This is your last call……Please do not panic! It is not the last call for alcohol, we are not about to turn the lights on in the club! This is the last call to vote for the FINAL Avi Choice awards! Final……last…..not gonna ever happen again! That is, unless It goes the way of many a farewell tour and then a year or so later comes the reunion. But! As far as anyone can tell, this will be the last time that you get to let the people of SL who pay attention to such things just what persons, places and things you love!

For the record, I am one of those people. I always have been and always will be an award show junkie. You all have no idea! Oscar night is one of my favorite nights of the year. The Avi Choice awards are The Oscar night of SL. Technically they are more like the People’s Choice Awards since they are not decided by a group of nameless and faceless academy members. They are chosen by people like you and me! That assumes you take the time to vote. No pressure…… is your business if you do not want your voice heard….whatever……..

I WILL BE HEARD!!! I voted. you are damn right I did. If there is one thing that is seriously obvious to those who know me, it is that I am VERY opinionated. Have mercy, I can get downright fired up over things that I am passionate about and music and my love of the SL music scene happens to be one of those things. If you do not vote then you cannot celebrate when someone you dig wins and on the flip side you cannot piss and moan when someone you are rather “meh” about does win. If nothing else, vote so that you can be elated or bitter!


The totally non-official “I voted” sticker!

You will hear nothing about this from me again. This is the last time I will bother you with details of this. Mostly because voting ends on the 28th at 5pm, but also because I know that force feeding people stuff makes it not taste so good. Remember, there are several of the After Dark family nominated and also many members of the Idle Rogue family. Vote as you wish, pick a winner and then you can rejoice or piss and moan all you want when the results are announced! Once again, here are the handy-dandy links to the voting!

TheArts                                                                                                                        SLife

As a side note, and something that I am sure you have all been wondering about, I am unsure if there will be a final Ty’s Choice Awards. I know, I know… is kind of heartbreaking, but the lineup at After Dark has evolved so much in the last several months that the list of arbitrary awards I would have to come up with would be INSANE! I might cook up something, you never know…..

♥ Ty

Your Vote Counts!

I am not going to get political. If I can manage to bite my tongue on social media sites and inworld then I sure as hell can do the same here. Plus, I am sure everyone if as over politics as I am right now. It is becoming like Christmas! Christmas season used to begin after Thanksgiving and how it starts the day after July 4th in some places! Election season used to really ramp up in the year of the presidential election and how it seems to start the day after inauguration! Nope! I am not going to get political….well…..maybe just a little……


*Drags out her soapbox, stands atop it and waits for the rowdy ones of the group to calm dow!*

I will not get political in the sense that one might think. I will not rejoice, lament, nay-say or smack talk. There are those that win and those that lose and no one choice will ever make anyone happy. I just want to say this: I sure as heck hope that you voted! You can “Hooray!” or “Whaaaaa!” all you want (but not here please, come on, you know better!), but only if you voted. That is all I am going to say on the presidential election!

I know that you are probably asking yourself “Self, what the hell is Tyche doing rambling on about politics? Isn’t this blog supposed to be about the live music scene in SL and the venue After Dark?” Yes it is, and this political talk does relate to the point that I am eventually going to get to!

i-votedThose of you that did not vote in the presidential election still have a change to make your voice heard! Obviously not in the election, but in the Avi Choice Awards! Some claim that voting it a hassle, takes too much time, or is like choosing the lesser of two evils. Well, guess what?!? When you vote for the Avi Choice Awards there is no hassle, and it takes very little time, just some clicks! And……AND….if there is a category where you do not find any of the nominees to be worthy, you just skip it! Hell, I am even going to include an image of an “I Voted” sticker that you can feel free to print off and wear at your will….but you better vote first, dammit!rainbow-vote

Remember, we love you all, but we love those that vote just a little bit more! There are lots of names that you know and love from After Dark that are nominated and each would appreciate your vote if you choose to give it to them. Want to vote for someone else? Go for it! JUST VOTE DAMMIT!  convenience is one of the keys to get people to do things, so here are the links to vote!


Click HERE to vote for The Arts!                                                                                    Click HERE To vote for SLife!

Voting ends November 28th, but if you are anything like me you should probably vote now so you don’t forget!


A lesson in patience…….aka Tyche waits for the Avi Choice Award nominations to be announced!

The Bloggess Bitch is BACK!!

waiting-sucksRemember a few weeks ago when I took it upon myself to talk your gentle little hands and walk you through the process of nominating for the Avi Choice Awards? Whelp, I was hoping to be sitting here this evening writing a thank you to all of those who voted and being super stoked that we received nominations. But…………(extra long dramatic pause)………..THE NOMS ARE NOT UP YET!  So instead I will be pissing and moaning about that. Sure, they said they will be listed on the 3rd of November, no later than midnight and it is only 9pm but COME ON!! They obviously have no idea how impatient I am. What? It is not all about me and what I need to keep me happy? Well fine then!

*runs to see if the noms are up yet….nothing*

patienceIn all seriousness though, whether we receive nominations of not, I want to thank everyone who took the time to nominate. It was not a difficult process, but it was a little time-consuming and to those who took that time, you rock and we love you just a teensy bit more than those who did not. We do love all of you, but you know damn well that everyone has their favorites!

*runs to see if the noms are up yet……still nothing*


There they are! WOOHOO!!

squee After Dark is nominated for Favorite Live Music Venue!!! Holy crap on a cracker! Oh! Oh! Oh! But there is more…this fine piece of journalistic wonder that you are reading and the website that is rests its fine words on is nominated for Favorite Blog or Website, Overall! Sweet sassy molassey! Yours truly was also nominated for Favorite Blogger, overall. I am humbled as fu……..fudge by this! Woah! And this just in! I am literally typing this as the info is coming in to me from my close sources, both Shanny and LadyGlory have received nominations for Favorite Club or Venue Host or Hostess!  Paint me green and call me Gumby! You will not believe the number of amazing musicians that have graced After Dark’s stage that are nominated!

I could play it all cool and preach about how awards are popularity contests and blah, blah, blah, but this is really freaking exciting! To have so many aspects of After Dark Lounge nominated is giving me the warm fuzzies. Yes, it is a popularity contest, but it is one voted on by the people of Second Life and a person or place does not get popular by half-assing things. Being recognized for the hard work that goes into it all is pretty dang amazing! Shut the front door!

Once again, another big THANK YOU to those who took the time to nominate!


Now it is time to vote! I know, I know, you thought your part was done and you could just sit back and relax and watch the whole thing play out, but once again it is time to make your voice heard! Again I will make it easy for you. Click HERE to vote for The Arts and HERE to vote for SLife. The rest is easy peasy!


It is an honor just to be nominated…..

……but it would be total kick ass to win!


Unfortunately, this award is not one of the Avi Choice award categories!

The crew at After Dark is honored and humbled to announce that the club has received not one, but TWO nominations for the Avi Choice Awards! Not only that, but our amazing owner, her royal fierceness, Miss Meegan Danitz has been nominated as well!

After Dark is nominated for Favorite Stage or Theater Set Design, because, let’s face it, the place is gorgeous, warm, inviting and the perfect setting for spending an evening listening to your favorite live music! The venue is also up for Favorite Venue, Sr (in operation more than a year). Are they calling After Dark old? Heck yes it has been around (Not “around the block”, c’mon people! This is serious biness!) and in a place where live venues come and go it really is a great honor to be among those that have stood the test of time!

The lovely and talented Miss Meegan Danitz is nominated for Favorite Dance Choreographer. She very modestly claims that she does not belong in that category, but if you have ever seen her perform on the stage, you know that she most definitely does!

We are also pleased to announce that several of our regular performers have been nominated as well!

Max Kleene: Favorite Acoustic Singer, Favorite Rock Singer, Favorite Pop Singer, Favorite Male Performer

Sassy Nitely: Favorite Acoustic Singer, Favorite Female Performer

Vinnie (Acoustic Rhapsody): Favorite Acoustic Singer, Favorite Rock Singer, Favorite Pop Singer, Favorite Original Songs Artist, Favorite Instrumentalist

Joel Eilde: Favorite Rock Singer

Voodoo Shilton: Favorite Jazz Artist/Musician, Favorite Instrumentalist, Favorite Instruments or Performance Equipment Builder

SaraMarie Philly: Favorite Singer in Standards, Classical or Ballads

Twinghost Ronas: Favorite Original Songs Artist

Congratulations to you all and we wish you the best of luck!

votenowA million thanks to those who took the time to nominate! Now, one last thing………. VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

There are a lot of great nominees in a lot of great categories and it only take a few clicks to cast you vote!

You can cast your votes HERE!