflatable dolls to the Twin Cities Jam. Not only did she bring the two dolls, she also brought a small inflatable cow for Max Kleene in honor of his tip jar, Tipsy! Tipsy had a heck of a time at the jam, more on that later, but first….


Note: The dolls were NOT inflated while in the luggage!

…… those inflatable dolls. Tyche packed everything nice and neat in her backpack then remembered that she had forgotten to pack the most important things. The inflatable dolls!! Before heading to the airport, Tyche shoved them into the main compartment of her backpack and was set to go. Everything went as one would expect at the airport. Tyche breezed through security and made it to her gate. Tyche rarely flies, and upon boarding she noticed a lot of people gate checking their bags. She asked the agent taking the tickets if she needed to gate check her bag and she was assured that it would fit just fine.

Upon boarding the place, Tyche realized that the gate agent was full of crap and there was no chance in hell that her bag was going to fit in the overhead bin, In a panic she looked to the flight attendant who, rather than offering to gate check the bag, suggested that Tyche remove things from the bag until it fit. So Tyche took everything from the back pocket, and front pockets. Still the bag would not fit. The place was loaded and everyone was waiting for Tyche to get her situation straightened out, most of them glaring at her. The flight attendant told Tyche that she needed to remove things from the main pocket…….the pocket with the inflatable dolls. Yes, Tyche had to remove two inflatable dolls from her backpack, in front of a plane full of people who were all staring at her. Our Tyche does not embarrass easy, but that certainly did it!

But I digress! This is supposed tofountain be about Tipsy’s adventures, not Tyche’s misadventures! Though it turns out that one of Tipsy’s adventures was also a misadventure of Tyche’s! Friday night Tyche was showing Tipsy around. They visited the jam room, the gathering spot outside of the lobby and the hotel lobby. If you have seen any of the group shots from the jam you know that there is a lovely rocky water feature in the lobby. Tyche thought it would make a fantastic photo-op for Tipsy. Tragically, while trying to place Tipsy on one of the rocks tipsy Tyche slipped and into the fountain went the poor little cow! Thank goodness for the best damn hotel night person EVER, Jordan! He came to Tipsy’s rescue, climbing the fountain, fishing her out and even drying her carefully with a towel! Can you say hero?


Max meeting his new bestie!

For the rest of the weekend Tipsy enjoyed the jam. She was passed from person to person, rode around on Max’s shoulder for a bit, and got to watch many an amazing performance up close and personal while perched upon an amplifier. When the jam had passed and most everyone had left poor little Tipsy thought that she had been forgotten. Max realized he was missing something. TIPSY!!! Dashing to the jam room he found Dave who was locking up and told Dave that he needed to get into the jam room to get the Tipsy doll. Dave heard “the titty doll” and told Max that he had thrown that doll away. Max was crestfallen and Dave was really confused as to why Max was so sad over a blowup doll. Max mentioned that he wanted to keep it since it was a gift. More confused looks from Dave. Poor dude was probably wondering what type of weird stuff Max is into! After a few short moments they realized the miscommunication, Tipsy was retrieved from the jam room and all was well with the world!



The Twin Cities jam has come and gone and the After Dark Lounge crew was there to represent! Meegan and Tyche rolled up in to that mother like a couple of bosses! You know, the kind of bosses that get stranded at the liquor store, in the pouring rain, with a box of booze and not a single damn cup…..yep…..BOSSES!

Now, as anyone who has attended a jam will tell you, most of what happens at a jam stays at the jam, and with good reason! Well, several reasons actually, but the main reason, at least from this bloggers end, is that lots of the jam is kind of a blur. A massive blur of cocktails, hugs, amazing music, new friends and old. Legit, if you are a fan of the SL music scene and you have never been to a jam you owe it to yourself to get to one, It is an experience unlike anything else and it is nothing short of amazing.

The level of talent that was representing at this jam was insane. Completely and utterly INSANE! Bonkers I tell you! It was so amazing to get to meet and listen to so many fantastic musicians! Since I am sure that you are all avid readers of the blog, you are well aware that there were a few musicans present who are on regular rotation at After Dark. Grif Bamaisin, Lyndon Heart, Max Kleen and Voodoo Shilton…..all live in the flesh and offering great hugs and even better music! Rather than blather on and on I will share a few pics from the amazing time that was had!


                                         Was the jam held at Linden Labs? OMG!! 



Alotta Fagina and Sir Cocks a Lot……Yes, it was that kind of party!


The reenactment of the Gimme a Break Photo….minus a Meegan.

There are not a lot of pictures from the jam…..because WHAT HAPPENS AT THE JAM STAYS AT THE JAM! Everything except Jambola, which both Meegan and Ty managed to contract.

One last thing that is not at all jam related. They are doing one final Avi Choice Awards at the end of the year. Nominations are being accepted right now. Make sure you take a few minutes and submit your nominations! It only takes a few minutes!   <=====Right there! DOO EEEET!


Gimme a break!

I know that you all race to the After Dark calendar every day as you log into SL to see what sort of craziness and mayhem will be happening there/ Ok, ok, some of you probably rely on inworld search, that is fine too. I am here to warn you that when you look for Sunday’s events at After Dark Lounge you will find NOTHING! Not a g-danged thing will be listed. You may feel a bit of a panic when you see this. I am trying to keep you from having to breathe into a paper bag. Let’s take a cleansing breath….in your nose, out your mouth…..there we go.

partybreakSo, yes. There will be no shows at After Dark this Sunday, but for the best damn reason EVER! Meegan and Ty will be at the Twin Cities Jam!! As if that were not enough to make the jam the coolest thing ever, we will be there with several of After Dark’s regular musicians! Voodoo Shilton! Max Kleene! Grif Bamaisin! Lyndon Heart! Ahhhhhh!!!!! And those are just the regular musicians that grace our stage! It will be an epic weekend. There will be insanity, booze and probably a poor decision or two!

I have taken the liberty of making a mock-up of a photo that NEEDS to happen at the jam. You hear that? This is not an option, it NEEDS to happen. Now I just need someone to remind me of it when I am several cocktails deep!


We will return to our regularly scheduled lineup on Tuesday September 20th!