Two Names On Tenancy Agreement

You have a common lease if you and the other tenants all signed a single tenancy agreement with a landlord when you moved in. If someone you share with wants to leave, they have to increase it with the owner. Whether they leave or not has no influence on your lease. A fixed-term lease is valid for a fixed period, for example. B six months or a year. A periodic rental agreement applies if you are not currently on a fixed-term contract and refer to the frequency of your rents. For example, if you pay your rent once a month, you have a monthly periodic rental agreement. If you did not agree with a fixed term at the time of your move and your lease started after April 1, 2007, you are entitled to a minimum term of 6 months under the law. Then you become a periodic tenant, unless you sign a new lease. If you have a problem with another customer, it is best to try to solve any problems between you. However, if this is not possible, you can discuss the matter with your landlord. Since you all have individual leases, your landlord may decide to take action against the tenant in question.

If they did, it would not affect their rent. If you are renting through an ARLA Propertymark protected agent, you will be happy to discuss any issues related to your lease. You can continue to advise you or contact the owner to clarify everything. Look for an ARLA Propertymark Protected agent for your next property. If you are a separate tenant, you can leave your tenancy agreement by terminating it at the end of your temporary termination or by sending you a good notification if it is a periodic lease. Whether you have the right to stay automatically depends on the name on the rental agreement. If one of your roommates leaves the lease, you and your other tenants can pay the missing rent at the end if your tenancy agreement stipulates that you are “jointly responsible”. If you are not jointly liable, the landlord must follow the absent tenant for unpaid rent. You review your application and find out if they accept a common rent.

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