Tyche’s First Time

I remember the first time I visited After Dark like it was yesterday. I was very new to the SL music scene and headed over there to see Oblee …..wait, or was it Max…..OK, so maybe I do not remember it exactly like it was yesterday, but I still remember it. Anyway, I teleported into the space. There was one hell of a hopping crowd. Before my old as dirt laptop even had time to rez the stage I was greeted with a friendly hello from LG or Dark or Portia (damn you memory!), then again by owner Meegan Danitz. Being so new to the scene that made me feel super special.

After Dark Marquee_001

The Stage at After Dark


Once I got my bearings, I took a good look at the joint and I was immediately in love. Few places have such an intimate feel without making you feel claustrophobic once they are crowded. After Dark freaking nails it. Seriously, even if it ass-to-elbow crowded there it is still such a good vibe. A comfy and cozy place that I instantly felt at home in, even though I knew no one there. The banter between the staff and the “regulars” was amusing as crap. The staff is pretty dang amazing, but more on all that jazz another day…this is my story dammit!

Seating area near dance floor

Dance Floor

I rocked out to whoever the heck it was I was there to see. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure I had gone to see Oblee and Max was either playing before or after. Yes! And my memory decides to work! Woot! It was my first time seeing Max and it was pretty bad ass. It was one of my many firsts at After Dark. Musical firsts…..get your minds out of the gutter, or keep them there, it is your Secondlife!

Anyway, back to first impressions. I had been to a few other venues in SL before visiting After Dark and none of them made me feel like I was at a place where I would go see live music in 1st life. After Dark has everything that my local haunts have minus the beer stained floors. Oh! There is a red carpet in the entry way! Talk about feeling fancy! There are comfy little corners and seating for those who don’t want to dance, or maybe just want to get handsy while listening to great tunes. (Don’t judge, you know you have either done it or wanted to but wussed out!) The dance floor is the perfect size. No matter the crowd it just feels right. And the stage….I really do love the stage set up. You can dance inches from the stage and nearly on top of the performers, though I think that is frowned upon in general!

red carpet from entryway

View From the Entrance

From Stage

View From the Stage

Even if you are a regular at After Dark, take the time to really check out the space. I know that most of my time there is spent standing directly in front of the stage during live show, but there is so much more to the space!

Bar-Cuddle Space

Cozy Booths and Bar Area

Cozy space

Sit back, relax and enjoy!

And now we pretend this is the Power Point portion of my rambling. Bullet points for the win!
Dammit I wish I had a projector and a pointer. If you happen to have such things at your disposal please feel free to make use of them as you read the bullet point rundown of my first impression of After Dark.
• kick ass staff
• cozy and comfy in both the vibe and the decor
• rocking musical acts playing there at least twice a week
• plenty of dance space
• plenty of space for not dancing (aka getting handsy)
• always a great crowd and very little perving (at least open perving, what you are doing in   those naughty boxes is no one’s business but your own!)
• Meegan’s fierce ass (Yes, I realize I did not mention that earlier, but believe me, it will be
mentioned time and time again.)

So there it is. My first time at After Dark. There have been sooo many times there since then and it just gets better and better. I really do feel at home there and if you have not checked it out you need to. Stop reading this and get yourself there! Now!!


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