Your Vote Counts!

I am not going to get political. If I can manage to bite my tongue on social media sites and inworld then I sure as hell can do the same here. Plus, I am sure everyone if as over politics as I am right now. It is becoming like Christmas! Christmas season used to begin after Thanksgiving and how it starts the day after July 4th in some places! Election season used to really ramp up in the year of the presidential election and how it seems to start the day after inauguration! Nope! I am not going to get political….well…..maybe just a little……


*Drags out her soapbox, stands atop it and waits for the rowdy ones of the group to calm dow!*

I will not get political in the sense that one might think. I will not rejoice, lament, nay-say or smack talk. There are those that win and those that lose and no one choice will ever make anyone happy. I just want to say this: I sure as heck hope that you voted! You can “Hooray!” or “Whaaaaa!” all you want (but not here please, come on, you know better!), but only if you voted. That is all I am going to say on the presidential election!

I know that you are probably asking yourself “Self, what the hell is Tyche doing rambling on about politics? Isn’t this blog supposed to be about the live music scene in SL and the venue After Dark?” Yes it is, and this political talk does relate to the point that I am eventually going to get to!

i-votedThose of you that did not vote in the presidential election still have a change to make your voice heard! Obviously not in the election, but in the Avi Choice Awards! Some claim that voting it a hassle, takes too much time, or is like choosing the lesser of two evils. Well, guess what?!? When you vote for the Avi Choice Awards there is no hassle, and it takes very little time, just some clicks! And……AND….if there is a category where you do not find any of the nominees to be worthy, you just skip it! Hell, I am even going to include an image of an “I Voted” sticker that you can feel free to print off and wear at your will….but you better vote first, dammit!rainbow-vote

Remember, we love you all, but we love those that vote just a little bit more! There are lots of names that you know and love from After Dark that are nominated and each would appreciate your vote if you choose to give it to them. Want to vote for someone else? Go for it! JUST VOTE DAMMIT!  convenience is one of the keys to get people to do things, so here are the links to vote!


Click HERE to vote for The Arts!                                                                                    Click HERE To vote for SLife!

Voting ends November 28th, but if you are anything like me you should probably vote now so you don’t forget!


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