Tell Ty Volume 5!

everyone-seems-normal-until-you-get-to-know-themIt is everyone’s favorite time again! Tell Ty is BACK! It has been a long time, but in my defense, there has been a lot going on at After Dark! Now I know that I normally feature a few people for each volume of our silly little game, but today is different. Today I am featuring only one musician. If you need to play catch up you can view the other installments of Tell Ty here, here, here annnnnnd here!

“But Ty, why does this one musician get their very own Tell Ty?”

I am so glad you asked! There is a very good reason. This musician gets her very own installment of Tell Ty because of the amazing way in which she replied. Now, we all know that there are no wrong answers when it comes to this, but the manner in which the musician was presented with the three simple requests and how she replied to them was nothing short of epic!


                   The Lovely Liz Aday

Let me set the stage for you!

It was 9 o’clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffled in……wait, that is not it, sorry! It was a late night at After Dark and I passed the note card with the Tell Ty info on it to Liz Aday right before she took the stage. She had never seen the questions and had no idea what the whole deal was. Liz started her set then proceeded to have her partner in crime, Glaser (or is it Glazer?), explain the game to her and then ask her the questions as the set continued. Liz gave her answers over the stream and it was so completely perfect! Here are those answers!

1. Tell me something random:  When I was a child I was terrified of shadows of letters and numbers.
2.Tell me something you think I should know about you: I am just a really..ahhhh..a pushover. I am very tenderhearted, A picture of 3 little kittens nursing on little bottles brought me to absolute tears.
3.Tell me something that not everyone knows about you: I am terribly short. I am a short, short person. Like 5 foot 1. 

Was she afraid of shadows of letters and numbers because she was so short when she was a child? I like to think so.





One thought on “Tell Ty Volume 5!

  1. hehe love that comment shes short your okk Lizz in shorter only 5 foot tall soooo …. I understand being afraid of shadows my daughter had to sleep with the tv on shadows of the night kept her awake …

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