Ratings matter: a delightful tale of one star.

Popularity contests suck. They do, unless you are the most popular one. I know, it, you know it, the person who gets awarded “Best Personality” every single freaking time knows it! The thing that sucks most is that they are everywhere. Try as one might, the lure to be popular and the want to judge based on such cannot be avoided. Don’t argue me on this! It happens, deal with it!

Obviously popularity is subjective. The person, place or thing that one person thinks is the best might be the worst in the eyes of someone else. There are also things that can sway a person towards or away from thinking something is popular. Where am I going with this? Let me just tell you! So…..not so long ago, After Dark had it’s illustrious 5 star Facebook rating tarnished. Bad reviews happen. There will always be someone who doesn’t like the way things are done. But this person gave no reason for their poor review. What they did do was send After Dark’s Facebook page a message.

The text that has been cut off and will not be shown was a loooong biography of a French artist. As it seemed to have been copied and pasted from an unknown source, it will not be show. Following the biography was a painting. A painting that put me in the mind of something my great grandmother would have had hanging over the davenport on the solarium. Poor Meegan had had enough at this point and she gave your favorite bloggist and smartass, me, the reigns.

I then shared a piece by the artist in question. I believe this was drawn during his “people don’t have bodies” phase around the age of 4. It is actually a portrait of me that he gifted to me so that I might display his artwork at my desk.

Sadly this was not enough to keep the person from getting the hint that we were not amused.

Either the person sending the messages got the hint or they became as frustrated as we were with the entire situation, Either way, they did not remove their one star rating of After Dark. So if you ever look at the Facebook rating and think to yourself “Self, I love that place! How on earth could someone give them a one start rating?!?!”, know that we are thinking the same thing.

♥ ~Ty

What I did on my summer vacation!

Remember that Sunday that After Dark didn’t have shows? About a week or so ago? I know Meegan claimed it was due to Guerilla Bu!rlesque performing at Indee Teepee. What she failed to mention is that she was also taking the After Dark crew on a summer vacation! The “team building” trip that she took the crew on to Mardi Gras was such a success that she decided we should do it again and what better place than the beach?!

I will not bore you with the details of the trip there. Some motion sickness, lots of “Are we there yet”s, a zillion bathroom stops, and a group singalong of the entire Sound of Music soundtrack, led by Meegan. You know, the typical road trip stuff.  The one thing I will mention is that Meegan told us that we would be traveling in a vintage convertible. We were all stoked……until we saw the ride she was talking about. In hindsight, it was roomier and the wind in the hair is the wind in your hair no matter the vehicle, I suppose! So, road trip, blah, blah, blah. Then……..BEACH! Lucky for us the beachfront house that Meegan had booked for the trip did not leave us hanging like the vehicle of choice had! Meegan had some team building activities planned for us, but after the long ride we all just wanted to hit the sand and relax. After the shenanigans that had taken place at Mardi Gras, Meegan felt the need to sit us ladies down and give us a little talking to about how we should behave since we were representitives of After Dark. Dark would have been given the same talking to but he had to go speedo shopping as he had left his banana hammock at home. Not to mention he was the only one of the group who kept his nips covered at the last outing! Turns out that Meegan is so engaging that several other women gathered to hear her words on decorum and behavior. Meegan’s words of wisdom went a long way. We all behaved like perfect examples of humans…..until the liquor came out. I feel the need to mention that we would probably have stayed in our model behavior mode were it not for our fearless leader leading us directly down a path to wild beachy madness! Yes, as per usual, it was ALL Meegan’s fault! (Isn’t it always?!?)

I am going to let the pictures tell most of the story, but I will give you a “cliff-notes” version of the trip. There was a twerking contest.  Dark managed to find the smallest piece of fabric with the most print ever to cover his bits. The only team building that took place was the building of a human pyramid and turning Dark into a sand mermaid. We did learn a lot about each other though. We learned that Portia can bong a beer like no one’s business. We learned that LadyGlory is the Frank Lloyd Wright of sand castles. We learned that Dark has….shall we say, interesting taste in swim attire. We learned that after enough tequila, Shanny can sleep anywhere. We learned that Meegan cannot be trusted near the water after 3 vodka tonics. And we learned that, no matter how old I (your blogess bitch) get, I can still not be considered a “responsible adult.”

But again, I will let the pictures tell the story!

Meegan claiming the tide was dragging her under. She calmed down after we pointed out that she was in a fountain. Thankfully we noticed her before the police did!

LadyGlory prepping for her sandcastle building. Sadly, 2 minutes after the picture of the final product was taken I tripped over my own feet and face planted into it.

Meegan giving the competition the stink eye at the beach twerking contest. Do I even need to tell you who won??

What a bunch of beaches! The beachy babes of After Dark!

Dark always wanted to know what it felt like to have a nice rack, so as a team building exercise we gave him one!

The whole crew posing for a montage worthy group photo!

Portia had downed her beer before I was even halfway through mine!

Team building exercise number two! It only took about 20 tries to get this right!

Dark showing off his “eclectic” taste in swimwear!

Shanny summing up how we all felt by the end of the trip….too bad for her this was the first night there. And yes, she does sleep with her eyes open. It’s creepy.

I have been told that there are MANY other pictures of us from that trip floating around out there, but what happens at the beach stays at the beach….at least that goes for all of the things we cannot remember!





You land in a crowded club. Your world is a sea of floating body parts and name tags. Once you realize you have not landed at some kind of weird medical sim you have to decide what to do. You have a few choices as to what you should do next. Should you:

A. Decide eff-all and charge your ever important pixels right through the crowd, pushing people that you can’t even see out of your way. You step on toes, spill drinks, walk directly over furniture, then offer a half assed apology when you reach your destination near the front of the club “Sorry for anyone I might have bumped into! Things are still rezzing!”

B. Panic and freeze at the landing point, causing people to pile up on top of you in a bizarre totem-like formation.

C. Move a couple of steps from the landing point. Allow things to rez, possibly while you grab a drink or something in RL then, once things have rezzed proceed to your final destination.

You could easily do any one of the 3 options If you choose A I have to assume you are either a noob, the most important person in the room or have an emergency need to get to that spot. If you choose B then I assume that you are either a noob, frozen with lag, do not understand how landing points work or will do anything to have a pile of people on top of you. Now, if you choose C, you make the same choice as me. That might be scary to some of you, as my choices are not always the best, but I assure you, in this case it is the wisest choice.

if you happen to be landing at After Dark Lounge, as I am completely certain you are at some point, then you know that the landing point there is super friendly to choice C. You can step to the side outside of the club or walk in an there is plenty of space to chill while things rez for you.

Just look at that luxurious landing point! 67 in the club and I get to chill and wait for things to rez!

Don’t mind me! I am just “relaxing” at the bar while everything rezzes!

There is a little thing called common courtesy. Not everyone is aware that this exists in SL. It is the thing that keeps you from being a jack wagon in social situations. It keeps you from greeting a person that you don’t care for with “Piss off!” when they say hello to you. It is what drives you to tip venues and musicians for providing amazing entertainment. It is the driving force behind NOT charging through a crowded area like you are the King or Queen of Sheeba.

I am going to let you in on a little secret. When you charge through a group of people, as in choice A then you offer a half assed apology, people see it as exactly that, half- assed. They roll their eyes and think to themselves “Maybe if you waited a damn minute and let things rez then you would not have to apologize” or “Like hell you are sorry! Now get off my damn foot and replace my drink you just spilled!” There is ONE exception to this, and that is when a performer is trying to get to the stage. They kind of get a free pass, I mean, they are there to entertain, if they lag out or step on some toes, so be it.

Long story just a tad longer, CHARGING THROUGH A CROWDED CLUB AND RUNNING OVER PEOPLE IS RUDE! I am sure that there are those of you that will continue to do so, but know that I will be rolling my eyes and expecting you to replace that drink you spilled

♥ ~Ty



Tent Spankings?

Yes, I know that the title is odd. When you write your blog you can title it whatever you want! Now, before I get into the nuts and the bolts of this entry, I have a beef. Every single birthday that I have celebrated at After Dark has come with the promises of spankings, lots and lots of spankings. Picture people lining up to dish out spankings! Well, once again, the only spankings I got were from Meegan. I am just letting you all know that next year I expect more! You have one year to warm up your spanking skills!

Now that I have THAT out of the way….onto why we are really here!

After Dark through an amazing birthday for both me and Funkyfreddy Republic this past Tuesday. Freddy and I do not share a birthday but his is on the 24th and mine the 25th. Since After Dark is located on Idle Rogue, which is an Aussie sim, we kind of sort of do share a birthday when we are there. If you are thinking my math might be a little sketchy, or my reasoning slightly off then 1. You are wrong and 2. I have brought a graph that proves such.*

Everyone knows that graphs only ever show the truth. You know why? SCIENCE!!

Meegan wanted a theme for the party that would suit both of the guests of honor. It just so happens that I love camping and Freddy is an avid outdoorsman. So what better setting for the festivities than a campsite in the mountains?!? LadyGlory worked her magic and transformed After Dark into a gorgeous outdoor space complete with tents and mountains! There evening was a blast and the music was fantastic! I will stop my fingers from tapping the keyboard and let you see for yourself!

Twinghost kicking off the party!

Max Kleene rocking us!

PT Beardmore refusing to plat the birthday girl’s original request but redeeming himself by playing her 2nd one!

The great outdoors can indoors!

The birthday boy, Mr. Funkyfreddy Republic

Blues Heron wrapping up the fantastic night!

If you were not there, you missed one hell of a party, After Dark is keeping the décor up through this Sunday 1/29 due to the awesome response it received. So come by and check it out. Lounge in the tents. Gaze at the majestic scenery. Love the great outdoors while it is still indoors!

On a personal note, thank you to everyone for the great time that was had Tuesday night. The happy birthdays and well wishes were fantastic. You all sure know how to make a gal feel good!

♥ ~Ty

*Please note there is nothing scientific about this graph. It was just fun to make.

A lesson in patience…….aka Tyche waits for the Avi Choice Award nominations to be announced!

The Bloggess Bitch is BACK!!

waiting-sucksRemember a few weeks ago when I took it upon myself to talk your gentle little hands and walk you through the process of nominating for the Avi Choice Awards? Whelp, I was hoping to be sitting here this evening writing a thank you to all of those who voted and being super stoked that we received nominations. But…………(extra long dramatic pause)………..THE NOMS ARE NOT UP YET!  So instead I will be pissing and moaning about that. Sure, they said they will be listed on the 3rd of November, no later than midnight and it is only 9pm but COME ON!! They obviously have no idea how impatient I am. What? It is not all about me and what I need to keep me happy? Well fine then!

*runs to see if the noms are up yet….nothing*

patienceIn all seriousness though, whether we receive nominations of not, I want to thank everyone who took the time to nominate. It was not a difficult process, but it was a little time-consuming and to those who took that time, you rock and we love you just a teensy bit more than those who did not. We do love all of you, but you know damn well that everyone has their favorites!

*runs to see if the noms are up yet……still nothing*


There they are! WOOHOO!!

squee After Dark is nominated for Favorite Live Music Venue!!! Holy crap on a cracker! Oh! Oh! Oh! But there is more…this fine piece of journalistic wonder that you are reading and the website that is rests its fine words on is nominated for Favorite Blog or Website, Overall! Sweet sassy molassey! Yours truly was also nominated for Favorite Blogger, overall. I am humbled as fu……..fudge by this! Woah! And this just in! I am literally typing this as the info is coming in to me from my close sources, both Shanny and LadyGlory have received nominations for Favorite Club or Venue Host or Hostess!  Paint me green and call me Gumby! You will not believe the number of amazing musicians that have graced After Dark’s stage that are nominated!

I could play it all cool and preach about how awards are popularity contests and blah, blah, blah, but this is really freaking exciting! To have so many aspects of After Dark Lounge nominated is giving me the warm fuzzies. Yes, it is a popularity contest, but it is one voted on by the people of Second Life and a person or place does not get popular by half-assing things. Being recognized for the hard work that goes into it all is pretty dang amazing! Shut the front door!

Once again, another big THANK YOU to those who took the time to nominate!


Now it is time to vote! I know, I know, you thought your part was done and you could just sit back and relax and watch the whole thing play out, but once again it is time to make your voice heard! Again I will make it easy for you. Click HERE to vote for The Arts and HERE to vote for SLife. The rest is easy peasy!


It’s Avi Choice Nomination Time!!!


The Avi Choice Awards will be putting on one final show before they retire their legacy. I have voted for the awards many a time but never had I nominated until this round. It gave me a bit of a feeling of supremacy. My opinion was mattering, if to no one else than to the person who tallies the nominations! Do you want the same feeling of grandeur? Do you want your voice to matter in a voting process that you can do from the comfort of your own home? Go you want to say “Yes, I totally nominated them for that award.” when someone you nominates wins?? I know you do!! Let me walk you through the process and you can be on your way to feeling like someone special!*

Step 1: Cut a hole in the box……..WAIT, wait wait! Wrong steps! Let’s try this again!

Step 1: Go to the Avi Choice Awards website.

Step 2: Pick a category of awards that you want to nominate for. There is SLife, The Arts, and Fashion

Step 3: Enter your avi’s name. You have to do this so they know who the important people are!

Step 4: Nominate your little heart out! You do not have to nominate for every award that is listed.

Boom! Easy as pie……Oh….not so easy? Well, let me just walk you right through how step 4 plays out. It might seem super easy to some of you, but to be completely honest, it took me a minute, and that is what inspired me to write this!

So, say you want to nominate, oh……I don’t know…..a blogger. You would find the “Favorite Second Life Blogger” entry, which happens to be listed under SLife, and type in the name of the blogger you wish to nominate. But what! There’s more! Then you need to go to my.secondlife.com and search that blogger, find them in the list and click them, then click Profile. You then copy and paste the web address of their information page in after the bloggers name and viola! Well, you finish doing the same for other categories you wish to nominate under, then click SUBMIT and then, VIOLA! You have just made your nomination known! You are kind of a big deal now. Just saying!

“But Tyche, what if I want to nominate a venue? Venues don’t have SL information pages like avis do!” Calm your pants! I’m getting there! So, to nominate a venue in a category of, say Favorite Live Music Venue, go to The Arts and find the “Favorite Live Music Venue” entry. You will need to enter 3 things on this line. 1. The name of the venue 2. The name of the venue owner. (If you do not know this you can usually find it by searching the venue and viewing the venues information or the venue’s group info. I find the group info to be more useful. The founder of the group is almost always the owner.) 3. The link to the owner’s information page from my.secondlife.com. BOOM! You are now a nominating pro! Run and tell your friends how amazing you are and let them know that they can be just as cool!





Do this before noon on October 12th and you, yes you, will have your voice heard!

♥ Ty


Adventures of Tipsy!


                                Sweet Tipsy!

First, let me be very clear, we are talking about Tipsy the cow, we are not talking about our resident tipsy one, Tyche! Ok, now that we have that out-of-the-way, a little background for you.Tyche brought 2 inflatable dolls to the Twin Cities Jam. Not only did she bring the two dolls, she also brought a small inflatable cow for Max Kleene in honor of his tip jar, Tipsy! Tipsy had a heck of a time at the jam, more on that later, but first….


Note: The dolls were NOT inflated while in the luggage!

……..so those inflatable dolls. Tyche packed everything nice and neat in her backpack then remembered that she had forgotten to pack the most important things. The inflatable dolls!! Before heading to the airport, Tyche shoved them into the main compartment of her backpack and was set to go. Everything went as one would expect at the airport. Tyche breezed through security and made it to her gate. Tyche rarely flies, and upon boarding she noticed a lot of people gate checking their bags. She asked the agent taking the tickets if she needed to gate check her bag and she was assured that it would fit just fine.

Upon boarding the place, Tyche realized that the gate agent was full of crap and there was no chance in hell that her bag was going to fit in the overhead bin, In a panic she looked to the flight attendant who, rather than offering to gate check the bag, suggested that Tyche remove things from the bag until it fit. So Tyche took everything from the back pocket, and front pockets. Still the bag would not fit. The place was loaded and everyone was waiting for Tyche to get her situation straightened out, most of them glaring at her. The flight attendant told Tyche that she needed to remove things from the main pocket…….the pocket with the inflatable dolls. Yes, Tyche had to remove two inflatable dolls from her backpack, in front of a plane full of people who were all staring at her. Our Tyche does not embarrass easy, but that certainly did it!

But I digress! This is supposed tofountain be about Tipsy’s adventures, not Tyche’s misadventures! Though it turns out that one of Tipsy’s adventures was also a misadventure of Tyche’s! Friday night Tyche was showing Tipsy around. They visited the jam room, the gathering spot outside of the lobby and the hotel lobby. If you have seen any of the group shots from the jam you know that there is a lovely rocky water feature in the lobby. Tyche thought it would make a fantastic photo-op for Tipsy. Tragically, while trying to place Tipsy on one of the rocks tipsy Tyche slipped and into the fountain went the poor little cow! Thank goodness for the best damn hotel night person EVER, Jordan! He came to Tipsy’s rescue, climbing the fountain, fishing her out and even drying her carefully with a towel! Can you say hero?


Max meeting his new bestie!

For the rest of the weekend Tipsy enjoyed the jam. She was passed from person to person, rode around on Max’s shoulder for a bit, and got to watch many an amazing performance up close and personal while perched upon an amplifier. When the jam had passed and most everyone had left poor little Tipsy thought that she had been forgotten. Max realized he was missing something. TIPSY!!! Dashing to the jam room he found Dave who was locking up and told Dave that he needed to get into the jam room to get the Tipsy doll. Dave heard “the titty doll” and told Max that he had thrown that doll away. Max was crestfallen and Dave was really confused as to why Max was so sad over a blowup doll. Max mentioned that he wanted to keep it since it was a gift. More confused looks from Dave. Poor dude was probably wondering what type of weird stuff Max is into! After a few short moments they realized the miscommunication, Tipsy was retrieved from the jam room and all was well with the world!


Gimme a break!

I know that you all race to the After Dark calendar every day as you log into SL to see what sort of craziness and mayhem will be happening there/ Ok, ok, some of you probably rely on inworld search, that is fine too. I am here to warn you that when you look for Sunday’s events at After Dark Lounge you will find NOTHING! Not a g-danged thing will be listed. You may feel a bit of a panic when you see this. I am trying to keep you from having to breathe into a paper bag. Let’s take a cleansing breath….in your nose, out your mouth…..there we go.

partybreakSo, yes. There will be no shows at After Dark this Sunday, but for the best damn reason EVER! Meegan and Ty will be at the Twin Cities Jam!! As if that were not enough to make the jam the coolest thing ever, we will be there with several of After Dark’s regular musicians! Voodoo Shilton! Max Kleene! Grif Bamaisin! Lyndon Heart! Ahhhhhh!!!!! And those are just the regular musicians that grace our stage! It will be an epic weekend. There will be insanity, booze and probably a poor decision or two!

I have taken the liberty of making a mock-up of a photo that NEEDS to happen at the jam. You hear that? This is not an option, it NEEDS to happen. Now I just need someone to remind me of it when I am several cocktails deep!


We will return to our regularly scheduled lineup on Tuesday September 20th!



There are times that I sit down to write this blog, I take my quill in hand and ink the tip (just the tip) and as I set the pen to paper I think “What the crap am I going to write about today?”. Then a barrage of things come to mind, and on occasion one or two of them is appropriate content for our readers. Most are utter trash or filth. As I sat down to write this post I was drawing nothing but trash and filth. I know that our readers can appreciate both on a certain level, but we are not even going to delve into that area of my mind! I respect you all too much to subject you to that!

I thought, pondered, mulled, ruminated, speculated and mused as to what I would write about. Then I took a nap. All of that thinking is EXHAUSTING! When I awoke from my nap it occurred to me that there is a person at After Dark that has not replied to any of my requests for content. Neither Tell Ty or How’d You Get Here. How dare she! So, I went to Meegan and asked her where the heck were her replies. She told me to talk to her assistant. For those who may not be aware, Meegan has a stunning, delightful and charismatic assistant. Her name is Tyche.

So, since Meegan is “too busy” to answer the requests of the most funnest blogger around, and since that blogger happens to be Meegan’s assistant and loves to make stuff up I present you with the completely false but somewhat silly replies that I, Tyche, have come up with on Meegan’s behalf!


Meegan slacker


1. Tell me something random:                                                                 While it’s up to individual states to determine the color of school buses, most have been painted National School Bus Chrome Yellow since a 1939 national conference recommended it as the shade of choice

2. Tell me something you think I should know about you.                              I learned everything I know about music from a monk who had taken a vow of silence. He had a very, very expressive face.

3. Tell me something that not everyone knows about you.                            I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom!  (Bonus points if you get the reference!)

       How’d You Get Here Vol 4.5

How Meegan Danitz got here!

It was a dark and stormy night in SL, so I turned off the rain particles and set the environment to mid-day. Having just finished my shift at the Rusty Buckle I was looking forward to some quality me time, if you know what I mean! Most of my regular haunts were being overrun with newbies for some reason. Maybe they had heard about the “easy” women that were hanging there. Either way, I wanted something different to do. So off to the search I went. Shopping….no. Horseback riding……no. Trolling sims for fine pieces of as……just no! Suddenly out of the blue, a tiny avatar appeared in front of me and gestured “Follow me if you dare!” I am never one to turn down a dare, so I took the TP. I found myself in a magical land of gyrating pelvises, flailing arms, smiling faces. But this was different than the places where I normally saw those kinds of things. These people were clothed and there was amazing music playing. I asked the tiny avi where I was and where that lovely music was coming from. It replied “You are home, this is live music in SL and you belong here!”

I never looked back. Well, I did a few times but there was this weird dude who could not get the couples balls in the right place and kept dancing all over me whenever he would dip his lady friend.

There you have it! Meegan’s replies as told from the mind of Ty. I would like to note that no Meegans were harmed in the writing of this blog and everything above is completely made up!



Deep-ish Thoughts

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will probably come across this post and think  that someone had kidnapped Tyche and taken over the writing. I can assure you that I, Tyche, am not being held captive anywhere and I am indeed the one writing this blog. I just plan on taking it down a road I do not often travel. There will be minimal joking, just heartfelt words….and some joking…..because I cannot help myself!

As many of you know, we lost an awesome person this week. Brandy Maltas, also known as Kalli Birman in Secondlife, passed away after a valiant battle with cancer. I did not know Brandy well, but I know many in SL who did and I know that she was always a tremendous supporter of the live music scene in SL The few times that I had the pleasure of making her acquaintance she was always nothing but sweet. She even contributed photos to the blog when I was just starting out writing it and had little clue what I was doing. Everyone at After Dark sends their thoughts and love to her family and loved ones. Is it a cliché? Yes, but it is also true.

Brandy’s passing got my mind churning. To a large extent many of us feel somewhat immortal until we are forced to face our mortality. I am not going to dwell on the sad. I am however going to step up on my soapbox for a second. When that feeling of immortality is coupled with the veil that existing in a virtual world can provide us, people sometimes forget that there are real people behind the cartoons that appear on the screen. Having the ability to be anything or anyone you want in SL is amazing, but it also comes with some responsibility. Am I rambling, possibly, but I promise it will all make sense eventually!

I will stop talking in circles and get to the point. I am sure that damn near everyone is familiar with “The Golden Rule” (for those well versed in the songs of Lonely Island, I am NOT referring to THAT golden rule!). At After Dark we have our own version of The Golden Rule. It is simple and to the point. Don’t be a dick! I do not often see people breaking that rule at After Dark, but it never hurts to be reminded. You never know what is around the corner and you never know when the last impression you made on someone could indeed be your final impression you ever leave on them. Feel the love, embrace it, it is all around.

I will step down from my soapbox now and offer a big hug to you all. Remember to feel the love and please, don’t be a dick.