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Meegan-Danitz-11Meegan Danitz [ Facebook | E-Mail ]

Meegan Danitz is the owner of After Dark. Her introduction into the amazing world that is the Second Life music scene was almost by chance. Meegan’s friend Rhi, the original owner of Rhi’s Poem, had a dream of opening a music venue in SL. Through attending live shows with Rhi, Meegan’s love of SL music was born. With the exit of Rhi, Meegan was unexpectedly dropped into the role of owner/operator of the venue in August 2012. Meegan loves providing a place where people can be themselves and let their hair down, not to mention where she can hear her favorite SL acts and be surrounded by friends. She is fast to greet everyone who enters After Dark and to thank those who tip the venue. When not working at After Dark, Meegan can be found following the acts she enjoys listening to around the grid or working hard on her performances for Guerilla Burlesque.

Meegan-Danitz-9LadyGlory GoldShark
Hosting Manager

LadyGlory GoldShark, is the manager and one of the amazing hostesses at After Dark. She began her career as a hostess and manager 7 years ago, joining the After Dark crew in spring of 2013. A long time fan and supporter of music in Second Life, LadyGlory especially enjoys the feel and people that she encounters at After Dark. Quick to greet all those who enter, she has an extra soft spot for the regulars. When not working at After Dark, LadyGlory is busy running The Enchanted Village Mall and sim, ( as owner and operator with her partner Reknard GoldShark. LadyGlory and Reknard are the proud parents to 4 daughters.

Tyche Szondi [ Facebook | E-Mail ]Meegan-Danitz-4
Owner’s Assistant, Bloggist Bitch

Before joining the After Dark team, Tyche was the oldest newbie in SL. An avid music enthusiast in 1st life, it took her nearly five and a half years to discover the music scene in SL. If she is inworld she can usually be found at a live show, playing games or hosting and booking musicians. Ty has a sharp sense of humor, the mouth of a sailor and a mind that is nearly always in the gutter. Her passions outside of music include writing, beer, road trips and making people laugh. Ty’s role at After Dark is that of Meegan’s Personal Assistant (aka: Meegan’s Bitch, Meegan’s Keeper, Productive Asshole). In addition to keeping the squirrel off of Meegan’s head, Tyche writes for the venue’s website.

Meegan-Danitz-3Portia Red

PortiaRed is one of the gracious hostesses at After Dark. She has been hosting on Tuesday nights for about a year. At first skeptical of what the Second Life music scene had to offer, she was quickly converted to a fan. In addition to the live music at After Dark, Portia loves the people at the club, be they artists, fellow employees or fans. Outside of her work at the venue, Portia enjoys shopping, especially for home decor. Portia appreciates being greeted when she enters a place of business and is always quick to greet those who enter After Dark. Don’t forget to send her a “hello” or a wave when she greets you!

Dark PhaetonMeegan-Danitz-6

Dark Phaeton is one of the hosts at The After Dark Lounge. He is no newcomer to the Secondlife music scene. Dark’s long time friend Lord Gar Demari was the owner of the epic club, The Source. Dark was a host and longtime supporter of live music in SL there for years before joining the After Dark team. Dark loves to stay connected with his longtime friends and fellow supporters of live music. Dark enjoys hosting at After Dark not only for the music, but the people. Outside of the music scene, Dark enjoys hunts, exploring, dancing with Guerilla Burlesque and spending time with his friends.

second life live musicCorialote Dougall [ Facebook | E-Mail ]
Chief Information Technology Officer

Corialote Dougall, or Cori, has been in Second Life over eight years. In that time she’s done a number of things from being a gaming host, a venue owner, a clothing designer, a musician, and a manager for live music artists in Second Life. She has been a partner at After Dark for almost a year now and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Cori does most of the photography and design for this website.

Cori lives in Houston, Tx and has two dogs and is married to her SL partner in RL. In her spare time she writes and sings music, does web and graphic design, and plays games such as Magic: the Gathering, World of Warcraft, and Diablo III.

shanny Web picShanny Fall
Den Mother

Shanny is a rock star in the SL music scene.  She keeps all of us on the After Dark team in line and covers our asses when we need it most.  When she’s not cracking the whip here, you can find her doing the same for the Ground Zero team, or for many of the best musicians in Second Life.  Many of the people associated with live music in Second Life would be lost without Shanny.

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